Hans Maskarin

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Hans Maskarin

Full Name: Hans Maskarin
Nickname: Hans
Race: Human
Birthdate: 11 Saun 689 (28)

Profession: Ambassador for Lysoria
Location: Lysoria

Fluent: Common
Broken: Nidtaic

Marks: N/A
Faction: Coven of Ellasin

Likes: Lysoria, control, magic, power.
Dislikes: Emotion, being indebted to someone, commoners, disorder.
Merits: Dedicated, methodical, rational, educated.
Flaws: Arrogant, unable to connect, unwilling to understand others, stubborn.

Sexuality: Pansexual
Partners: N/A
Sister: Elaine Maskarin

Hans stands proud at 6'2", and he has nothing less than immaculate posture. From birth, he was taught to hold himself tall and strong. As such, he has strong muscles from body training and athleticism, enjoying morning rides and his fencing. He has broad shoulders, and dark eyes, with perfectly looked after shoulder length dark hair. His eyes are piercing, with strong eyebrows and a broad chin. As a part of his magic, he relies heavily on eye connection, and so he never looks away when he is talking to someone. His clothes are always immaculate, and he takes great pride in his appearance. First impressions matter.

Faceclaim: Henrik Fallenius

A smooth smile, a tip of the head, a sweeping bow. Hans is nothing if not gallant and polite. Working as an Ambassador, Hans has learned how to navigate social niceties, and he oozes charm. To the discerning, he might come off as smarmy, but Hans has found that those in the upper echelons of Ne'haerian politics love a bit of buttering up. Outside of work, though, Hans is cold, calculating, ruthless. He does not let people in. People to him are chess pieces, to be used and moved in order to better himself. He does not make personal connections without having an ulterior motive in doing so. Hans has no compunctions about using his Empathy in order to look into the inner parts of someone. Hans struggles if not in control, and can become verbally abusive, as well as physically intimidating, in those situations.

Son of a well-to-do merchant who always found himself rubbing shoulders with the nobility of Lysoria, Hans Maskarin never wanted for anything. The oldest son, Hans was blessed with access to all the educators and resources a child could want. His father, indeed, looked with pride upon his boy, who could never do wrong to his father, and this led to Hans becoming rather spoiled. Hans was taught that whatever he wanted, he would get, and Hans has brought this into his adult life.

Even when his younger sister, Elaine, was born, Hans had no real change in his lifestyle. Sure, his mother became more invested in her only daughter, but his father still favoured his only son. When Hans became old enough, he began to come along to his father's meetings with the nobility and the powerful of Lysoria, and was welcomed as a fitting heir to his father's fortune. The boy's sharp eye and shrewd intelligence brought him respect throughout his teen years, and also allowed him to make essential contacts in the upper echelons of Lysorian society.

Indeed, it was one of these meetings that ended in a quiet conversation between his father and a strange man Hans had not seen before. Hans was seventeen, and was directed by his father that a special kind of tutelage would begin. It would be private, and secret, and dangerous. Quietly curious, Hans acquiesed to this, and found himself embroiled in a secret he could not have guessed at: magic. The mages of Lysoria were quietly and surely gaining influence in Lysoria, a place that magic had not been approved of before, but Hans was quick to see the benefits magic would give him. He was intitiated into Empathy, and it remains a source of pride for the precocious man.

As Hans grew and became more respected as the heir to his father's work, so did his father diminish. His health began to fail, and while he is still alive, it is Hans in all but name that carries his father's influence and business. This has led to Hans being considered with the respect of his father, and as such, he has been elected as the Ambassador for Lysoria, with his charm and wit being essential with dealing with the other territories in the region of Ne'haer. But Hans has a secret agenda, and it's all to do with magic...

Starter Quest

Lysoria has plans. Great plans that involve great people and great feats. Great plans that do not involve Ne'haer and their intention to bring Lysoria into their folds. Eventually, other regions are going to have to choose sides. Hyran, ruled by House Marthel, is one of two regions in between Lysoria and Ne'haer. Placing pawns between the two of you is a politically strong move; however, convincing House Marthel to aid Lysoria instead of Ne'haer will be difficult. Afterall, they hate politics. Will you seek an alliance with Hyran or allow them to join the enemy?
Skill Points Acquired Points Spent Proficiency Knowledges
Blades: Longsword 26/100 25/251 Competent 1
Empathy 39/100 48/251 Competent 9
Seduction 15/100 15/251 Novice -
Mount 10/100 10/251 Novice -
Politics 25/100 NA: FT Novice 5
Starting Package: Empathy 25, Seduction 10, Politics 10, Mount 5
Racial Bonus: Blades: Longsword 25
Fast Track: Politics
CS Approval: Seduction 5, Politics 5
Thread Points Awarded Points Spent Points Remaining
Every Colour And More Besides 10 Empathy 9, Blades 1 0
So It Begins 15 11 Politics, Empathy 4 0
Speaking In Tongues 15 10 Empathy, 5 Mount 0


