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Elise Ashford
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Race: Aukari
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Elise Ashford

Elise Ashford

Full Name: Elise Ashford
Race: Mixed Blood: Human/Aukari
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135 lbs
Birthdate: 12th of Ymiden, Arc 693 (23 years old)
Birthplace: Sirothelle, Northern Idalos

Profession: Apothecary
Housing: Stone cottage on her farm
Partners: N/A

Factions Joined:

Likes: gardening, self-medicating, relaxing, cats, philosophy,
Dislikes: chaos, war, pressure, close-mindedness ,
Merits: charismatic, easy going, perceptive,
Flaws: noncommittal, facetious, indecisive, soft-hearted

Fluent: Common
Broken: Vauni
As is true for most Aukari, whether purebred or mixed, Elise is a striking woman. The most notable thing about her is the crown of fire that adorns her head. Falling in rivulets of oranges and reds, her natural flame-toned hair frames her face in such a capturing way. Her eyes are hazel orbs reflecting the inner calm she always strives for. Hardly are they ever full of emotion, normally appearing as a coquettish half lidded gaze. A dash of freckles across her cheekbones adds flavor to the otherwise fair skin. Her lips are defined, usually lifted in a faint smile.

Perhaps attributed to the human blood running through her she lost that sternness that comes with many of her kind. Elise brings a leggy grace everywhere she goes, with careful movements and calculated gestures. Her demeanor is generally one of relative tranquility. Beneath that though, she has all the makings of a vixen. Full figured with the confidence to wield such a body showcases her traits. Never one to flaunt it though, it is often muted or subtle, hidden behind an elegant yet simple outfit. Should the weather permit, a sundress is the perfect selection for her. Elise is certainly no stranger to getting dirty though. Despite her years of growing up on a farm she maintains a softness to her. If not for her elevated body temperature and ever-threatening ability to spontaneously combust Elise could not be further from the generic Aukari.

Elise has often been described as enigmatic. Very rarely does she let her emotions get the better of her, though for very good reason. She has been taught to avoid drastic reactions, thus often conveys her thoughts on matters through measured words. The young woman can be incredibly lax even under duress, choosing firstly to suppress feelings and then process before allowing herself to proceed. Most people see her as pleasant, if not a little reserved. No one could deny though that she definitely knows how to have a good time.

Always in fear of becoming too pent up with her inner thoughts, Elise will be one of the first people in a group to recommend some wild venture in order to decompress. She loves to laugh and smile, preferring to listen and observe others in times of excitement and merriment as she soaks it all in.

To those who know her beyond the surface-self she displays, many would call her very contemplative. There are so many emotional drives that inspire people in to action, so many things she cannot allow herself to have in herself. Often she feels that only by vicariously living through others can she even live at all. Elise is always in search of the next thrill, the next dose of life.

~ Birth ~
Elise's story starts years before she was even a thought in the mind of her sires. It began with her mother. Hot-headed was one of many words to describe Aeloi, a typical Aukari woman. She had been fierce in life, too full of energy for her own good. The land of Sirothelle was too controlling for her, full of rules and traditions that had long since burned to ashes in her heart. She knew that there was little hope of her escaping a family so insistent on law and heritage was to be sent away on some grand mission. Aeloi seized the moment when it came in the guise as her very first mission she had ever received after her graduation.

Sent to the far outskirts of Hiladrith to burn down a small village Aeloi instead found someone of incredible interest to her. There was a doctor there named Malcom, a kind and gentle man who would later become Elise's father. Fascinated by how very opposite of her she was, Aeloi manipulated her way in to the heart of this man. She posed as a newcomer to the village, using the cover of a florist to hide her reason for her presence. Every morning when Malcolm would visit the village to visit his patients Aeloi would give him an orchid. It didn't take long for him to fall for her, a fiery woman with a pretty smile.

