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Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Once upon a time - part two

Once Upon A Time - Part Two

Zida 13, Arc 706, In the tavern Harlot 'n' Hound in Rharne's Earth Quarter

Continues from here Finn has recently escaped slavery and tries to find his way in the free world. Yrmellyn is a courtesan "between relationships". They met on the street. He was drunk and he was begging, but when she offered him money he took offense and turned his back to her. Her pride was hurt, and she decided to prove to herself that he wasn't somebody to be ignored, so she went after him and persuaded him to come with her to Harlot 'n' Hound. They aim to celebrate Finn's birthday ... there were some people out on the street who gazed at him in a hostile way though. Finn didn't think twice about it, but trouble is incoming.
There were lots of guests in Harlot ‘n’ Hound and the atmosphere was boisterous and happy. Yrmellyn looked around for a table and when she saw a couple of other guests leave she immediately pulled Finn with her in order to claim the seats. It was actually a small table and a bench with room for two people which had been squeezed into a corner in the back of the room. There was a simple lantern of unglazed pottery on the table, light brick red in color. This wasn’t the only source of light, but the nearest. It had a pattern of small holes and cast a flattering and somewhat speckled pattern over their faces as sat down and looked at each other.

It was warm and cosy in the tavern and it felt pleasant to just sit there, watch the people and listen to all the voices and laughs. The smell of food and spices, beer and vine dominated the air. Yrmellyn smiled at Finn and hoped he was feeling comfortable. A waitress arrived before Yrmellyn had time to wave one down, and eagerly asked what she could do for them. Once somebody was known to give good tips to tavern girls the service they got was superior ... the girl didn’t care one bit about how other people who felt they had been there first stared to call out to point it out to her. Yrmellyn didn’t care either. Why would she wait for her turn, in a world that had given others a head start? Why wouldn’t she jump the queue if she could?

“What’s the best food you have today?” she asked the waitress. “My friend here and I are celebrating his birthday. “

The waitress smiled and suggested a menu for five or six silver nels each and some snacks to round if off with. Yrmellyn settled for the six silver supper, and for dessert some soft cheese and currants, a flagon of clean water and a flagon of cider. She proposed that Finn would take the six silver supper too. In total she would pay six gold and let the waitress keep the tip, if she would serve them before others and make sure they only got the best pieces of everything. If there was anything Finn wanted to order in addition she supposed he would suggest it eventually.

She was about to order, but she wanted to ask Finns first.

“What do you think? Would this do as birthday supper?”
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