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Re: The Office of the Citizen's Committee

She didn't appear at all impressed when she looked up at him, which was a fair reaction. He wasn't exactly well-polished coming in with twigs and dried leaves hanging from some of his clothing, and dirt in his nails. That was until he told her his name. Apparently word got out about his and others' involvement in the Rhakros advance.

Although Woe's inclination was to downplay his role in the victory over Lisirra (His unit had gotten side-tracked during the western approach, which resulted in a series of misadventures.), he wasn't about to argue if it made the housing director positively disposed toward him.

The Mortalborn didn't want to suffer more ghostly attachments than he already did. He shook his head no at the idea of settling for a cut-rate unit where the family had died and presumably remained in spectral form.

"Yes, the Citadel was exactly what I was thinking." It would set him back a bit, he'd be eating little more than millet and a bit of fruit for his meals. Yet, he tended to bounce back quickly when it came to nels, due to his relationship with Chamadarst.

"I'll take the first one that's available there." He waited a few moments for her to show him what was there, and then he'd make arrangements for payment right then and there. He figured his credit was good enough that what nels he lacked could be transported from his stash in Quacia to pay the rest of the fee. But for now, he had a good amount of nels on hand for whatever down payment was needed.
House purchase
Woe is opting for a tier 7 house in the Citadel. That'll be 38 wealth points. Which if it's doubled, is offset by a renown bonus I have for half-price off a single house/land/property purchase.

Thank ya
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