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Finn O'Connor

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Finn O'Connor

Endowed with eyes of mischief and a golden smile, Finn can melt old lady's hearts while his sister steals their purses. Messy brown strands reach just above thin, sharp eyebrows that press into a weary frown whenever he's forced to share a room with Zipper. In recent years his innocence has started to fade, but whether that's the result of budding maturity or simply the effect Etzos has on its youth remains to be seen. Standing a measure over 5"6 Finn consumes the awkward space between child and teenager, his limbs having become the long, wiry things that he doesn't quite know where to put.

To the good people of Etzos, Finn has become synonymous with trouble. It would be easy to confuse his curiosity with bravery, at best, and foolishness at worst. The simple truth is that Finn is an avid explorer in every sense of the word. He enjoys exploring the city just as much as he enjoys testing the limits of people's patience. Sometimes he wanders too far, but in the end, he always returns, more or less in one piece.

To strangers, Finn might appear an average child, although a very lively one at that. Should they get to know him better, it would be almost impossible not to spot the many small, cheeky smiles that tug at his lips, even though it isn't always clear why he's smirking. Any stranger will soon find that Finn is a very outgoing, open child, unafraid to strike up conversation with total strangers, even less-than-savory looking types. His easy-going attitude is as much a source of strength as it is a source of weakness. Finn is very chatty and quick to trust complete strangers with his deepest secrets. Oddly enough, this hospitality is rarely extended to his sister, whom he has learned to fear and distrust.

DISCRIMINANTS: Human, Male, 16.
DATE OF BIRTH: 80th of Ymiden, Arc 704.
LANGUAGE(S):Common (F), Ith'ession (B).
PROFESSION: Stable Hand.
FAMILY: Fiona O'Connor



20th Cylus - 26th Cylus 717
Light bruises
40th Zi'da 717
A nasty red mark on your throat
40th Zi'da 717
A good thrashing before the higher ranks stopped the beating.
40th Zi'da 717
Some heavy overstepping.
20th Zi'da - 30th Zi'da 717
Finn will be shaky, physically traumatized, and a bit out of it for about 10 trials.
121st Vhalar - 5th Zi'da 717
Bug bites
30th Saun - 38th Saun 717
65th Ymiden - 79st Ymiden 717
tab wound between spine and left shoulder blade.
65th Ymiden - 24th Saun 717
roken leg
65th Ymiden - 79st Ymiden 717
Head wound
65th Ymiden - 69st Ymiden 717
Temporary deafness
65th Ymiden - 79st Ymiden 717
Cheek cut
65th Ymiden - 72nd Ymiden 717
Bruised collarbone
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Finn O'Connor


Finn has always been an orphan. Together with his sister Fiona, more commonly known as Zipper, he was left to the orphanage's care a few trials after having been born. His sister, 6 arcs old at the time, has been very protective of him ever since and in their earliest years, the two got along well enough.

Zipper, having had to protect Finn from the day he was born, fought hard for the both of them, which lead to no shortage of incidents. Finn's natural meekness slowly started to erode as his sister grew increasingly bolder in her actions. Soon enough she started to involve him in her ambitions to climb the proverbial top of the foodchain and brought him into increasingly dangerous situations. Finn witnessed things no one his age should hear or see, and ever since he's felt conflicted about his sisters, looking up to her on the one hand yet fearing her on (and what she was capable of) on the other.

While a handful of childless couples expressed their interest in adopting Finn, nothing ever came of it. Either Finn had wandered off to avoid being sent somewhere else, or he pretended to be wildly disturbed. The truth of the matter was that Fiona was his only remaining family, his only crutch in life, and he had no desire to be seperated from her.

A small allowance from the orphanage ensured that Finn got basic schooling though he often changed classes and schools due to his lively attitude, which few teachers could handle. As a result, most of his smarts are streets smarts and his mannerisms and language are like a slap in the face to any self-respecting Etzori.

