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Full Name: Edalene Burnett
Nickname: Eda
Race: Human
Birthdate: 3 Ymiden Arc 697 (20)

Profession: ... Who knows anymore?
Education: Letters in History at the Viden Academy
Location: Ivorian Sea

Fluent: Common
Fluent: Rakahi (Linguistics)
Conversational: Leni (Linguistics)
Broken: Cursive (Linguistics)
Broken: Jourkadri Cuts (Linguistics)
Broken: Ancient Language (Linguistics)
Broken: Banumi (Linguistics)

Marks: Shirvain (Adored), Bellinos (Favored)
Faction: The Seekers

Likes: Order, justice, being right, knowledge, her brother, wine.
Dislikes: Ignorance, violence, extremism, intolerance.
Merits: Dedicated, meticulous, passionate, believes in right and wrong, creative.
Flaws: Obsessive, stubborn, can get stuck in her own head, judges people quickly.

Sexuality: Queer
Partners: Aeodan Burnett
Brother: Aeodan Burnett

Note: Edalene's face is now KNOWN in Rynmere and returning will run heavy risk of being apprehended.

Eda is tall and slim, standing at 5'9". Her skin is pale, as she does not have much opportunity to go out into the sun, given she works indoors surrounded by books. As such, there is always a slightly musty smell around her, the smell of old books, parchment, and ink. Her slimness is not a result of looking after herself, but rather forgetting to eat when she is caught up in work, and she is not particularly a fan of physical exercise, besides walking to and from the university and wherever she has business. Her hair is long and a mousy brown, often tangled, and she has a habit of pushing it back from her face when she works, as she always forgets to bring a ribbon to tie it up. Eda gives little thought to her physical appearance, and always wears drab, simple colours, on account of lack of funds.

Edalene has the mark Shirvain, which manifests as a strange, winding clock on the back of her neck. It does not tell the actual time.

Edalene has the mark Bellinos, which manifests as blackened fingernails, seemingly like claws, with the black colour slowly creeping up the skin of her hands.

Edalene, from becoming impaled on a stalagmite, has a whirlpool scar on her stomach - gruesome and large, it emits a pale green glow.

Edalene is a strange soul. She is rambunctious and cheery one minute, morose and bitter the next. Her complex history has meant that Edalene changes quickly as anything, and anything can set her off in an instant. When she is in a good mood, she is witty and funny, lending to sarcasm, though without any bite. But in a bad mood, she becomes self-indulgent and self-deprecating, allowing memories to overtake her mind.

Edalene is not quick to trust, but when she does, that person will stay with her forever. Broken trust is a serious thing for Edalene; something she has had to do to others before, and she hates it. If you break Edalene's trust, be prepared for the fall out. Edalene loves her twin brother, Aeodan, more than anything, and he is the centre of her world. She will always spin back to him.

Edalene is incredibly passionate and dedicated in the pursuit of knowledge. Her love of history is something that is current for her. The history books aren't just stories of the past, they are guides for the future. She is dedicated to learning about the wrongs of the past, and will not hesitate to argue with you about what one can do to fix the world for the future.

She is snarky, witty, and cares deeply - if you get on her good side. If not, be careful. Edalene is cold, bitter, and never forgets wrongs done to her and hers.

Pending: Update.
Shirvain (Adored)


  • Ralaith, as the Immortal of bitterness, does not offer his blessing easily. It is perhaps those that resemble him the most - distant, aloof, even forlorn - that draw his attention. Those who have understood suffering are often the wisest of men and women, and it is those individuals in whom the Immortal finds common ground. The Blessing of Shirvain appears as the distorted image of a clock on the back of the Blessed's neck, one that changes with the time - but not the global time that everyone knows. Instead, it is the pocket of time that the wielder exists on, independently of everyone else. For the user of Shirvain is one who can manipulate their own time - and others - in markedly odd ways. As the mark grows in tier, the distorted clock will grow and connect other distorted clocks with lines of strange numerical chronological figures only Ralaith seems to be able to translate. Curiously, it seems that those marked by Ralaith always have a perfect sense of the time.

    The clocks can appear anywhere and are as vivid as any tattoo, but do not fade. The numbers and measurements of time are inscrutable to all but the Immortal.


  • Compendium of Immortal Wisdom
    • This book exists as one that may store an infinite amount of knowledge for the wielder to explore. The wielder must experience this knowledge first hand to record within the book. The compendium exists as a portion of the blessing itself, and may be stored in a sliver of time and brought forth upon the user willing it. The Compendium does not exist as a normal book. While the pages feel as if merely a high quality parchment, all of the contents of the book are blessed by Ralaith and the way in which this information is accessed is largely variable. You may turn a page and find that there is no words, but instead an image. This image can tap into the past, and play visions in the reader's mind. You may guide your fingertip over a mere word, and entire paragraphs will consume the page of the book, retracting when you are done with them. The Compendium of Immortal Wisdom recycles information that is unimportant or unnecessary, and by the end of a long life a true follower of Ralaith will find that their Compendium is a library of great knowledge that is both true and genuine. Upon the death of the wielder of Shirvain, the Compendium finds itself in the hands of Ralaith, and he will read it and study upon all the knowledge they have gained before offering this Compendium to a library of great pieces of writing.

    The Bear of Ralaith
    • Those blessed with Shirvain are granted with a large spirit bear familiar, similar to that of a Sev'ryn familiar. This bear, though at this level cannot effect the Material world, has the unique ability to increase the strength and endurance of the Shirvain, granting a moderate boost when close by. In this form, the bear is a shimmering arrays of colors, all looking like woven strands. It tends to be the species of bear most commonly encountered nearest to the Favored's home.

    Scholarly Minds I
    • Add an extra three skill points to any one of the following skills: Meditation, Teaching, Research, Philosophy, Writing. These points can send a skill over the 100 threshold.

