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Daryan Oleander
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Daryan Oleander

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No stranger to the realm's hostility, Daryan's physique conveys a survivalist's vigor. His body is solidly constructed, and his height breaches six feet. Wear and tear feature on his skin in the form of scattered scars. However, his hands, although big and strong, are seemingly soft; his fingers curl ever so gently in their neutral cradle, and a grace lifts his dexterous maneuvers.

Dirt plays in the small nooks of his fingers and smears oft mark his cheeks. An earthy yet inviting scent perfumes his clothes. His work as a traveling herbalist is further supplemented by his cultivated affection for the simple plant. No matter the wars waged, no matter the malevolence of beings, Daryan believes in the innocence of the simple flora of Idalos.

Light brown hair sweeps above his face in a neat fashion every morning before succumbing to a messy tangle by sunset. Daryan's bright eyes hint at a gentle soul. However, his mischievious smile casts such a notion under playful suspicion. Scruff lines his firm jawline and is neatly trimmed. Perhaps, his passion for the garden extends to his head's horticulture as well.

Daryan's fashion is a graft between practicality and eccentricity. Leather comprises his light armours, and belts stretch across his wide chest. On these belts are bulbs of soil, housing the tiniest of saplings the merchant deems rare if not completely endangered. The flames of war have claimed forests, and Daryan is determined to preserve the domain's biodiversity.

.Face Claim:. Dustin McNeer

.Personality:. As a traveler, Daryan possesses a healthy dosage of distrust. However, he masks this weary distance with a friendly facade. In doing so, he maintains an easier passage into alliances, forgoing the need to reshape first impressions. Naturally, maintaining such a guise is a strenuous task. The harsh tenements of the social landscape have made the heart grow weary which in turn have made him susceptible to deceit at the worst of times. Nevertheless, those who are able to trespass his initial concerns will discover a humourous hue to his character. He doesn't find himself especially witty, but any brand of humour is good enough to drink for the parched soul.

And parched it is. The nomadic life is capped with the crust of loneliness, and upon befriending another, will fight quietly to maintain even the most temporary of relationships. He wishes to express self-worth in the social economy by exercising an empathy he is rarely given.

Notes to remember before I forget:
Nomadic, but from Argos.
An unconventional fighter.
Sense of direction relies upon landmarks.
Has most likely encountered a Moseke's Grace (Tree of Life) before.
Desires more samples (if not his first) of Tear Bower Mushrooms and their variants.
Clarify what he can start with material/equipment wise - Traveler's Pack most likely!
word count: 503

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