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Here are all threads from before the Fall of Emea in 719 and all threads pertaining to the Fall. As of Ymiden 719 (1st June 2019), this forum is locked for new threads and is a repository for old content.

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[Mature] The Hunter or the Hunted?

30th Trial of Cylus, 717
The trees blocked the sun and the fog hid the ground from view. It was very silent, as if the whole forest was dead. As he walked, the smell of grass and wood hit him. There was no visible path, no clear way, but Navik still knew exactly where he should go. So he kept walking, moving quickly but without making any sound. Until, suddenly, a rustle made him look up, searching for the sound. He couldn't see anything, but, somehow, he still knew where the sound came from. The man opened his wings, wide, moving them in a few powerful movements, raising himself from the ground.

It didn't take long before he was flying fast in the direction of the sound. He could feel the wind hitting against him, but it offered no resistance to his passage. Like he was floating, and not flying. The trees were close together, but it was easy to manoeuvre between them. He kept going, each flap of his wings making him go faster and faster. Each time there was a rustle, he changed directions, quick and effective. There was no change in the scenery, the trees remained the same, the fog never went away. But he knew he was making progress, because the sounds were getting closer.

Navik caught a glimpse of a red strike, moving to fast for him to see what it was. Making a sharp turn to his left, he changed directions and kept the chase going, sometimes flying slightly higher, sometimes lower. Never reaching the top of the trees nor the ground itself.

It seemed like an eternity and an instant when the trees suddenly opened in a huge clearing, the fog dissipating. The grass was green, and the sun could be seen in the sky. Navik frowned, looking around, searching for his prey. It was nowhere to be found, and he could not hear it anymore. The forest seemed dead, once again.

He looked around, searching, before laying his eyes on the small cabin located on the middle of the clearing. It was oddly familiar, with a crooked wooden roof. Through the curtains of the windows, Navik could see a faint light, but nothing more.

He frowned once again, wondering why he was feeling so restless.

word count: 385

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