Whenever he has a chance to, Finn wanders the streets of Etzos, even going so far as to explore the lands surrounding the city. In time, he learned how to sneak out unnoticed and whenever he did get caught sneaking out, he always had story ready. Now twelve arcs old, the caretakers have given up on trying to stop him because they know he will always return for his meals and chores in time.

So far, Finn has never traveled very far outside of Etzos. The city is his home and he knows the place and it's people well. In particular, he is unusually well acquainted with the many guards that protect the city. Some of them are friendly and lenient to the little rascal while others are more likely to arrest him on sight, as a pre-emptive measure. In general however, those who know Finn realize that there is no malintent or grief in the boy's heart, merely a restless curiosity mixed with a penchant for trouble.
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RP Medals


Finn O'Connor


Quench (Novice) - Finn's witchbrand is a testimony to the circumstances of his initiation. A frigid, salty air accompanies him, reminiscent of the Meridian Main as it was during his initiation in Zi'da 717. His hair has darkened as though covered in a slight drizzle of rain and his eyes changed from plain brown into a murky blue.

Ever since his initiation, Finn has entered a sacred pact with the force that governs the seas, rivers, and oceans. Like a fish needs water to live and breathe, the young mage requires a great deal more liquids to remain healthy. Finn is far more susceptible to dehydration and failure to meet a large daily intake results in lightheadedness and inability to focus. On the flipside, Finn can survive on mere liquids alone for up to seven trials on end, though he will still feel hunger and require regular food eventually.

Resilience (Competent) - While initiated in water, Finn chose Fire as his kin element for the wild and temperamental element resonated most with his own ambiguous nature. Physically this mutation manifests in the veins, most notably inside the crook of his elbows, where a faint glow can occasionally be seen pulsing underneath his skin. The effect isn’t plainly visible in broad daylight and is faintly noticeable in darker surrounding unless he covers his arms with long sleeves.

Flames, can warm, comfort, and cook meals, but they can also burn, scorch, and destroy. Likewise, Finn’s mutation can be a boon to him as he possesses a far greater resilience to biting cold, but at a significant cost. Fire is a consuming force and the more Finn relies on his connection to fire for resilience, the more he shuts out the other elements, making them more difficult for him to access. Occasionally his witchbrand clashes violently with this mutation leading to a sudden and intense bout of sickness without cure that can take trials to subside.

Temperament (Expert) - As the identities of Fire and Finn begin to merge more and more, Finn takes to the temperament of the flames in ever greater measure. One moment he is gentle, sympathetic and comforting and the next he jumps up and lashes out in a fit of anger and violence. While these emotions are not wholly beyond his control, they come upon him with the suddenness of a spark kindling a fire and it takes a great deal of self-control to rein himself back in and see things more objectively. These mood swings don’t do him much favours socially and further seclude him from his peers. Sometimes he can be seen muttering at a fire as though it were a person of flesh and blood, and sometimes he actually believes there’s someone there.

This affliction of the mind has a peculiar, passive side-effect which manifests as a resilience against magics such as Empathy or other domain magics that may attempt to manipulate his mind. The Empath or marked attempting to influence his thinking will find it hard to latch onto Finn’s thoughts as they appear almost schizophrenic in nature to them and are hard to pinpoint.

Transmutation stuff.
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RP Medals


Finn O'Connor


Shirt Cotton Standard 3x
Pants Cotton Standard 3x
Undergarments Cotton Standard 3x
Shoes - Standard 1x
Boots - Standard 1x
Cap - Standard 1x
Blouse Cotton Good 1x
Pants Cotton Good 1x
Soap - Standard 1x
Comb - Standard 1x
Toothbrush - Standard 1x
Toothpaste - Standard 1x
Waterskin - Standard 1x
Eating utensils - Standard 2x
Tinderbox - Standard 1x
Longbow (Heirloom) Yew Standard 1x
Arrows (RM) Standard Standard 20x
Tunic Cotton Good 1x
Pants Cotton Good 1x
Shoes - Good 1x
Leather Belt Cotton Good 1x
Glove of Spell Capture Leather, Magical Standard 1x
Thetros' Emean candle - - 0x (consumed here)
A set of decent clothes - - 1x
A vial of stinging acid. - - 1x
Magic Orb Key/Lesser Shadow Key Unknown, Magical - 1x

Finn obtained a longbow and 20 arrows from a friendly Etzori guard and is allowed to keep both after a bit of persuasion (RM).

