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Sky Goes on a Hunt

The seven Duchies of Central Rynmere and their respective baronies, cities, towns, villages, and landmarks each overseen by a Duke of one of the seven noble families and ultimately controlled by the King of Rynmere.
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[Krome] Of Strength & Servitude

9th Of Cylus 717

Each and every trial that he existed was a battle for survival. Sky was no stranger to the fact that he could die at any given time, but if he were to die he wanted it to be because of his inability to take care of himself. The Darkness was prominent, but hardly made a difference in the wake of the wretched Cylus and its cold weather. He emerged from the Cave without allowing his eyes the time to adjust to the darkness of Cylus. The Savages eyes stung for a moment, His vision blurred, and his ears rang violently until he could process his surroundings again after a few trills. In this life two types of things existed; what was, and what is. He refused to be a part of the what was aspect of life, and wanted to make his mark not only through being a ruthless leader, but being kind to his people. Violence was an aspect of his every day life, and ultimately it was what he truly wanted.

The Savage clad in nothing more than his loin cloth, korowai and poorly made shoes made from boar hide began his journey. Today he would be the brave hunter, This trial would be his, and he would seek to find prey whether it be man, or beast. Sky wanted to collect a skull this fine trial, and would stop at nothing to get one. Thoughts raced through his mind regarding various things like illnesses, murder, torture, and his desire to find a meal. The Hunt was far more important to him than anything or anyone else, if he was not a hunter he was nothing. The Barbarian world existed for the sole purpose of murdering him, and making attempts to control people.

That was why it had to crumble, and burn to the ground at his feet. Sky made an attempt to use his nose; The Lotharro were hunters after all. He inhaled and drew air into his lungs until they reached capacity, but could smell nothing beyond the obvious scent of burning wood. He attempted to follow the scent, and sniffed the air several times only to subconsciously walk in the direction. Someone had either recently lit a fire, or cooked something. Armed with nothing more than his mere-club, and with his bow over his right shoulder alongside two arrows in the strap of his loincloth he set out. Pace by pace he continued to follow the scent, until he noticed what looked like foot impressions in the snow.

Something was off in this case; not only were there multiple sets of foot prints, but there were drag marks in between two sets. A set on the left of larger, and obviously more elongated prints and a set on the right with smaller prints. Two men and or women carried something heavy, or someone heavy if that were possible through this area. They were far closer than he anticipated, as the trail lead to an area that he was already familiar with; a common hunting ground of is. Their flame drove away all the animals in the area; he wondered why he found nothing to hunt. These damned idiots were the ones who drove off the Animals, but the closer he got to their camp he realized that there was a newfound problem.

Sky began to pray before he dared to enter the fray of battle; the problem that presented itself was that he was outnumbered. Four individuals; two with lengthy and beautiful hair and two with much shorter hair. They were all obviously from the barbarian world with their nice clothing, and strange temporary homes with shiny weapons. Only once before had he ever seen people with shiny weaponry, but he knew that it was nothing to be trifled with. He did not want to approach them at a closer range if he could avoid it; perhaps he should kidnap the women and kill the men. Sky attempted to solve the problem, and figure out what the most efficient way of killing them would be.

Yet, he was not the most logical person being that he knew very little about how to problem-solve. His only true skills were hunting, and killing. He sat and observed for a few bits and attempted to gather information about the Barbarians.

“Tomorrow, we will leave here, and transport her back to Andaris” Spoke one of the two men with a masked face.
Sky squinted as he focused on listening to their conversation. Difficult times were ahead; they were travelers and whoever made those drag marks in the snow was precious cargo to them. The Savage loved having the opportunity to steal from Barbarians. They always carried various tools and weapons that were more useful to him than he would have thought they were. However, the Barbarian world was far different from the one he knew. The Wild was unforgiving, and violent in the drop of a hat, but the Barbarian world allowed them to survive far longer than he ever would. They had medicine, and warm beds along with tall luxurious homes. Barbarians were nothing more than soft-skinned cowards, and if they were forced into his living situation they should not survive the night.

Aomaru was left behind with Alexa while he had gone on the hunt, and now he wished that he had not left his Mandrill. Sky continued to listen only to hear more about why they were keeping the woman captive.

“The guy paid us good coin to fetch her. There are 50 in this bag, and we should have asked for more. However, such is the life of a mercenary. Ya know that woman gave us quite a wild ride last night, and although I had fun she made things so much more difficult on herself. She fought hard, but ultimately I left her shivering and wanting more.” He spoke again, and those particular words angered The Savage. They took a woman captive in exchange for some sort of coin, and he forced himself upon her. Sky was a man that cared little for morals, but when a group of the strong targeted the weak he had to intervene. In his past his father and mother used to attack him relentlessly in order to make him stronger, and drive him to fight ferociously.

