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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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The Chasm

The Chasm
A great pit, a thousand feet wide, drops deep into Oscillus like a great puncture wound. Spanning the mouth of the chasm is a bridge from which large gears turn, hauling up a tray filled with rock and ice. A dull ding rings out, the gears stop and the tray is now in view. The sound echoes about as the group of Ellune begin to move about on the bridge, tipping the tray to let fall a tonne of rock on a large sled. A snap of a whip jolts the Oscillus horses into rhythm as they start their slow walk into the entrance of the mountain. They will be heading to the many areas in and around Treidhart to take the rock to a nearby sorting area. There, the rock will be sifted through by thousands of working Ellune to find valuable gems and minerals. As they disappear into the mountain, a dozen other horses emerge. With clinical precision, the next tray from below rises into place and another ding rings out. The group of Ellune make ready for the next load...
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