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Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Eastern Garrison

The Eastern Garrison
Arriving at the gate of the Eastern Garrison is a feat unto itself - the subarctic temperatures that no traveller can avoid makes the journey is long and dangerous. There is only one path into the city proper, as the land around Viden is, at points, mountainous, and a glacier runs close to the city - causing death to many an ignorant traveller. Benign and possibly foolish to be so trusting, the citizens of Viden worked for years to prepare a path for travellers to follow. Working to shift layers of rock to create a flat surface, this is the safest way into the city for any new arrival. From this eastern path, the looming towers of Viden’s central buildings can be seen from a distance.

Closer, a similar, yet much smaller structure is also visible. This is the Eastern Garrison, where any adventurer or pilgrim must pass through before continuing on into the city. A tall, elaborately melded gate of metal stands before the new arrival, sleek with ice and snow. It is the first sight a traveller receives of the city, a promise of the wonders one is to behold upon entrance to Viden. No guard stands on wait for the rare traveller to pass through, for the temperatures would not permit any to withstand it. However many remain inside, watching. There are approximately twenty guards at any one time occupying the Eastern Garrison, on a rotational basis. All from the military must serve time, and each is well armed and highly competent in combative skills.

By the time the pilgrim has reached the gates, there will be two on either side, each with a greeting smile. “Welcome, Traveller.” Comes the standard greeting, and no further questions will be asked, as the gates are opened and the guest is invited to join the guards for warm broth. It is only after the wayfarer has been allowed the chance to sit and warm his feet that the guards will ask him what purpose he has in journeying so far into the tundra, though the question is a redundant one, for nigh on all give the same answer.

It is about half a day further before the average walker would reach the city, therefore the Directorate of Viden has decreed that any traveller passing through the Eastern Garrison - either inward or outward bound - may stop here for a single night free of charge. There is room enough for thirty guests to lodge in the outpost, who stay in large, multiple occupancy rooms, no different from that of the military, who also sleep in the Garrison. The only two permanent residents of the outpost are a housekeeper - who maintains both the guest quarters and the accommodation for the soldiers - and the cook - who always has prepared simple, yet required, hot broths and stews for those in the Garrison.
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