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Tribe Of Ankila(A-kila)
Ankila was founded on53rd of Zi'da 716 when Sky encountered Alexa and Venom. Upon their first meeting, Sky knocked Alexa unconscious with a rock. He proceeded to brand her and force her into a life of survival. Yet, he decided from that day forward that the three of them would be called Ankila. Their purpose is simple, and that purpose is to liberate all slaves in Krome, give back the land that they have taken from mother-nature(Moseke) and murder bandits who choose not to join them.

1) Gain unrestricted access to the "Wilds" Of Krome.
2) Murder bandits, Free Slaves(All), and Gather Resources
3) Use some of the territory gained for subsistence farming.
4) Work with/Against the kingdom for independent recognition of Ankila
5) Expansion, and Alliances with other factions
6) Allow Nature to Reclaim Krome, and Destroy the civilization
7) Remain unnoticed until they are strong enough to attack and defeat small/medium/large groups of their enemies.

1) Attack trade routes and merchants as they pass into and out of Krome.
2) Hunting, and Gathering
3) Trade of Fur, Fish, and Meat In exchange for other resources
4) Training Others for self defense, and or becoming Ankila members
5) Study/Research of various areas for new animals, plants, etc.
6) Complete small raids/ attacks on bandits, Cargo and small camps nearby in order to aid themselves.

Other information.

Location: Krome, Rynmere ( 8 trials of travel away from the city of Krome itself, but are located closely enough along trade routes, and commonly traveled roads. Some of the trade routes take less than one trial to reach, and some three to four. )

"One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying."

"Shape your destiny with your own two hands. Strength is all that matters in this life, and if you are not strong you are dead."
In order to join Ankila a pc must go through the process of meeting Sky, and being initiated. Initiation is a series of steps with the first being that the palm will be cut across with a hot knife. The knife will be warmed over fire until it is red hot, and the flesh will be carved into. The knife will rest for several trills on the flesh until the wound is cauterized, and then the hunt will begin. The second part of the initiation consists of hunting a single large predator, and then skinning it for the creation of a Korowai-cloak. ( A heavy cloak that can double as both armor or clothing used for warmth ) If one fails to complete the hunt they will first be punished, and then the hunt will be completed by another member of the tribe. All recruiting will take place in character, No one is allowed to Start as an Ankila member, and there are no sign-ups. In order to remain an Ankila member, after a single season any and all members outside of healers will be required to build in Fieldcraft, and Hunting. Care will be provided for an individual for one season. After one season a member of Ankila will be required to have reach competency in one of the two aforementioned skills. If the PC/Npc fails to complete this task they are to be either executed, or be forced away from the Ankila headquarters, and are stripped of membership. If the individual is executed it is because the Chief believes they would tell the secret regarding the existence, and location of the tribe.
Ankila has several beliefs, and one is that civilization is far more inhumane than life among nature. While living without the restraint of law they believe that being subject to their own rule is key. Nature is first and foremost the most important thing in Idalos. Without nature nothing could grow; everything, and everyone would starve and die. The preservation of the wilds is of the highest importance to them, and civilization seeks to destroy that. They build impenetrable walls as to protect themselves from the elements, but the walls take away quite a bit of habitat from the animals. Barbarians have no respect for anyone, or anything; not even themselves. They enslave their own kind, and senselessly kill Animals for sport rather than survival. They are the epitome of what it means to be a disgusting privileged pig, and are nothing but thieves, and liars. Ankila does not worship any one deity, but multiple and are very accepting of various religious practices. Sintra, and Karem however seem to be the two that are the most highly regarded among their people.

They typically light fires and tell various tales from their lives together, and participate in various hunting activities. Not to mention they play games with one another in order to increase their skill in stealth, and ambush tactics. The “Bush Calling” is a game where they tap trees with rocks various times, and one attempts to locate another. If the other is found in the brush, and their location is given away they will be forced to exercise until they are exhausted. Various forms of training exist in the form of “Fun” within Ankila. The Tribe is first and foremost a family, and they coexist in order to survive together as a single unit. They are accepting of all people due to the fact that not all “Evil” is wrong. The Chief and several of the others who choose to align with Ankila join for various reasons. Criminals on the run from a bounty, or prison may want to join simply because they protect one another. Serial killers may join for the sake of having another excuse to murder, and a place to call home after they do so. Slaves may flee and run into the forest in order to be freed, and welcomed into the faction with open arms. Yet, many of the members are kidnapped and forced into the faction without consent. The kidnapping occurs for several reasons, and it is most often because the kidnapped may or may not have a skillset that the tribe requires. If the tribe is in need of a medic, and that medic is far greater than Venom; they will go out of their way to snatch a medic. If they find magic to be a subject of interest they will capture a mage, etc.