This situation was entirely different, because of the fact that this was their job. “Mer-ce..nary are.. barbarians... true barbarians.” Sky thought to himself as he slowly paced himself around their camp in search of somewhere to hide for the remainder of the trail until nightfall. The moment he found a Tree comfortable enough to sleep beneath he sat and rested for several breaks. He woke to the sight of an orange flame, and the sound of chanting. The fools gathered around their fire, and thought that they were safe from any impending danger.

The Hunter waited patiently, and attempted to conceal his breathing as not to alert the Barbarians in the area. The conversation and singing continued, each of their words were deafening, and their voices horrible.

“That was how we won. We pissed them off enough to make them lose focus all you have to do is insult them, or their family members and then you take them out.” The Barbarian male spoke, and then the two men walked off together several feet away from the females. Sky finally saw the opportunity that he waited nearly an entire trial for; two unarmed women, and no men to guard them in that moment.

Sky made mental notes of the insulting aspect of combat; perhaps he could put it to use at a later time, and decided to remove his beloved bow from his shoulder. He entered a crouched position, and loaded an arrow onto the draw-string. The Hunter drew back his bow and with its heavy draw weight he was forced to use quite a bit of strength. He held his breath as to steady his shot, and then released the first arrow only to watch it spiral into the first womans sternum. She attempted to gasp but she could not, and before the second woman could react, Sky fired again. The second shot struck the remaining woman in the gut, and Sky charged as it soared through the air with his club in hand.

As the arrow embedded itself deep within her, and she began to let out a scream Sky struck her. The Mere was heavy, and he attacked her with the end of it in a hammer-fist motion. The Two men began making their return, and Sky charged off toward one of the larger homes that they constructed. Inside he found a woman bound at her hands and feet with a rope alongside a knife. The Savage grasped hold of the dagger, and noticed that the sharp end was accompanied by what was obviously a handle. He held it and attempted at first to cut the restraints loose from her wrist, but sawed away at the rope with the wrong end. The Hunter quickly turned it over, and watched as it easily cut through the rope that bound her hands, and he moved on to her feet. The moment he cut her loose he gave her a single command. “Go, or I will kill you myself!” Sky exclaimed, and took off toward the corpses snatching the coin purse, the Knife, and the mask worn by the first woman that he killed. The mask was nothing extravagant, but did look tribal which made it worthwhile to steal. Followed by which he took off before the two men had time to arrive. The men were left screaming, and Sky disappeared into the night.
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[Krome] Of Strength & Servitude



  • Knowledge:
    • Cylus: Endless Darkness
    • Tactics: Assessing a Situation
    • Tactics: Vulgarity as a Distraction
    • Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Controlling the Breath
    • Melee Combat (Dagger): Using the Sharp Side
    • Sky: Good, Deep Morals
    • Linguistics: Listening to a Conversation in Common
    • Dagger (Normal quality)(Worth: 3 GN)
    • Mask (Fair quality)(Worth: 1 GN)
    • Coin Purse with 50 GN
    Injuries: None
    Fame: +2 (Rescuing an Innocent)

    Story: 4/5
    Collaboration: 0/5
    Structure: 5/5

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Comments: This is the first thread I have read of yours, and Sky’s personality is interesting. He definitely has the mind of a lone animal but there is an aspect of humanity there. I am curious what his interaction will be like with his group as that begins to form.

I have deducted a point from structure for multiple spelling and structural errors throughout the post. If you would like me to highlight these specifically for your learning/improvement, I would be happy to do so. If I grade another thread, I tend to give you 2-3 thread to initiate improvement before I continue to deduct points.

I have given you the amount of GN that was described in the sack. In the future, I would like to request that you leave this to reviewer’s discretion as to the amount. As long as things are reasonable, we will normally give the described/suggested/desired amount. In this case, the amount appeared reasonable.

If these NPCs come up in a future thread, note that only one of the women will be confirmed dead per this thread. This will be the one you bludgeoned to death. The one that suffered a shot to the sternum may or may not be dead, which would need to be outlined in the future thread. She could have died if the arrow was just off the sternum and landed in the heart or lungs. I don’t think she would have suffered a death blow if it had sunk into muscle and bone. Just for future storytelling purposes.

If you feel I've missed anything or if you have questions about your review, please don't hesitate to send me a quick PM. Thank you!
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