When you sit alone (open)

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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When you sit alone (open)

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She sat in table towards the back of the small tavern It wasn't the cleanest or tended to attract the most socially upstanding of patrons, but she had enough to buy a hot meal of...well she wasn't sure exactly what it was there was some sort of meat and bread that had been baked at some point in the week, judging by the taste it had been more than a few days ago and was not longer at its prime.

But she had learned that if you covered it with something else stale bread was for the most part eatable, and the staff were far more likely to tolerate any one who didn't complain what they were served. At least one of them seemed able to toss an unfortunate patron out the door should she get to uppity about the quality of food. Of course more than a few of the patrons looked like they might give a fight right back.

She was never really fond of places like this but so long as she got fed she didn't really care. Besides, the drink was warming, even if it was watered down, which was welcomed with the damp weather outside which was rapidly turning towards cold now that night had settled in. All she would have to do would be to get through the rest of the day or night as the case may be without getting into to much trouble. Something she seemed to be incapable of doing most of the time.

She was determined to this time though. All she would have to do was not draw too much attention to herself before she could make an exit and walk uneventfully towards home.
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