Glove of Spell Capture (Maltruism) - This will absorb any spell up to Expert level that has either targeted you specifically, or targets an area in which you stand remotely near the middle. The captured spell can then be "cast" as you please. It does not have to be cast at the one who cast it at you. Nor does it "teach" you the spell. Your understanding only extends to the use of the glove. The captured spell will disperse in one hour if not used. This can be done three times a trial.

Lesser Shadow Key (Maltruism - "Magic Orb Key") - This orb will transform into a key that can unlock any non-magically-charged lock. However, it leaves a magic aura of its own that is unique and memorable to those that have some reason to take note of it.

Aberryte Well (Maltruism) - An Aberryte well, formed from the heart of your dead best friend. You're not aware of it though. Zip fails to rescue you this time. Overstepped, arrested, no money, no freedom, no hope...

1st Vhalar 718+300GN 50 Renown Award 300GN 0SN 0CN
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RP Medals


Finn O'Connor


110th Vhalar - Always make an entrance Finn, Varlum, Auyaree, Aneka
16th Vhalar - Keep to the law Finn, Maxine
14th Vhalar - Fireborn, Airborn Finn, Nir'wei
5th Vhalar - Pilgrims of Dust Finn
123rd Ashan - Ascension Finn Reviewed
121st Ashan - Horses for Courses Finn, Vega
113th Ashan - Founder's Feast Finn, Pepper
70th Ashan - Child's Flay Finn, Lucretia
64th Ashan - Tarred and Featherd Principles Finn, Noth
63rd Ashan - Finding Finn Finn, Nightshade
19th Ashan - Requiem for a Doran Finn, Zipper Reviewed
18th Ashan - Our Son Finn, Alistair, Nightshade
17th Ashan - Sis of Boi Finn, Zipper Reviewed
16th Ashan - A Song Of Finns And Dorans Finn, Zipper Reviewed
13th Ashan - The plant to eridicate all Xiurs Finn, Zipper Reviewed
12th Ashan - Dawn of the planets of the Dorans Finn, Zipper Reviewed
21st Cylus - Oath makers Finn, Gangui Reviewed
20th Cylus - Fire in the hole Finn, Zipper, Gangui Reviewed
19th Cylus - The Pledge Finn, Ivanthe, Kasoria Reviewed
15th Cylus - I won't tell if you don't Finn, Ivanthe Reviewed
11th Cylus - The Lost City Too many to list Reviewed
10th Cylus - The Guardian Of Orimar Too many to list Reviewed
13th Zi'da 716 - Bigger Fish Finn, Kasoria Reviewed
10th Ashan 715 - Bullseye Finn, Marten
10th Ymiden 711 - Hard Knocks Finn, Zipper Reviewed
85th Zi'da - A Shipment To Hijack Finn and co Reviewed
83rd Zi'da - The Second Rate ExpeditionFinn and some drunks Reviewed
50th Zi'da - The Puppetmaster's Web Finn, bunch of old people
40th Zi'da - Not so good in practice Too many to list Reviewed
40th Zi'da - It looks good on paper Too many to list Reviewed
20th Zi'da - A spark of kinship II Finn, Zipper Reviewed
20th Zi'da - A spark of kinship I Finn, Zipper Reviewed
17th Zi'da - Caught in the act Finn, Zipper Reviewed
13th Zi'da - The Banana Intervention Finn, Zipper Re-review
1st Zida - Flow Finn, Robin Reviewed
121st Vhalar - Mixed Messengers Too many to list Reviewed
110th Vhalar - Reunion Finn, Zipper Reviewed
81st Vhalar - Burgeoning Burglars Finn, Noth
8th Vhalar - Dreamspark Finn, Robin Reviewed
35th Saun - Fratricide Finn, Zipper Review
30th Saun - Sanctuary Finn, Robin, Nir'wei, Thetros Reviewed
83rd Ymiden - The Ineffable Finn, Fridgar, Alistair
80th Ymiden - Daudra Dura III Finn, Alistair
70th Ymiden - Going Home Finn, Alistair, Fridgar Reviewed
69th Ymiden - Blessed Be Finn, Kayleigh Reviewed
67th Ymiden - On The Wind Finn, Robin, Fridgar
65th Ymiden - The Way Of The Wild Finn, Alistair, Fridgar Reviewed
42nd Ymiden - In Need Of A Hand Finn, Mal
41st Ymiden - Step Right Up! Too many to list Reviewed
21nd Ymiden - Lab Rat Finn O'Connor, Doran Reviewed
80th-96th Ashan - Tales of Misfortune Finn, Gangui Reviewed
76th Ashan - Underdogs Eat For Free Finn, Mal
42nd Ashan - Scraps and scabs Finn, Fridgar Reviewed
40th Ashan - Another Kid In The Wall Finn, Kovic, Neronin Reviewed
20th Ashan - Living On The Edge Finn, Symbri
15th Ashan - The Other Half Finn, Maltruism Reviewed
14th Ashan - Actions ... Than Words II Finn Reviewed
12th Ashan - Actions ... Than Words I Finn, Inali Reviewed
3rd Ashan - Underneath The Stars Finn, Noth Reviewed
1st Ashan - The Etzori ... Rust Off Finn & many others Reviewed
1st Ashan - Ilaren Is The Occasion Finn, Fridgar, Ilaren Reviewed
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Renown: 146
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Wealth Tier: Tier 1