    • For the chosen of Ralaith, time is an open pool. While not gifted with the perspective to see all time forward and back as Ralaith can (as the weight of constant sight forwards and backwards would collapse almost any non Immortal mind) a marked can channel their sight through artifacts and mediums to gain insight that would have otherwise been obscured from a more casual observer. The first level of this ability allows a marked of Ralaith to take an item and read the impressions and memories cast upon it. Instances of great passion or importance will rise first, requiring more minor impressions to be gleaned after hours of concentration with the object. At this stage, looking into the past can only go a limited distance, the space of ten years. But almost any event in the object’s history can be seen or experienced within that time. Depending on the intensity of the emotion or event the knowledge is experienced in one of two ways, either in visions ‘whispers’ or immersion ‘shouts’. An axe used to carve up a family, wielded by a man magically compelled to destroy the things he loves would be so intense a moment that the marked would be drawn into the vision, feel the spray of blood on their face, feel the emotions roiling within them, and see the axe carve bone and flesh...whereas a rope used to tie up a criminal might only impart itself as a brief sensation of rough rope on skin and the vision of a man trussed up. Players are encouraged to take creative liberty with this ability. Knowledge is not always comfortable to gain. Easy questions like “Who does this belong to, what was it used for? What important event was it a part of” are the easiest to ask and tend to make the chosen of Ralaith the greatest investigators in Idalos.

    Eyes of the Antiquated
    • An ability that allows the wielder to view the ‘weight of time’ upon an object or an individual, allowing them to determine the antiquity of that person or object. Many use this ability in order to determine forgeries of so-called relics, but it can be just as useful on a person. At the level of favored, exact age is not a number but a feeling. Long lived individuals will feel ‘heavy’ with time or experience when observed by a Shirvain. This is, interestingly, a useful tool in determining those who are trying to fake their age or for especially long lived individuals like Mortalborn or Liches. At Adored, the Shirvain has used this ability enough to be able to tell the age, within three years, of an object or person and at Exalted it is said that the marked can determine down to the length of breaks one is from their beginning.

    Bear Brother
    • The Favored Shirvain gains a natural affinity for all bears, finding them more docile and welcoming in his presence. He gains the ability to communicate with all bears, regardless of species, and is at home in their dens. Often, mother bears will view him as a cub, and will shelter him and offer him food if he so chooses.

    Great Minds
    • With a touch, the user and the touched individual can link their past experiences and share a detailed array of events with one another, from childhood experiences to great findings in the world. In this link time flows stagnantly on the outside world, and so while others may perceive this as two individuals merely meeting with a handshake, a great deal of information could be shared, the user and the one they contact able to look through the lens of time passed to share knowledge of previous events. This can be overwhelming to those who are not Shirvain and caution is warned in attempting to share too much information.

    Temporary Restoration
    • With the Domain of Time, many things once lost to the ages can be restored. This ability allows a Shirvain to take a broken object or one that has rusted to nearly nothing and restore it to the grandeur it once had. For this ability to work they must have most of the item before them, or at lease one complete piece. The hilt of a sword, for instance. Once the object leaves their hand, it will swiftly age back to the state they found it in and any material restored to it with the magic will vanish. Some Shirvain keep the rusted hilt of a dagger with them to restore when they need it. This ability could work on any object the Shirvain can hold with one or both hands so long as the damage done to it was at least a Cycle in the past.

    Pocket of Time (Minor)
    • With this ability, the user can alter the flow of time for himself or an individual within a fifteen foot radius. This can last for up to a bit (a minute), but at this stage of Shirvain the ability lacks in power. You can speed up the flow of time to allow for the individual to move and process things more quickly, or you may slow a foe to reduce their reflexes, reactive ability and their speed. The effects are notable, and many would say significant, but a foe who outclasses you significantly will not be brought to par with you merely by slowing them down. This can only affect one individual at a time, and can only be cast many times per trial. One's wavelength must stabilize for two bits before this can be re-utilized on them.

    Pocket of Time (Moderate)
    • The moderate variant of the Pocket of Time may reduce the speed, reflexes, etc., of a chosen individual by a third, or bolster these in an ally or themselves. This lasts for up to a bit, and can be re-utilized many times in one trial before exhausting one's touch with time for the day. One's wavelength must stabilize for two bits before it is utilized on the same target again.

    Smell the Genius
    • A Bear has one of the more remarkable noses of the animal kingdom. A Shirvain is granted this power at Adored with an added benefit. Not only can they memorize and track smells over miles, but they can also smell both Wisdom and Bitterness on people. The stronger the sorrow and spite within another, the greater the smell off them will be. Likewise, knowledge and legendary skills have a strong smell associated. A Shirvain would have trouble describing the smell to another, but other Shirvain understand. With a whiff, a Shirvain can ascertain a general idea of the collected wisdom or bitterness of any person they're in proximity with.

    Scholarly Minds II
    • Add an extra six skill points to any one of the following skills: Meditation, Teaching, Research, Philosophy, Writing, these skill points can exceed the 100 cap.

    Secrets of Serendipity
    • This is known to be perhaps one of the sweeter abilities of Shirvain, one that allows the user to discover secrets of an individual that are not detrimental or locked within the echoes of their mind, but rather things that they like, enjoy, and the qualities they find admirable. If used on a PC, the one targeted may provide the wielder of Shirvain with three or four of their character’s favorite things. The way in which this knowledge is gained is by physical manifestation; if someone enjoys the taste of strawberries for example, this links with the user’s mind and they can ‘feel’ the taste of strawberries in their mouth. Their senses connect to the past of the individual they are gaining knowledge from, and their preferences from scents, to hobbies, to favored treats become crystal clear in the mind of the one using this ability. Persons who have been observed upon by this ability gain their own page in the Compendium, one where positive things about them as well as things you learned from them personally can be read and looked back upon. Often, it is said that Ralaith reads upon the knowledge of Daia and re-lives the adventures that he and she long ago shared.
Bellinos (Favored)


  • Vri is often reserved with his blessings. Most will see the Immortal of Death at least once in their lives and Vri isn't in any particular hurry to speed along that encounter. While having his own motivations and desires to remain close with mortals, to mark them is a sign of remarkable trust on behalf of the Immortal. Vri is a somber individual and rarely as boisterous or social as many of the other Immortals. Vri tends to get to know a prospective before marking them, seeing them as a unique soul in a long line of countless he's seen to over the Arcs.