While civilized people may refer to them as Savages; they are the ones who have done wrong. They have not only stolen what Nature has provided them with, but they have abused it. Ultimately, Ankila would like to see Krome burn to the ground. Murder is the least of their enemies concerns, and nature must reclaim all of that civilization. If Krome was instead covered with vast amounts of trees, and vegetation they could not only use their resources more efficiently. They would provide themselves to become one with Nature, and embrace their primal sides. Law would not exist, and peace among them all would come to pass due to the fact that survival is necessary. Survival is first and foremost the most important thing in life. Only the strong deserve to become leaders, and survive. Which is why Sky has claimed himself to be the Chief; he believes that he is strong enough to lead. If he is overtaken it is simply because he was not strong enough, or intellectual enough to realize the problem and stop it.

Ankila believes that everyone outside of one another can be considered hostile unless proven otherwise. They are not above murder, torture and slavery to achieve their goals of unrestricted access to the wilds. The forest is theirs, all of it belongs to them and no one other than them. If it lives, and breathes it is an enemy, and if it lives and breathes it must either die or join forces with them. They absolutely hate slave owners above everything and everyone else. Slavery is wrong, and within the kingdom; Venom has told them tales about how brutally they are beaten, starved and tortured by their owners. Although not all men and women exist and live honorable lifestyles; they are better than being tortured to death. Sky witnessed several things that Venom spoke of. He spent many trials watching as Slaves fled from their masters much like she did, but they never got the opportunity to run far. They were weak, and their bodies were often so battered that even Sky turned his head away from the torment. Manual labor is required in societies of all manner, but to subject a person to such cruel torment is to be truly evil. While many will see them as being unjust bandits, and evil they perform their tasks each and every trial without hesitation. They will stop at nothing until Krome is up in flames, and the forest reemerges beneath the remains of the city.
Skyard "Sky" Montrosse/Alexa Montaigne

Title: Chief and WarChief/Queen

Roles/Information: The King and Queen and or Chiefs and Warchief have two very different styles of leadership. Sky is incredibly difficult to understand for the most-part, and thus he chooses to be tyrannical. He has a tendency to shout orders in the most simple fashion possible. He is not much of a tactician, and is short tempered with a lack of patience for others. While Alexa is the far more level headed and quiet leader who shows compassion for her people. She often ends up truly making the decisions as she does not rely too heavily on instinct. In truth Alexa is far more of a leader than Skyard is, but when put together they have a tendency to argue until a decision is well-made. Alexa has complete and total responsibility for training the warriors as well as the hunters. Sky simply oversees her decisions and makes sure that nothing goes wrong in the process.

If anyone is interested in taking over Skys role as the Chief please send me a PM and I will gladly respond. however, the process of becoming Chief requires heavy plotting. As Sky does not mind losing his position if it is to someone far stronger/more intellectual than he is.

Houravk(Herbalist) Witches


Healer NPC's
Venom( Pending approval prior to being posted with full list of skills, etc)
Healer PC's


The role of the healer is simply that; to heal and take care of any wounds that anyone has acquired during the day. These healers have a tendency to specialize in a wide array of things from herbalism, to medicine, to poisons. They often can and will double as poison-crafters and help the warriors coat their weapons. Not to mention they provide various forms of drugs for the tribe, and are always experimenting to find new forms of medicine.

Requires 25 exp in a medicinal skill/poison.( Required to advance in these skills, and field craft)


Hunter PC's
Hunter NPCS


The Hunters are required to complete exactly four hunts per season in order to provide ample meat for the tribe. They are the providers, and are part of what keeps the tribe operational due to the fact that without food they would all starve. A hunters job is simply to hunt animals for the sake of survival, and to provide protection for the camp. Often times hunters will scout out new areas and attempt to find better hunting ground. On occasion hunters will capture animals and bring them back to the camp for training.