RP Medals


Finn O'Connor


Acrobatics 5 Novice
Acting 26 Expert
Animal Husbandry 6 Novice
Alchemy 1 Novice
Blades (Dagger) 2 Novice
Caregiving 5 Novice
Climbing 3 Novice
Deception 15 Competent
Defiance 23 Expert
Detection 22 Expert
Discipline 25 Expert
Drawing 1 Novice
Endurance 29 Expert
Etiquette 8 Novice
Fieldcraft 2 Novice
Flaying 2 Novice
Intelligence 8 Novice
Interrogation 1 Novice
Intimidation 11 Novice
Investigation 4 Novice
Leadership 3 Novice
Linguistics 3 Novice
Lockpicking 1 Novice
Mathematics 1 Novice
Medicine 2 Novice
Meditation 1 Novice
Negotiation 6 Novice
Persuasion 11 Novice
Philosophy 2 Novice
Pick-pocketing 1 Novice
Politics 2 Novice
Psychology 8 Novice
Ranged 3 Novice
Research 1 Novice
Rhetoric 2 Novice
Running 13 Competent
Rupturing 3 Novice
Seafaring 1 Novice
Socialization 7 Novice
Stealth 28 Expert
Storytelling 2 Novice
Strength 15 Competent
Swimming 3 Novice
Tactics 17 Competent
Transmutation 11 Competent
Unarmed Combat 24 Expert
Writing 1 Novice

Acrobatics - 25/251 Novice
Acting (FT) 25SP 78/251 Expert
Animal Husbandry - 25/251 Novice
Climbing - 9/251 Novice
Deception 4RM 27/251 Competent
Detection - 78/251 Expert
Discipline - 78/251 Expert
Defiance - 78/251 Expert
Endurance - 78/251 Expert
Persuasion 4RM 4/251 Novice
Ranged: Longbow 10SP 18/251 Novice
Running - 27/251 Competent
Strength - 27/251 Competent
Stealth 15SP, 4RM 78/251 Expert
Transmutation - 27/251 Competent
Swimming - 25/251 Novice
Unarmed Combat 25RB 78/251 Expert