Blades: Long Sword: Elaborate Foot Positions (SP) Empathy: Using Eye Contact (SP)
Empathy: The Dangerous Initiation (NH)
Empathy: The colors of Emotions
Empathy: Feeling the emotions of others
Empathy: Initiation
Empathy: Knotting a Thread
Empathy: Knowing When Not To Use Magic
Empathy: Recognising Significance of Colours in the Tangle
Empathy: Using The Tangle to Locate Others Negotiation: Favoring Yourself Politics: The Meeting Process (NH)
Politics: The Use of Magic for Coercion (NH)
Politics: About Knowing Your Enemies and Your Allies
Politics: Making An Ally
Politics: Being Owed Favours Gives You Power Rhetoric: Knowing the Proper Place for a Conversation
Rhetoric: Explaining Family History


Lysoria (SP)


History of Magic in Lysoria (SP)




The Coven of Ellasin: Ne'haer Base Lysoria: Mages Council (SP) The Ne'haer Council: Uses Propaganda
Ne'haer: Festival of Languages




Alistair: Attractive Ree Dornae: Mage (Executed) Sylus: Empathy Initiator



Hans has a regular apartment in Lysoria, which is where he lives the majority of the time. When he is working out in the territories, he tends to rent at respected taverns, or stay with other political figures.


Grey coat (SP).
White shirt (SP).
Grey pants (SP).
Undergarments (SP).
Brown riding boots (SP).




Two sets of eating utensils (SP).
One bed (SP).
Two chairs (SP).
One table (SP).
Two knives (SP).
A set of six plates (SP).
One chest (SP).


A horse, named Marius (SP).
Saddle (SP).
Leather reins (SP).
Set of toiletries (SP).
One waterskin (SP).
Tinderbox (SP).

Prized Possession

A longsword, with flowers engraved on the blade.
Item Debit Credit Total
Starting Package - +100gn 100gn
Horse (Marius) -50gn - 50gn
Saddle -25gn - 25gn
Leather Reins -8gn - 17gn
Fame: Reason Positive Negative Total
Human +10 - +10
Human in Ne'haer +10 - +20
Ambassador +10 - +30

Thread List

Vhalar 717

  • 14th: Please Look At Me
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    Summary: Hans and Elaine reconnect at work.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 31st: I'll Pick You Up At 7
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    Summary: Hans takes Dionysia back to Ironridge.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 40th: A Wisp of Peace
    PCs: Hans, Open
    Summary: Hans attends the Spirit Festival.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 43rd: Issues
    PCs: Hans, Duncan Oison
    Summary: Grumpy boys.
    Status: Ongoing.

Ymiden 717

Ashan 717

  • 6th: Speaking in Tongues
    PCs: Hans, Ismene, Elijah
    Summary: Hans attends the Festival of Languages
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 115: So It Begins
    PCs: Hans, Alistair
    Summary: Hans meets Alistair and an alliance begins.
    Status: Complete.


  • 93 Vhalar 706: Every Colour and More Besides
    PCs: Hans
    Summary: Hans is initiated into Empathy.
    Status: Complete.
  • 12 Ashan 710: Maybe Something New
    PCs: Hans, Robin
    Summary: Hans meets an attractive young man.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 14 Saun 711: Innocence Died Screaming
    PCs: Hans, Tei'serin
    Summary: Hans meets a twelve year old Tei'serin and resolves to do something about her situation.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 6 Ashan 712: I'm Fine On My Own
    PCs: Hans, Maeve
    Summary: After a threat on his life, Hans is assigned a bodyguard - a Naer woman.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 54 Ashan 714: Mercy is Overrated
    PCs: Hans, Pash
    Summary: Drunken truth or dare, Empath style.
    Status: Ongoing.
word count: 1723
Due to his Competency in Empathy, Hans can 'taste' emotions.

While these tastes always stay the same, Hans is either repulsed or attracted
to certain tastes due to his own current emotional states.

While happiness might be delicious to him at one time, this could be disgusting to him
if he is in a troubled personal state.

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