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Na'liya meets someone new while baking.

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[The Bread Basket] Baking is the Bee's Knees

Date:16th Trial of Cylus
Na’liya sat the table closest to the window in the front of the bakery. The sky still dark with clouds gave the Sev’ryn a bit of unhappiness. She wasn’t someone that adored the cloudiness of this weather, but there was joy in the snow that came with it; even the snow, started to bum her out a bit. There was far more than she expected it to be this arc. On top of that, she had gotten bored with it. She had her fun already with it, now it was annoying. With a huff, she laid her head down on the table and pouted. Did she really want to stay here? She rather stayed home. She felt wave of laziness overcome her usual energetic aura. “Get up,” she heard the voice of the fox looking up at her from the floor. She ignored his command and buried her head deeper into her crossed arms. The bakery was empty, except for the owner. His two daughters didn't come in today so it was just the two of them, well three if you count Roshin.

The sound of footsteps approaching her table made her head tilt slightly to have an ear out to listen more. “Na’liya, can you please face me completely,” Tibolt asked. Raising her head and turning her body, she looked the man in the eyes. Well she at least tried to at first.

The man sighed and smirked slightly down at the young woman. “Na’liya, I’m going out for a bit. Could you start baking the white bread? I already got the dough together. All you got to do is shape it and put it in,” he said rather quickly as he went about putting on his coat and gloves. “Do you think you can do that,” he asked with his hand on the door handle. He was somewhat anxious about leaving her here, but he thought she’ll be able to handle it. With a nod from her response of a yes, he rushed out the door greeting the cold air.

Na’liya looked out the window and watched Eckard walk away. Stretching her arm across the table from her seat, she heard some of her bones pop. Tension left Sev'ryn's body and she rolled her shoulders before getting up to do what was asked. Walking briskly, she rounded the counter and through the curtain. The warm air from the fire greeted she and caused a smile to form upon her face. “Well let’s get to work,” she tied her hair back and donned an apron. The flour bag that was used was still out; she pulled it over to the table that she was using. Cupping both hands into the flour, she dumped the first scoop on the table. She repeated the process until there was pile of it was spread across the table.

The flour on her hands were somewhat wiped off onto her apron. Wearing aprons really are handy. Unknown to her, as she was scooping the flour, it had gotten into her hair and on her pants. A wide smile had graced her face. Her favorite part was shaping the dough. She patted her hands into the flour pile and scooped out the dough next to her in a bowl. She rolled it in her hands into a sphere before putting it in the flour. Slowly, she started to flatten it slightly and turn it like on a pottery wheel. The soft and stickiness of the dough always comforted her a little. She continued the process until she felt that it looked right. Putting it over to the side, she started on another one.
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