Starting Package 50 25 Stealth, 25 Acting - 0
Racial Bonus 25 25 Unarmed Combat - 0
CS Approval 4(RM) 4 Persuasion - 0
CS Approval 4(RM) 4 Stealth - 0
CS Approval 4(RM) 4 Deception - 0
Ilaren is the occasion 15 - Link 15
Actions Speak ... Words I 10 - Link 25
Scraps and scabs 15 - Link 40
Skill upgrade -23 23 Deception - 17
Skill upgrade -9 9 Climbing - 8
Skill upgrade -8 8 Longbow - 0
Going Home 15 - Link 15
The Other Half 20 - Link 35
Way of the Wild 15 - Link 50
Underneath the Stars 15 - Link 65
Step Right Up 17 - Link 82
Sanctuary 20 - Link 102
Lab Rat 15 - Link 117
Skill upgrade -16 16 Stealth - 101
Reunion 15 - Link 116
Mixed Messengers 15 - Link 131
Dreamspark 15 - Link 146
Caught In The Act Part I 15 - Link 146 15
Flow 15 - Link 146 30
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Defiance - 146 5
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Swimming - 121 5
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Acting - 119 5
The Etzori Heel... 15 - Link 134 5
Actions Speak ... Words II 15 - Link 149 5
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Endurance - 124 5
Blessed Be 15 - Link 139 5
Fratricide 15 - Link 154 5
A Spark Of Kinship I 15 - Link 154 5, 15
A Spark Of Kinship II 15 - Link 154 5, 30
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Transmutation - 154 5, 5
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Endurance - 152 5, 5
Hard Knocks 15 - Link 167 5, 5
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Unarmed Combat - 165 5, 5
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Stealth - 163 5, 5
Tales of misfortune 15 - Link178 5, 5
Oath Makers 15 - Link 193 5, 5
Fire in the hole 15 - Link 208 20, 5
I Won't Tell If You Don't 15 - Link 208 35, 5
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Defiance - 208 33, 5
It Looks Good On Paper 20 - Link 228 33, 5
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Endurance - 177 33, 5
Skill Upgrade -27 27 Strength - 150 33, 5
Skill Upgrade -27 27 Running - 123 33, 5
The Pledge 15 - Link 138 33, 5
Skill Upgrade -27 27 Discipline - 111 33, 5
Skill Upgrade -27 27 Detection - 84 33, 5
Bigger Fish 15 - Link 99 33, 5
Correction 2 -2 Acting - 101 33, 5
Guardians of Orimar 15 - Link 99 48, 5
Dawn of the Planets 15 - Link 99 63, 5
Plan to Eridicate.. 15 - Link 11463,5
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Stealth - 63 63, 5
A Song of Finns And Dorans 15 - Link 114 63, 20
Skill Upgrade -2 2 Transmutation - 114 63, 18
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Animal Husbandry - 8963, 18
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Unarmed Combat - 3863, 18
Sis of Boi 15 - Link 53 63, 18
Skill Upgrade -26 26 Acting - 27 63, 18
Doran Souls III 15 - Link 42 63, 18
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Discipline - 0 54, 18
Requiem for a Doran 15 - Link 15 54, 18
Looking for Molly 15 - Link 30 54, 18
Skill Upgrade -25 25 Acting Link 5 54, 18
The Ineffeable 15 - Link 20 54, 18
Not so good in practice 5 - Link 30 54, 18
Not so good in practice 10 - Link 30 64, 18
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Defiance - 30 13, 18
Skill Upgrade -51 51 Detection - 5 5, 0
A shipment to hijack 15 - Link 20 5, 0
The Lost City 15 - Link 45 5, 0
Second Rate Expedition 15 - Link 60 5, 0
Another Kid In The Wall 15 - Link 75 5, 0
Underdog Eat For Free 5 - Link 80 5, 0
Saving Private Rey'na 5 - Link 95 5, 0
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RP Medals


Re: Finn O'Connor


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RP Medals


Re: Finn O'Connor


Acrobatics - 5
Acrobatics: Leaping out a window
Acrobatics: Spinning out of a hold
Acrobatics: Staying on Your Feet in a Jostling Crowd
Acrobatics: Smooth Landing At The End Of The Slide
Acrobatics: swinging onto a ship along a rope.