    Those who are marked of Vri consider it one of the highest honors and often take a somewhat detached view of mortality. To them, eventually they will meet the one who imbued them with power and find they only have reason to fear the pain before death, not the moments after.

    Vri’s Blessing of Belinos appears on the hands of those marked, more specifically, their nails. Coated in a black paint, the nails appear claw like, growing sharper when the abilities are used. The black paint coating the nails slowly creep up the skin, turning it pitch black before fading into the flesh color of the marked.


  • Final Moment
    • A Blessed of Vri has the ability to experience the last few minutes of a corpse’s life. They experience the death as if it were happening to them and only come out of the trance when the experience has ended. This is always a jarring and emotionally devastating ability to use as one can never quite get ‘used’ to dying, but it can reveal remarkable clues and insights as to the wishes or circumstances behind a death. A body must be presented, mostly intact (Within a Cycle or two of age), for the ability to work.

    Death's Pallor
    • A blessed of Vri understands the nature of life and death better than any. This ability allows a user to suspend their bodily functions and fall into a death-like trance. Unless another marked of Vri is in attendance, this act is almost impossible to see through without a mastery in the medicinal or surgical field. When entering this suspension, the body effectively acts dead. Limbs stiffen, skin pales, and eyes become cloudy. Any wounds suffered by the marked will bleed coagulated blood. Some marked, after receiving a grievous wound, will leave instructions to fetch a doctor and suspend themselves in the state till help arrives. The marked must define how long they intend to stay in this state. At Blessed, the time cannot exceed three trials. At Adored this time cannot exceed a single cycle. Likewise at Adored this ability can be transferred to another, although only one use of this power may remain active at a time. Supposedly there is no upper limit on how long an exalted or Champion can remain in this deathless trance, although none dare exit the world for too long. The body will not decay in this state, appearing freshly slain for the entirety of the duration. A marked can be killed in this state if irreparable harm is done to the body, in which case the state will become permanent upon the ending of the ability.

    Deathkeeper's Skills I
    • Add an extra three skill points to any of the following. These skill points may exceed the 100 cap. Interrogation, Investigation, Meditation, Detection

    • Those marked by Vri aren’t able to forget anything they have been exposed to or seen within their lifetime. The marked can recall events, conversations, and picture moments with perfect clarity, no matter what time frame within their life they draw the memory from.

    Genetic Memory (Minor)
    • As a domain, Remembrance is often overlooked by those who follow Vri. Although of vital importance, few pay it the proper homage it’s due. Most take it for granted. Those who follow Vri know differently, however. Memory is a record of the past and in that past, answers to current problems can be found. This ability relies on the creative powers of the player to help describe, but can be immensely valuable to the marked. Entering into a meditative trance, a marked of Vri can step ‘back’ two generations of their lineage seeking the answer to a problem. These answers come in the forms of visions, snatches of imagery and experience. Some with this ability spend many trials poring through the lives of their parents and their parents parents, hungry for experience and knowledge. This ability cannot be used on those who are already alive as they must have passed through Vri’s hands to be applicable. If one's father still draws breath, this ability cannot look into their lives. Only the dead may whisper their secrets through genetic experience.
Abilities & Injuries


Edalene has earned a special link with Ti'atha, the Mortalborn of Curiosity. As long as Edalene is awake, she can subtly sense the mood of the Mortalborn, and vice-versa. Additionally, once per season, Edalene can call upon Ti'atha to come to her, and has the chance to ask the Mortalborn of Curiosity a question, which the Mortalborn will try her hardest to find the answer to. This ability is subject to moderator approval.

Farafan's Balm

You may cure ANY venom from the arachnid or Insect family. When using this ability, your scar will glow. You purge a body of the venom. This cannot be used to purge a venomous creature of its Venom, just from someone who has been bitten.

SongStone Key

You are able to open any religious site dedicated to the Shay. All locks are released in your wake.

Still Heart

You are alive only by virtue of the SongStone. You heart no longer beats and is no longer a weakness if damaged. If the SongStone is removed from your body, you will die.

Twin Voices

You can sing in two voices now. One, your own, the other…certainly female, seems young and most certainly Shay.

One Body

Aeodan and Edalene are permanently linked now. While they are within the same city, they will share injuries. If farther away than that, only the scars and impressions of such wounds will find them. If one dies, so will the other.

Empathic Bond

While in close proximity, Aeodan and Edalene will be able to feel eachother’s emotions as if they are their own. This can cause a fairly powerful echo chamber if they don’t learn to keep their inner selves separate. This can be mitigated with Discipline or Meditation

Aeodan's SongStone

While within the same room or close proximity, Aeodan can harness a small measure of the SongStone’s power.


Edalene will also need to recover and will experience nightmares related to the loss of Aeodan for at least three Cycles after.