Aeloi believed that this was the lucky break she needed. Through the doctor she could integrate in to society, using him as a foothold to move further up the ladder. Should she ever be discovered the Aukari was more than confident in her ability to burn the whole village down and start anew. One thing she had not anticipated got in her way. Aeloi became pregnant. Throughout her term the woman slowly broke down. All that she had dreamed of was about to wiped away by something so helpless and needing. Slowly, her control slipped. The closer the due date came the worse her temperament became.

When she finally went in to labor all was not well. Aeloi was burning up, threatening to fill with her anger and disappointment and guilt for this child she could not love. Malcolm did everything he could to soothe his lover, but to no avail. The heat became unbearable as she entered labor, though the doctor never turned away from her. Not even when Aeloi screamed her secrets out loud, all her intentions of betrayal and all of her lies bared before her. Though his heart had been broken in that moment, his duty was not over. He delivered the baby - his daughter -, barely managing to escape before Aeloi was consumed entirely.
~ Early Childhood ~
Much of her childhood was spent apart from other actual children. Shortly after her explosive birth Elise and her father Malcolm moved to the outskirts of Rynmere. He sold everything they had, only saving the necessities to start life over completely. Despite the universe working against him, her father was able to provide a mildly comfortable living for them. There was always need for a doctor. So it was that a little farm was purchased, bordering a small town and the middle of nowhere.

Elise was raised in a peculiar fashion than many children. Never was she treated as something who needed time to grow. Her father always stressed the importance of maintaining control over her emotions at all times. Where other young ones were free to roam and shout and play she was to watch, to meditate and relax as best as she could. The girl never went to any schools and had few friends. Most of her time was spent with her father, learning his trade and learning to restrain herself. The story of her mother's death lingered with her always, though Malcolm had kept from her the truth. To Elise, her mother had been a wonderful and beautiful woman who's death was an absolute tragedy. With no pictures to tell her what Aeloi actually looked at, all she had was her father's memories and her imagination. Elise would spend hours out on their farm, tending to her small patch of flowers and picturing a loving mother. Would she have been nice? Did she love flowers as much as Elise's father said she did? The young girl couldn't know, but she always wondered.

Malcolm was always concerned Elise wouldn't be able to contain that dangerous fire within. Whenever she interacted with other kids he would cut the time short, making excuses and bringing her back to the farm. Eventually after an incredible amount of petitioning, Elise was finally given a friend. It was a small kitten, an experiment to see if she was ready for actual social interaction. Immediately the girl was taken with it, and 'Arthur' became her closest friend.
~ Teenage Years ~
The science behind herself and everything around her came to the forefront of Elise's thoughts during her teenage years. Her days were much of the same, the schedule set for her rarely deviating from the norm. Each morning before the sun rose she would wake and meditate out in the fields. When the sun finally rose in to the sky the girl would begin her morning tasks. Tend to the farm, sow the seeds and plow the fields. In the evenings she took to learning all about the earth and the wonderful things she could yield. It was cathartic to see how one could put so much time and love in to a plant, waiting for months to see how it could grow. So many little things could be affected and the result could be drastically different. It was an incredible process to her. Elise would grow all sorts of plants, wanting to have the widest range possible to provide for her father's trade.
~ Early Adulthood ~

House info
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Elise Ashford
Posts: 3
Joined: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:33 pm
Race: Aukari
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Wealth Tier: Tier 1

Elise Ashford

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Elise Ashford
Posts: 3
Joined: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:33 pm
Race: Aukari
Renown: 0
Wealth Tier: Tier 1

Elise Ashford

  • [*]Starting Package
    • 1 x Clothing
    • 1 x Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste.
    • 1x Ox
    • 1 x Wheel Barrow
    • 1 x Ox Drawn Plow
    • 1 x Rake
    • 1 x Spade
    • 1 x Shovel
    • 1 x Hoe
    • 1 x Hand Fork
    • 1 x Watering Can
    • 1 x Cat: Arthur
    • Starting Crops
      • Marijuana
      • 1 x Aloe Vera
      • 1 x Tobacco
      • 1 x Orchids

Starting Package +25gn 25 gn[/googlefont]

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