Acting - 26
Acting: Feigning Innocence (SP).
Acting: Basic Impersonation (SP).
Acting: Pretending it wasn't you.
Acting: Attempt to flatter someone
Acting: Pretending to be a budding alchemist
Acting: Pretending To Be Robin.
Acting: Feigning Innocence (diff from above)
Acting: Imitating an old man
Acting: imitating an old woman
Acting: Remembering Your Lines
Acting: Pretending to be unfazed by threats
Acting: Feigning irritation.
Acting: Playing along with Zipper
Acting: Pretending to know more about transmutation than you do
Acting: Lying To The City Guard
Acting: Keeping A Straight Face While Being Yelled At
Acting: Acting Smarmy
Acting: Hiding your true intentions behind a smile
Acting: Appearing unfazed by insensitive remarks
Acting: half-truths are the best lies
Acting: playing along with Kasoria
Acting: putting up a facade to cover hiding a letter
Acting: Convincing onlookers that you are innocent of a crime
Acting: Using props and water to convince someone of a real injury
Acting: Vehemently Denying All Accusations
Acting: Introducing Yourself With Abundant Theatrics

Animal Husbandry - 6
Animal Husbandry: Recognizing Cruel Training Methods
Animal Husbandry: Dogs: Recognizing Physical Signs Of Distress
Animal Husbandry: Trying To Lure A Goose With Sounds
Animal Husbandry: Calming a horse.
Animal Husbandry: Pleading with animals.
Animal Husbandy: Petting A Hyx

Alchemy - 1
Alchemy: Using litmus Strips & indicators

Betty (NPC) - 1
Betty (NPC): Like a sister

Blades (Dagger) - 2
Blades (Dagger): Cutting Carpet From Underneath
Blades (Dagger): Cutting a bandit’s throat

Caregiving - 5
Caregiving: Providing First Aid To Unwanted Guests
Caregiving: Giving Zipper some much-needed affection
Caregiving: offering Ivanthe a place to stay
Caregiving: making sure Ivanthe is alright.
Caregiving: providing first aid regardless of risk or reward

Climbing - 3
Climbing: Snow-covered rock makes for uneasy footing.
Climbing: Gravity-aided descent.
Climbing: Skirting along a narrow balcony

Deception - 15
Deception: How to tell a white lie (RM)
Deception: An effective lie includes some truth (RM)
Deception: Using Readily Available Resources To Distract Or Mislead
Deception: aiming to hit in unexpected areas.
Deception: appearing to run one way, but move into another direction.
Deception: keeping a straight face.
Deception: Playing With Words.
Deception: Molly's Doll is Just to Pretend Childlike Interests
Deception: A Secret Underground Door that Looks Like a Cave-In
Deception: Lying About Not Being Hungry To Avoid Food Poisoning
Deception: Avoiding any suspicion of keeping secrets
Deception: lying to Ivanthe to test his trustworthiness
Deception: Pretending to be mom
Deception: Pretending to be Neronin
Deception: Trying to explain your presence in a forbidden place.

Defiance - 23
Defiance: Initiated.
Defiance: Hearing The Voice Of Water
Defiance: Hearing The Voice Of Wind
Defiance: Tending To A Hungry Fire
Defiance: Springing A Spark From The Fire
Defiance: Calming the wind to soothe zipper
Defiance: The voice of the earth is not as clear as the sea’s
Defiance: Ignoring the warnings of the elements
Defiance: Subconsciously calling on the wind
Defiance: Earth alerts you of a nearby stranger.
Defiance: Making fire dance.
Defiance: You Feel the Water, Not the Fish in it
Defiance: Making fire jump from one brazier to another.
Defiance: Firing up the stove.
Defiance: Restraining the elements from seeking revenge.
Defiance: conjuring a flame to light a dark cellar
Defiance: A Blast of Air as a Weapon
Defiance: Even the Elements Were Enraged Over Molly
Defiance: Fury Can Bring Potency to the Elements
Defiance: Incinerating Guards
Defiance: To HELL with Overstepping!
Defiance: Torches into Bonfires
Defiance: taming the fires started by a special breed of unintelligent mortalborn.

