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Vega's Journal Thingie
So, Cylus challenge, oh yes indeed. It's a good thing to do things outside of my comfort zone and look, here we are again. Right outside. I decided that, since I did this journal to meet the Cylus challenge, I'd have a go at writing about Cylus and Vega in it, both ooc and ic.

OOC has been rather dominated by the writing challenge. Losing her pants?! That means losing your underwear in the UK, you know. But it's alright, I knew. It was strange ~ it's like Vega and Faith are total opposites of each other in this challenge. What was tricky for Vega was easy for Faith ~ and vice versa. So, I got to have a dream with Doran, which is great fun! Doran and Vega are dreaming that he's her father and they're talking about him stabbing Xiur. Now, when she's awake, that's one of two Immortals Vega worships, so that was really interesting to see. She also got to start a post with the smell reminding her of home and the one that was the most difficult for her - failing at flirtation.

In fairness, Vega trying flirtation is more or less guaranteed to fail; it was the getting her started that was the issue! However, thank goodness for Emea, she did that one in the same dream with Doran.

Then, thank goodness for Arlo ~ I'm loving the relationship this pair have. They're like siblings, constantly squabbling and bickering. Which meant that getting into an argument was easy. It also led to gift giving (a feather... that's Vega - paragon of generosity), talking about Immortals (she does that quite a lot) and telling a story from her childhood. The thread challenges with specific items / people which needed to be included were fairly straightforward and could be interwoven into stories quite well. I think, anyhow.

So, what about other stuff for Vega this season? Well, there's been a lot of dreaming and she's made friends. I didn't really expect her to do that ~ I mean, she's found her family which is why she's in Desnind. Her aunt, her mother's sister. But somehow she became friends first with Ti'niva and then with Arlo. The three of them spent the season together in Ti'niva's camp, and it's been nice to see a more fun side of Vega ~ though still feisty! I can't imagine her ever not being argumentative and mostly obnoxious. Her heart is in the right place and she's trying to do good things, but she has the finesse, subtlety and sophistication of a well aimed brick. Or a badly aimed one, come to that.

Favourite thread I've been in this season has been.... Bits of Bob and Bob's in Bits - had great fun writing that.

Any questions / comments etc. More than happy for you to post them here. Failing that, I might try and do this once a season. Stepping outside the comfort zone etc. :)
word count: 529

Vega's skin has a reflective metallic sheen with a red glow. Her eyes still swirl biqaj colours, but one colour is always bright red which glows like fire. She has a bright red glow in her chest, situated directly under the mark of a heart (Daia mark) in the middle of a glowing silver dragon on her chest (Xiur). She's unnaturally warm to the touch

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