Edalene does not have use of the finger that Aeodan had cut off. Her connection is to his soul and true body so as his true body now forever has a severed finger, hers no longer has any sensation associated with it.
Skill Points Acquired Points Spent Proficiency Knowledges
Intelligence 26/100 26/251 Competent 5
Investigation 26/100 26/251 Competent 1
Linguistics 71/100 114/251 Expert 2
Leadership 29/100 32/251 Competent 3
Research 106/100 NA: FT Grandmaster 18
Rhetoric 26/100 26/251 Competent 9
Seduction 26/100 26/251 Competent 10
Storytelling 4/100 4/251 Novice 2
Swimming 20/100 20/251 Novice -
Tactics 15/100 15/251 Novice 6
Writing 26/100 26/251 Competent 4
Starting Package: Research 20, Intelligence 10, Linguistics 10, Writing 10
Racial Bonus: Leadership 25
Fast Track: Research
CS Approval: Rhetoric +4, Storytelling +4, Writing +4

As a Grandmaster of Research, Edalene is able to note deceit in any written text. This applies to straight out lies, or, more subtly, hearsay. If the author was not completely convinced and supported by factual evidence, Edalene is able to pick out truth from lies and rumours in any written text, even with decades of Arcs between her and the author's time. (Note: this does not give her the knowledge of what IS the truth, only the presence of lies and hearsay.)
Thread Points Awarded Points Spent Points Remaining
Oh Dear 15 Linguistics 10, Research 5 0
Cracks Appearing 15 Intelligence 7, Linguistics 6, Leadership 1, Research 1 0
The Price of Good Intentions 15 Intelligence 9, Writing 6 0
Not A Morning Person 15 Seduction 9, Writing 6 0
The Search Begins 15 Seduction 15 0
Open and Closed Chapters 15 Research 13, Seduction 2 0
Truth Is The Hardest Thing 15 Research 15 0
Turning Pages in the Twilight 15 Linguistics 8, Rhetoric 7 0
Books About Space 15 Linguistics 10, Research 5 0
Working Together Again 15 Research 6, Linguistics 6 3
Shirvain: Scholarly Minds I 3 Research 3 3
Carve Not With Thy Hours 15 Linguistics 8, Research 7 3
Seasons of Change 10 Linguistics 10 3
A Person With Your Skills 15 Linguistics 18 0
Burial Rites 15 Research 15 0
I've Got Plenty Of Time 10 Research 10 0
Ruinfall 15 Rhetoric 15 0
Deathkeeper's Skills 1 3 Investigation 3 0
Imprisoned 15 Linguistics 10, Investigation 5 0
Twin Souls 15 - 15
The Suns Sear The Moons 15 15 Tactics 15
This Must Be The Place 15 15 Investigation 15
Field of Dreams 15 4 Linguistics 26
Welcome to Viden 10 10 Linguistics 26
Never Settle 15 3 Investigation, 12 Linguistics 26
Afoul 15 - 41
Together Again 15 - 56
Numb Me 4 - 60
Oh Yes 15 - 75
Boundaries Broken 15 - 90
Trial by Fire 20 - 110
Scholarly Minds II 6 Research 6 110