Detection - 22
Detection: recognizing general intent based on tone of voice
Detection: studying and memorizing one's surroundings
Detection: Spotting Lawrence
Detection: Guessing A Stranger's Intentions.
Detection: A Gap in the Floor Molding Might be a Hidden Door
Detection: A Hidden Lock Release Button in the Wall Paneling
Detection: Molly is Excessively Watchful of the Care Givers
Detection: Molly is Definitely Interested in the Director's Office
Detection: Locating a presence
Detection: One Orb for Each Person Present
Detection: Others' Strange Behavior is a Good Reason to Leave
Detection: Thetros' Candle Worked
Detection: Hearing Birdsong
Detection: Catching a lie
Detection: A camp is an odd place to go hunting
Detection: Pretending to Drink to Avoid Eye Contact
Detection: Taking Note of Attire for Clues
Detection: Searching and finding Mom’s letter
Detection: The Disc Molly Held was a Rupturing Ward
Detection: The False Image was Betrayed by Graeslin's Voice
Detection: The Shadow Key Adapts to Every Cell in the Detention Area
Detection: The Shadow Key Both Locks and Unlocks

Discipline - 26
Discipline: poor decisions and their consequences
Discipline: Sticking to your beliefs (stick to your guns)
Discipline: Staying Your Hand
Discipline: Avoiding Bursting Into Laughter.
Discipline: Setting Your Fears Aside.
Discipline: Listening sincerely and with rapt attention
Discipline: Silently obeying Gangui’s orders.
Discipline: Hard work is rewarding.
Discipline: Waking early as part of training regiment.
Discipline: Saying your vows without falter.
Discipline: Using proper titles.
Discipline: Standing your ground when charged
Discipline: Following commands
Discipline: Staying your tongue after receiving a warning
Discipline: Restraining the urge to break an foe's grip
Discipline: Adressing Gangui as commander
Discipline: remaining cool opposite a dangerous crook
Discipline: Not retaliating against Zipper’s assault.
Discipline: Obeying Zipper's command.
Discipline: deciding not to throw eggs at Zipper even though she deserved it
Discipline: putting up with a grouch and a dull board game
Discipline: Not lashing out, despite being puked over
Discipline: Paying Attention In Class
Discipline: Obeying The Teacher

Drawing - 2
Drawing: Rough Draft of Orphanage Layout to Specify Rooms
Drawing: Drawing A Turd

Endurance - 29
Endurance: Sudden sounds and light can be painful
Endurance: Bloody lip
Endurance: Talking solid hits for Lawrence
Endurance: Bloody nose
Endurance: Seeking Shelter To Outlast The Cold
Endurance: Surviving The Cold Of The Sea
Endurance: Surviving an Albion Attack.
Endurance: Taking A Beating
Endurance: Almost Being Crushed By Fridgar's Weight
Endurance: Enduring The Wounds Of An Albion Attack
Endurance: A long walk along the beach
Endurance: Surviving an Ether Missile to the soul
Endurance: Being beaten up by all the orphans
Endurance: Crashing into the ground over and over
Endurance: Taking a fist to the jaw
Endurance: Bruised after a fight with Marris
Endurance: Starting a fight despite being tired
Endurance: Sleeping on a thin mattress of straw.
Endurance: Taking a beating in silence.
Endurance: Taking two longs sprints in a short time
Endurance: Taking a kick to the stomach
Endurance: Taking a fist to the stomach
Endurance: Being buried under Mr. Wattle's weight
Endurance: walking long distances through the Zi'da cold
Endurance: Frostbite.
Endurance: Running with an injured ankle
Endurance: Climbing the stairs to the Lightning Cathedral
Endurance: Outlasting the cold water.

