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Race: Avriel
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Age: Twenty-four arcs.

Race: Avriel.

Date of Birth: Twenty third trial of Cylus, Arc 691.

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: Seekers.

Languages Spoken: Common.

Partners: N/A

A diminutive stature does not make one weak, and what Eili lacks in height she makes up for in ferocity and precocious curiosity that is as quick to be forgotten as a slight is to go unforgiven.

As an Avriel, Eili wears dark wings and even darker eyes, curiously cold and unkind. Perhaps a little more feathery than some of her brethren, she makes do with a fine layer of downy feathers on her slender neck, a collar of dark feathers, and even on the white skin of her arms, legs, stomach, back, and face she shows signs of Avriel traits. However, she does not grow hair at all and so her monochrome appearance can't be masked by the feathery hair others might have.

Eili doesn't often wear clothes, finding them uncomfortable and claustrophobic, but on particularly cold days especially in the heart of winter's coldest month does she wear clothes.

Eili is inherently racist and masks a superiority complex behind what non-Avriel may assume is instinctive ferocity. She's territorial, possessive, vain, and proud. Wounded easily by words, she's neither forgiving nor the type of woman to forget, and even if she acts contrary to this, she's very likely to be lying.

These traits are paired with paranoia and a certain level of hostility and awkwardness in social situations. She comes off as surly and rude, speaking straightforward and boisterous opinions, and isn't likely to step down from a challenge. Her bearing is often confrontational and she's been met with shown blades more than welcome in many homes for her attitude.

It's very clear to relatives and what few friends she has that Avriel prefers hunting, flying, and the wild passion of war to peace and placid tranquility. She left her home as soon as she could once her coming of age had been passed and chose to live in the wilderness, as beasts do.

Beasts don't try themselves with talking before they fight.

Talk about your character's past here. What's their deepest, darkest secret? Who was their first kiss?

Eili lives in the Idalos wilds, inhabiting a moderately sized cave with multiple small rooms. It's bare and unkind, but Eili likes the solitude. In it, she stores meat and other perishables in the furthest cave while her sleeping arrangements are situated nearer. A firepit is dug out in the central cave so smoke is easier ventilated, but any time a fire is lit it still becomes harder to breathe with the smoke.
Knowledge & Skills
Starting Package: 15 Illusionism, 15 Hunting, 15 Survival, 5 Cooking
Wilderness Package: 10 Hunting
Racial Bonus: 10 Longbow
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Longbow 25 xxx

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