Climbing: The dangers of trying to climb down a rock wall
Climbing: Using another’s body to help with descent
Cooking: Rabbit Stew
Cooking: Spicy Nashaki Colby called Iktet
Cooking: Yogurt, a dairy dish from Athart.
Cooking: Peanut Butter, a Hiladrith Staple from ground peanuts Curved Sword: Desperate Swings
Curved Sword: Basic Thrust Deception: Keeping your Explanation Short to Avoid Suspicion.
Deception: Distracting a Boy with a Crush.
Deception: The Kiss which Hid the Murder.
Deception: When Murder is Involved, Can you really Trust your Friends?
Deception: Using half truths to avoid further questioning
Deception: Pretending to be bright and breezy
Deception: Pretending to be jovial
Deception: Not telling someone an important detail Detection: Hearing small noises in a quiet space
Detection: Seeking out a specific boat in a docks
Detection: Listening to inflection in tone Discipline: Don't look makes it easier not to touch.
Discipline: Taking time alone to strengthen ones resolve
Discipline: Not giving in to the urge to run
Discipline: Controlling your emotions to make your point
Discipline: Functioning clearly whilst in emotional pain
Discipline: Comforting another whilst you are in pain
Discipline: Forcing yourself to say what you do not want to say
Discipline: Denying yourself comfort
Discipline: Focusing On One Task
Discipline: Stopping yourself from ranting Disguise: Garbed in Ghoulish Visage.
Disguise: Noise and Motion adds Gravity to Appearance. Drawing: Stick Figures Endurance: The joy of a really good hangover
Endurance: Enduring pain from a hard grip
Endurance: The physical release of emotions long held.
Endurance: Exhaustion stemming from prolonged tension
Endurance: The pain of an unexpected collision
Endurance: How it feels to be impaled
Endurance: Panic provides temporary bursts of energy
Endurance: Living through the pain of losing a finger
Endurance: Running through fitful sleep Etiquette: Instructing silence in a library is ok.
Etiquette: Polite introductions
Etiquette: The morning after, maintain the moral high ground.
Etiquette: Apologizing on behalf of another to defuse a tense social situation
Etiquette: Inviting entry Fieldcraft: Building a Fire with damp wood.
Fieldcraft: Navigating a forest
Fieldcraft: Pitching a Tent Forgery: Noticing where the Slant was off. Intelligence: Asking questions to determine not just what, but why
Intelligence: The machinations of Rynmere nobility, from a noble's perspective?
Intelligence: Problem Solving Gaps In Writing
Intelligence: Education is About Questioning the Man
Intelligence: Assessing the Aftermath Intimidation: Scary librarian 101
Intimidation: A low growl
Intimidation: Being clear with your threats Investigation: Using Shirvain To Determine Age Leadership: Giving orders multiple times to ensure compliance
Leadership: Stating your point clearly.
Leadership: Giving instructions. Linguistics: Basic Translation Between Common and Rakahi (SP)
Linguistics: Knowing Another Language Keeps Conversation a Secret Logistics: Library classification and catalogue
Logistics: Organisation of a library Medicine: Small wounds can scab over quickly
Medicine: Advanced Human Decay Meditation: Slow your breathing to regain control
Meditation: Prayer as Self Reflection Persuasion: Quelling their Fear in Doing What’s Right
Persuasion: Seeking forgiveness while asking for permission leads to better outcomes
Persuasion: Stating what you need
Persuasion: Being clear that you're not setting someone up
Persuasion: Begging Someone To Tell The Truth
Persuasion: Sticking to Your Story
Persuasion: Cajoling
Persuasion: Convincing another to let you help
Persuasion: Convincing an Immortal Polearm (Spear): Stabbing thighs Politics: How to phrase things gently Psychology: Judging when their Moral Character is too much of a Risk.
Psychology: The Stages of Grief.
Psychology: Confiding in others to ease anguish and heartbreak
Psychology: Contextual memory can be very emotional
Psychology: Needing someone makes you vulnerable to them
Psychology: Emotions can be overwhelming
Psychology: Speaking truth can be a release, when it has been hidden so long
Psychology: Sometimes, being forgiven is hard
Psychology: Forgiveness must come from yourself, first
Psychology: Maintaining Composure
Psychology: Emotional Effects of Past Trauma
Psychology: using euphemisms for death
Psychology: Pretending You're Okay
Psychology: Focusing on the good things in life
Psychology: Affirming someone's worth
Psychology: Picking Up On Others' Moods
Psychology: Moving Past Old Traumas
Psychology: Accepting Another's Hatred
Psychology: Accepting death Ranged (Missile): Throwing Ensorcelled Wells
Ranged (Missile): Maximizing Explosive Damage Research: How To Take Notes (RM)
Research: Manuscript Protection and Preservation (SP)
Research: Identification of appropriate sources
Research: Bias in research
Research: Using origin and location information to find relevant documents
Research: Avoid touching old texts with bare hands
Research: Looking for the correct text to find information
Research: Skimming chapter titles to find the correct chapter
Research: Using deductive reasoning to make connections
Research: Utilizing information correctly to solve issues
Research: Easier To Move Backwards in History
Research: Working From A Core Group of Central Knowledges
Research: Skim Reading
Research: Reading Aloud Helps Understanding
Research: Taking Multiple Sets of Notes for Different Purposes
Research: Creating Hypotheses
Research: Theories Are Fluid
Research: Avoid manipulating text to meet your theories Rhetoric: The Delivery Is As Important As The Content (RM)
Rhetoric: Teasing to ease the Tension.
Rhetoric: Bluntly Stating Your Feelings to Make the Point.
Rhetoric: Helping Another with Their Grief.
Rhetoric: Lecturing gods
Rhetoric: telling the whole story at once
Rhetoric: Proposing a Toast
Rhetoric: Defending A Friend
Rhetoric: Comforting words Running: Urgent Motive Shortens the Journey
Running: Fleeing while being pursued Seduction: Leaning in, moving closer
Seduction: Making it a competition
Seduction: Hinting at the Heart’s Future Aided by a Touch.
Seduction: When you Separate the Moment Ends.
Seduction: Using His Want for you to Cover your true Intent.
Seduction: Tender touches and light kisses
Seduction: Innocent gaze, innocent questions?
Seduction: Stand close, gaze intently
Seduction: Delivery is everything
Seduction: Predatory grin Socialization: Poking fun at a friend to keep the conversation moving Stealth: Hiding at the edges of a crowd Storytelling: A Good Story Is Mostly Truth and Partially Exaggeration (RM)
Storytelling: Using Description To Paint An Image With Your Words (RM) Strength: Digging A Grave
Strength: Pulling Luggage
Strength: Using another’s body weight to dislodge them
Strength: Using Shirvain
Strength: Carrying someone Tactics: Tragedy can Claim the most Intricate of Plans.
Tactics: Appropriate seating for clandestine meetings
Tactics: Something Worth Fighting For
Tactics: Using a Plausible Lie
Tactics: Using Threats To Reach an Outcome
Tactics: Following the plan Teaching: Clarifying difficult words with broad descriptions
Teaching: Asking questions to tailor a curriculum
Teaching: Passing On Lessons of Love Unarmed (Brawling): Breaking a nose with your fist Writing: Basics of Copywriting (SP)
Writing: How To Structure An Essay (RM)
Writing: Seeking accuracy
Writing: Regular breaks improve legibility

Domain Magic

Becoming: Transforming the Self
Becoming: Requires a totem
Becoming: Blending, Mixing two Totems Together
Becoming: A Totem requires the Three Sovereign Substances of Blood, Flesh, and Bone Defiance: The consequences of Overstepping Ensorcelling: Being able to use magic on others without initiation
Ensorcelling: The Explosive Properties of Wells Necromancy: Thralls
Necromancy: Haunts


Location: the Rynmere University (SP)
Location: Andaris Library
Location: Andaris Midtown
Location: Melody's house
Location: The Andaris Cemetery
Andaris: The Waystone in the Woods
Location: Detention!
Oakleigh: Dig Site Temple: The Mighty Front Doors
Farafan’s Temple: Filled with its Children
Farafan Temple: Location Location: The Temple of Worship (Viden)
Viden: The Lover’s Tree where Thomas carved his name
Viden: The Prime Athenum


History: Basic History of Andaris (SP)
History: The Custom for Traveling Companions History: Jourkadri skeletal remains contain written runes
History: The Jourkadri Tribes had a chiefdom-like structure
History: The Jourkadri used record-keeping on the skeletal remains of their citizens
History: CHL, the Jourkadri Man, is the first true specimen of the Jourkardi people
History: The Jourkadri prized knowledge over all else History: Dragons were the emissaries of the natural spirits
History: Dragons came before the Shay
History: The Shay could think for themselves
History: The Shay were more intuitive than the dragons
History: The Induk of Idalos Emerged First
History: The Dragons Aren't Well Recorded
History: The Shay Were The First Civilisation
History: The Shay Regarded The Originals As Gods
History: The Shay Died When The Originals Did
History: It Is Not Known Why The Originals Died
History: The Shay Did Not Seem To Have Seen The Shattering Coming
History: The Shay Were Linked Spiritually To The Originals