Requires 25 points in Hunting(Required to continue to advance in this skill, and field-craft )


Warrior PC's
Warrior NPC's


The Warriors are the most proud of all the occupations in Ankila. They are the first line of defense when an enemy approaches, and are the last to leave the fray. They are the heart and soul of what it means to be an Ankila member. The Warriors are trained ruthlessly to be dauntless, durable and strong so that they can protect and serve their commanders.

Requires 25 points in a Combat skill (except unarmed combat, Required to advance in all combat skills as well as field-craft)


Spy PC's
Spy NPCs


Work in Progress

No Requirements


The Adviser/Priest/Priestess has a single role, and that is to leave for the purpose of gathering information. If The Chief is in need so something they are to meet his demands and sometimes go to civilization and return with various things. Their job is simple, and that is to inform the Chief of anything, or make suggestions as to aid the chief in his goals.

Only One Advisor/Priest/Priestess Can Exist At a Time
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Heyo Sky!

Let me tackle this faction request.

First off, we need to address what I consider to be the more important element of this group. As things stand, you want your members to eschew society and modern convenience and come live in the woods. I believe with your NPC, you have two slaves in a group dedicated to freeing people from slavery...basically because one member told you that slaves were mistreated in the larger cities.

Your goals are idealistic, but don't really establish any driving purpose that would attract most thieves or murderers to your ranks. As you abhor society, thievery holds no real value to you. You're not actively trading in the forest or selling the supplies you raid (as that would be engaging in the very thing you despise), so the quality of life for your group is mainly what can be made/hunted/gathered from the woods around you.

By definition, your skills surviving in the forest need to be pretty key in order to compensate for the lack of those skills in your usual recruits. You have to hunt enough (even with some help) for everyone. As hunting isn't just the combat part (but also the tracking and trapping) till your members are skilled enough to do it on their own, you are essentially pulling their weight for them.

I would expect an expertise in hunting and competency in Fieldcraft (or reverse them) in order to establish a sustainable living in the wilds for MORE than just yourself. Secondly, this is not the sort of faction the majority of non-Lothar would be interested in joining randomly. Most bandits want coin and valuables to sell and live off of...murderers just want to lay low or find a good lair to bide their time before slaking their thirsts...but if the murderer is compulsive, the last place they'll want to be is 8 days away from a human that they can satiate their hunger on.

You have the beginnings of a faction here, but I think you could use a little work on shoring up exactly what you guys do. You're eight days away from civilization, so you travel over a week to actually GET to a place where your raiding and violence has purpose. If you steal slaves and try to lead them through the woods, you'll get tracked (not you specifically, depending on your skill, but the slaves certainly who would not have those skills). Eventually your incursion would be met with Knights with superior arms and forces. While it's not realistic of them to comb the trees for you and your group, they can make it more difficult for you to justifiably raid...and with eight days of distance between your stronghold when you do target the city or its inhabitants, you don't have a place to restock supplies, hide new acquisitions, or even lay low without a long trek back through the tangled forests.

This faction could work...with some fine tuning, I think. But its current incarnation seems more like a loosely gathered motley of people with a somewhat unrealistic goal to achieve...and an immensely limited recruiting capacity (room in the cave, amount of food needed to ensure survival, etc)

There's also a lot of conflicting slavery stuff in your write up. You cite the 'civilized' as barbarians who 'enslave their own kind' and also seek to free slaves from their bondage, but enslave yourself and claim that slavery isn't inherently wrong. You consider it wrong when a slave is beaten or mistreated, but not wrong to subject them to the elements without the proper training and restrict their movement. I feel like your message could get lost in that confusing clash of what honestly feels a little hypocritical.

These are just my findings as of now. Your members would need at least competent hunting and fieldcraft to justifiably survive most of their time in the forest and even at competency, it won't be pleasant. Expertise is really what you should shoot for in order to have everyone pull their weight and even thrive in such conditions. Likewise you need to find a new cave. If your cave is flooded part of the time, it's not so much a faction base as a temporary swimming hole where you keep your bone collection :P.

Happy to discuss any of these.
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