Bellinos: Marked by the Death god. Cassion: Devour that you Might Face Peril with a Smile
Cassion: Was Daevus Farafan: The heart of the Temple
Farafan: Driven mad with Lisirra’s poison, struck by Raskalarn
Farafan: A Body of Corpses Pier and Pre: Twin gods of Judgement, the shape of a scale Ralaith: Immortal of Bears, Wisdom, Bitterness and Time
Ralaith: Is impressed by your hunger for wisdom
Ralaith: Your Patron
Ralaith: Has a task for you
Ralaith: You have faith
Ralaith: Asked you to let Ninacky die
Ralaith: Told you you have more to come The Originals: Arrived during the Shay Empire
The Originals: Responsible for the destruction of the Shay
The Originals: Pieren, Brelt'ek, Cierel, Luesco, A'tiel, Anox, and Delana. Shirvain: The Endurance Granted by your Bear Companion
Shirvain: Compendium
Shirvain: The Bear of Ralaith: Grants you strength
Shirvain: Temporary Restoration: Can be used defensively Ti'atha: Mortalborn of Colours, Curiosity and Creativity
Ti'atha: Has a mystery employer
Ti'atha: On a mission to find a fact for her employer
Ti'atha: Kissed you Vri: The Death-bringer, takes the shape of a man
Vri: Knowing how to help Farafan means you are bound to Religion: Beghesh, ancient bear-based religion from Krome
Religion: The Brookridge Scripture in Ne’haer
Religion: Later Gospels do not Mention Delana
Religion: The Immortals’ Grand Pact
Religion: The Shadow Gospel, The Shirvain Bible, Desnid Doctrine, and the Thetros Scrolls
Religion: Just Don't Ask Questions


Andaris: Proper Sacrifice for a Waystone
Andaris: A Farmer with an Adventurous Cow named Mable Biqaj: Well known for siring twins Book: Cyndy Gale, A Novel of Comedy
Book: The Emergence of the Originals
Book: Theories of the Shattering
Book: Old Mythologies of the Eastern Continent
Book: The Evolving Language of Western Idalos The Coven: Led by a Lich named Ellasin Humans: Shaped from the Originals Joukardri: Ritual Cutting
Joukardri: Ivory Coins for Currency Myth: When The Suns Sear The Moons (Sheoran) Nji’Ihadi: Biqaj Clan
Nji’Ihadi: On the Ivorian Sea
Nji’Ihadi: Means Seeker of Dreams in Rakahi
Nji’Ihadi: Lineage knot, the firstborn ties a knot
Nji’Ihadi: Twins are One Soul
Nji’Ihadi: Clan leader is married to his twin
Niji’Ihadi: Sea Tribe of Twins
Niji’Ihadi: The Landbird and Black Dolphin
Niji’Ihadi: Vakoj and Ijue
Niji’Ihadi: Vani/Okue, and Kukaji/Kef Red Wine: From Hiladrith Rituals: Sacrifice is valued at what is lost Rynmere: Rufus Maslow ‘Blackbird’ led a company of bandits
Rynmere: Maslow’s men were Burhan woodcutters Seekers: Mage Organization
Seekers: Spread across Idalos
Seekers: Enemy with the Coven
The Seekers: Enclave in Quacia
The Seekers: Enclave in Ne’haer
The Seekers: Thomas, Aegeo, Nolan, Ninacky, Malena, Vhalo
The Seekers: Fights the Coven
The Seekers: Wizards who seek truth
The Seekers: Organized into Cells
The Seekers: Three Enclave Headquarters The Shay: Baptismal Priesthood Ritual
The Shay: Religious Architecture
The Shay: The shape of their body
The Shay: Secret of their Sung Language
The Shay: Worshipped the Twelve Versus
The Shay: Farafan, the Many Mother
The Shay: Farafan, Of a million, million eyes.
The Shay: Farafan, Uniter and Spirit of Communication
The Shay: Grandfather Mountain
The Shay: Andrea Mason discovered Shay ruins
The Shay: Predate the Immortals
The Shay: Symmetrical and curved architecture
The Shay: religiously led by a Hierophant
The Shay: White Clay
The Shay: Built machines
The Shay: The Key and the bound spirit
The Shay: Their Written Language is Song
The Shay: The inner Temple
The Shay: The SongStone is Connected to the Verses
The Shay: The SongStone is given to one Hierophant Each
The Shay: Rough Locations of the other Temples
The Shay: Lyolon the Hierophant of Farafan
The Shay: Lyolon had a husband and daughter
The Shay: Civil War Over Religions when the Originals Came
The Shay: Koakul, Healer
The Shay: Children of Song Tombs: The Smell of Old Decay


Language: Leni (RM)
Language: Cursive (RM)
Language: Rakahi (RM) Jourkadri Cuts: Carved on skeletal remains
Jourkadri Cuts: Used a mixture of script and runes
Jourkadri Cuts: Recorded a person's history on their bodies Shay’ava: Song


Aegeo: The son of the woman Ralaith showed you
Aegeo: Defier and Abrogator
Aegeo: Taught and Initiated by Thomas
Aegeo: Brutal and Proud
Aegeo: A Curse Dictionary Aeodan and Edalene: Foretold Births
Aeodan: Your brother
Aeodan: Knows the whole truth about Allan
Aeodan: Hates unanswered questions
Aeodan: Emotional
Aeodan: Loves you. Always and forever
Aeodan: Will help you shoulder the burden you bear
Aeodan: Loves his sister
Aeodan: Innocent to a fault
Aeodan: Works for the Linguistics department
Aeodan: Warm Tea and Quiet
Aeodan: His Secret Romantic Love
Aeodan Burnett: His Truth
Aeodan: becomes angry at the mention of your death
Aeodan: would kill Narav for you
Aeodan: would let you love Narav instead of him
Aeodan: cares about Duncan quite a bit
Aeodan: you are in love with him
Aeodan: kissed you
Aeodan: Wants to take care of you
Aeodan: Doesn't miss your parents
Aeodan: Has feelings for Duncan
Aeodan: Wants Children
Aeodan: Wants To Marry You
Aeodan: Engaged to Him Allan: To Save him you Accidentally Killed his Father.
Allan: Father used to beat him when drunk
Allan: You and Narav were his friends
Allan: You wanted to help him.
Allan: Sweet and kind
Allan: Hates You
Allan: You killed him Duncan: Handsome
Duncan: Thinks he's funny
Duncan: You slept with him and don't remember
Duncan: Thinks he can drink you under the table
Duncan: Calls you Ms Lightweight
Duncan: Suggested you left together. Not because he couldn't handle the wine.
Duncan: Knows the truth (partly)
Duncan: you’re jealous of him Edalene: The Beneath
Edalene: Your next death is permanent
Edalene Burnett: Her Truth
Edalene: The SongStone is inside her
Edalene: Can sing in the Voices of the Shay
Edalene: Can cure the venom of spiders and insects
Edalene and Aeodan: Marked with similar scars Eir Crestwind: Wandering Mercenary
Eir: Came to Andaris from Scalvoris
Eir: Eager to protect everything Fridgar: In the library
Fridgar: Huge
Fridgar: Not too bright
Fridgar: Wants to learn about space
Fridgar: Irritable and easily frustrated
Fridgar: Thinks the sun is going to explode Godyrn: Did he Deserve to Die? Heath Barclay: Only survivor of Blackbird’s Men Kayled Wine: Wears the Venora rose
Kalyed Wine: Lord Inquisitor of the Order of the Mantis Malena: Like a mother to you
Malena: Thomas’ Second
Malena: Mother to Tommy and Mara
Malena: Necromancer Marcus: Works in the History Department of the University of Rynmere Melody: You met her in Cylus
Melody: Attraction at first sight?
Melody: A teacher Narav: Can he Love a Murderer?
Narav: Always stays with Edward
Narav: Seems to be much the same as he was previously
Narav: Told you the story of what happened.
Narav: Says he's the murderer, you are free.
Narav: Didn't think you should get involved with Allan's father
Narav: In the library
Narav: Shipwrecked
Narav: Believes He Is Cursed
Narav: Coming to Viden
Narav: Passion and Fire
Narav: The lifeblood from his heart can cure Farafan
Narav: Marked of Lisirra
Narav: Son of Syroa
Narav: you could kill him if there were no other choice
Narav: corrupted love
Narav: In prison Ninacky: You let her die
Ninacky: Aukari
Ninacky: Rupturer and Transmuter Nolan: Librarian in the University
Nolan: Transmuter
Nolan: Sessfiend Cursed
Nolan: Left Behind
Nolan: Speaks with a stutter Thomas Theodore Terrance: Shirvain
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Professor of Archeology
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Seeker Mage
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Follower of Cassion
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Can command the elements
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Journey Philosophy
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Plagiarist
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Pan flute Musician and Singer
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Knows many Languages.
Thomas Theodore Terrance: Lost his Magic
Thomas Theodore Terrance: His Truth
Thomas: Like a father to you
Thomas: Father of Stillborn twins
Thomas: Once married to Nicoleda
Thomas: Exalted Sojourner Xander Krome: Lord Xander Krome
Xander Krome: Not fussed about niceities
Xander Krome: Met him in the library
Xander Krome: Pretty


Jacodon: The shape of their tracks

Edalene currently lives with Aeodan in the Eastern Settlements.


  • Sturdy boots (SP).
  • Warm brown coat (SP).
  • Long linen skirt (SP).
  • White linen blouse (SP).
  • Undergarments (SP).
  • A long green dress made for you by your mother (RM).


  • Scribe's kit.
  • Blank journal.


  • One bed (SP).
  • Two chairs (SP).
  • One table (SP).
  • One chest (SP).
  • One fireplace (SP).
  • Two knives (SP).
  • Set of six plates (SP).
  • Two sets of eating utensils (SP).


  • One set of toiletries. (SP)
  • One waterskin (SP).
  • One tabby cat named Liss (SP).
  • Waterproof heavy duty canvas bag with shoulder straps.
  • A bottle of Low Hanging Zemoni that you've been saving for a special occasion. Crafted from the shores of Ne'haer, this wine is excellent as a before-or-after-dinner drink. This deeply coloured wine of purples and reds is sweet and delectable. Its elegant smoothness is due to a low acid content, delivering a flavour that will leave most yearning for more. (RM)
  • A slim book of poetry that you found abandoned near Warrick's Watch several arcs ago. (RM)
  • A small loaf of bread. *
  • Ti'atha's Kaleidoscope, as noted in the post it was described. *
  • A copy of Cyndy Gale with a lipstick print from Ti'atha. The lipstick changes colours based on Edalene's emotions while thinking of Ti'atha. *
  • Echo Scrolls, one given to Aeodan.
  • One white Shay ceremonial bowl, found in Farafan's Temple. *

Prized Possession

  • A silver locket, with a simple chain, gifted to her when she was fourteen by Narav. The locket is a simple sphere, that opens to reveal portraits. Edalene wears this constantly, but the portraits have been removed.
Item Debit Credit Total
Starting Package - +100gn 100gn
Scribe's Kit -18gn - 82gn
Blank Journal -5gn - 77gn
Canvas Bag -5sn - 76gn 5sn
Lantern -10gn - 66gn 5sn
Cylus 717 - +199gn 5sn 266gn
Cylus University Fee -100gn - 166gn
Ashan 717 - +1168gn 8sn 1334gn 5sn
Ashan University Fee -100gn - 1234gn 5sn
Gold Offering -5gn - 1229gn 5gn
Ymiden 717 - +1103gn 9sn 2333gn 4sn
Fame: Reason Positive Negative Total
Human +10 - +10
Human in Rynmere +10 - +20
Historian +10 - +30
Planning A Prank - -1 +29
The Accident - -2 +27
The Kiss - -2 +25
General Good Deed +2 - +27
Share A Discovery Freely x3 +3 - +30
Helping Melody +2 - +32
Helping Fridgar +1 - +33
Standing With Narav +3 - +36
Answering To Guards +3 - +39
Month Point Bank Total Added Removed
March 35 +35 -
April 117 +82 -
May 129 +41 -
(Harpy) 198 +28 -
June 237 +39 -
(Harpy) 267 +30 -
- 167 - -100 Echo Scrolls

Thread List

Cylus 718

  • 1st: We Bare The Fires Of Our Souls
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: Edalene and Aeodan confront the loss of Ninacky.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 10th: Lost and Found
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan, Pash, Kali'rial
    Summary: The twins meet a lost Biqaj and Sev'ryn.
    Status: Ongoing.

Vhalar 717

  • 4th: An Introduction
    PCs:: Edalene, Aeodan, Tristan Venora
    Summary: Edalene is introduced to Duke Tristan Venora of Oakleigh.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 17th: The Lowest of the Low
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan, Nathaniel Endor
    Summary: The twins meet someone who has different values from their own.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 23rd: It Could Have Been Us
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: Edalene and Aeodan help twins in a desperate position.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 122nd: Trial By Fire
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan, Plague (modded)
    Summary: Edalane and Aeodan attempt to save Thomas Terrence.
    Status: Complete.

Saun 717

  • Saun: O Brother Where Art Thou
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: The twins' Echo Scrolls communication while Aeodan is in the Settlements.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 10th: Field of Dreams (Emea)
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: Edalene and Aeodan reunite in the dream world.
    Status: Complete.
  • 19th: Together Again
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: They reunite for real.
    Status: Ongoing.

Ymiden 717

  • 3rd: Twenty Arcs Young
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: It's the twins' twentieth birthday.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 5th: The Suns Sear The Moons
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: The twins find some shared research.
    Status: Complete.
  • 9th: Suspension (Emea)
    PCs: Edalene, Robin Stark
    Summary: Edalene dreams of dying.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 66th: Foreign Affairs
    PCs: Various.
    Summary: Viden Seasonal Quest.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 79th: This Must Be The Place
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan
    Summary: Edalene and her brother spend some much needed time together.
    Status: Complete.
  • 85th: As The Rush Comes (Emea)
    PCs: Edalene, Patrick.
    Summary: Patrick helps Edalene out with a ... problem.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 91st: I've Got Plenty Of Time
    PCs: Edalene
    Summary: Edalene prays.
    Status: Complete.

Ashan 717

  • 2nd: Carve Not With Thy Hours.
    PCs: Edalene, Djinn (Mod)
    Summary: Edalene meets the Immortal of Bitterness and Time.
    Status: Complete.
  • 6th: Never Settle.
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan Oison, Aeodan.
    Summary: Their whole lives are shaken up.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 6th: Burial Rites.
    PCs: Edalene, Narav.
    Summary: They rebury Godryn.
    Status: Complete.
  • 7th: Ruinfall
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan, Plague (Mod)
    Summary: Edalene and Aeodan are sent on an expedition.
    Status: Complete.
  • 43rd: Boundaries Broken. (Emea)
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan Oison, Aeodan.
    Summary: They have a weird, wrong, hot dream.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 45th: Twin Souls
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan.
    Summary: They finally talk about what happened in Death.
    Status: Complete.
  • 98th: Seasons of Change
    PCs: Edalene
    Summary: Edalene understands the connection between the Originals and the Shay.
    Status: Complete.

Cylus 717

  • 3rd: Working Together Again.
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan.
    Summary: The twins are nerds.
    Status: Complete.
  • 10th: The Search Begins.
    PCs: Edalene, Eir.
    Summary: Edalene begins to help Eir on a search for a missing girl.
    Status: Complete.
  • 12th: Turning Pages In Twilight.
    PCs: Edalene, Melody.
    Summary: Edalene bumps into a striking girl.
    Status: Complete.
  • 15th: Cracks Appearing.
    PCs: Edalene, Xander Krome.
    Summary: Xander and Edalene meet - and discover they share certain philosophies in common.
    Status: Complete.
  • 16th: A Person With Your Skills.
    PCs: Edalene, Xander Krome, Melody.
    Summary: Xander and Edalene continue to trust each other, but what happens when the pretty teacher turns up?
    Status: Complete.
  • 17th: Oh Dear.
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan Oisin.
    Summary: Edalene wakes up in bed. Next to a man.
    Status: Complete.
  • 17th: Oh Yes.
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan Oisin.
    Summary: Eda does much more in bed. With a man.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 18th: Books About Space.
    PCs: Edalene, Fridgar, Narav.
    Summary: Edalene meets Fridgar, and someone she used to know.
    Status: Complete.
  • 19th: Numb Me.
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan.
    Summary: Edalene searches for physical comfort after seeing Narav again.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 20th: Not A Morning Person.
    PCs: Edalene, Duncan, Aeodan.
    Summary: Comfort in found friends and family.
    Status: Complete.
  • 20th: Truth is the Hardest Thing.
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan.
    Summary: Edalene finally tells the truth of what happened with Narav.
    Status: Complete.
  • 23rd: Open and Closed Chapters.
    PCs: Edalene, Narav.
    Summary: Edalene finds Narav again, and this time, they talk.
    Status: Complete.


  • 4 Zida 708: Imprisoned.
    PCs: Edalene, Andraska Venora.
    Summary: Eda meets a friend in detention.
    Status: Complete.
  • 11 Valar 713: The Price of Good Intentions
    PCs: Edalene, Narav.
    Summary: Edalene and Narav destroy everything they have built.
    Status: Complete.
  • 4 Saun 714: Afoul
    PCs: Edalene, Cassian Gawyne.
    Summary: Edalene becomes subject of blackmail.
    Status: Abandoned.
  • 20 Ashan 715: Welcome To Viden
    PCs: Edalene, Aeodan, Inali.
    Summary: The twins meet a Eidisi in Viden.
    Status: Abandoned.
word count: 8356

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