Etiquette - 8
Etiquette: Offer help even when you can’t.
Etiquette: I owe you a juice.
Etiquette: Surpressing A Snigger.
Etiquette: Basic Manners.
Etiquette: setting a table, properly
Etiquette: It’s rude to skip the opening narration
Etiquette: It’s rude to ask about premature ejaculation
Etiquette: Making a Bad Man Look Foolish Isn't Worth Dying For

Field craft - 2
Field Craft: An Impromptu Walking Stick is Still Helpful
Field Craft: The Smell of Rot is Never a Good Sign

Flaying - 2
Flaying: Molly's Heart Turned to Aberryte
Flaying: Not Even Realizing it in the Anguish of the Moment

Intelligence - 8
Intelligence: comitting the details of conversation to memory
Intelligence: Get a Lay of the Land
Intelligence: The Orbs Avoid Their "Target" Contestant
Intelligence: Assessing Who Takes Others' Threats Seriously
Intelligence: Some Black Guard Wear 'Sovereign Ward' Armor
Intelligence: 'Sovereign Ward' Armor Negates Kinetic Force
Intelligence: Keeping Track Of What To Say To Whom
Intelligence: The Tribulations Of A Double-Agent

Interrogation - 1
Interrogation: Insisting Until An Answer Is Given

Intimidation - 11
Intimidation: I don’t follow no bodies rules
Intimidation: Having the audacity to imply Fridgar can’t fight
Intimidation: Extorted by Threat to Parents' Letter
Intimidation: Wild Tales About Mr. B's Office
Intimidation: Threatening to Tell the Care Givers
Intimidation: The Threat of Revealing Your Secret to Zipper
Intimidation: shouting commands at Zipper
Intimidation: threatening to maim the figure Dorans
Intimidation: do as I say or the Dorans will get it
Intimidation: Using foul language to unsettle someone
Intimidation: Giving a clear threat when you can't get what you want.

Investigation - 4
Investigation: This dude can’t even count
Investigation: A Chance to Search Mr. B's Office
Investigation: Searching for Hidden Clues
Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts

Leadership - 3
Leadership: Yelling to get attention
Leadership: Showing the New Kid Around
Leadership: making Ivanthe follow you

Linguistics - 3
Linguistics: Spelling out Words on the Palm of Someone's Hand
Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
Linguistics: correcting Zipper’s speech

Lockpicking - 1
Lockpicking: Watching Molly Use a Hairpin

Logistics - 3
Logistics: Influx of Orphans Makes it Easier to Cheat
Logistics: 'Sovereign Ward' Armor Has a Limited Charge
Logistics: A Little Guy Can Get Lost in a Crowd More Easily

Mathematics - 1
Mathematics: can’t keep count of the faces

Medicine - 2
Medicine: using a shirt as an improvised bandage
Medicine: administering ammonic anesthesia

Meditation - 1
Meditation: A Peaceful Environment Relaxes The Senses.

Negotiation - 6
Negotiation: Putting Your Outgoing Nature to Good Use
Negotiation: Negotiating payment for a job
Negotiation: Cheating is Okay in a Rigged Game
Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
Negotiation: making Ivanthe do as you want
Negotiation: demanding a reward

Persuasion - 10
Persuasion: Let them think the idea is their own (RM)
Persuasion: Not being seven makes you more persuasive
Persuasion: My Friend Ollie Is Fatter And Tastier To Eat
Persuasion: Eat The Goose Instead Of Me
Persuasion: Offering An Ultimatum.
Persuasion: Remember The Good Old Days?
Persuasion: Enhancing a story with enticing mystery
Persuasion: Arguing that keeping secrets from Vuda is pointless.
Persuasion: Coming Up With Excuses For Everything
Persuasion: Attemptig To Bribe The Museum Cashier

Philosopjhy - 2
Philosophy: Mortals Are Freer Than Immortals
Philosophy: Inoculated people are unconscious of their Immortal Worship.

Pick-pocketing - 1
Pick-pocketing: Stealing pasties unseen

Politics - 2
Politics: Orphanage: Very Simple Priorities
Politics: Falsifying Seaworthy Reports on Ships

Psychology - 8
Psychology: the physical manifestations of guilt
Psychology: fear and its physical impact on the body
Psychology: Being Swapped With a Personality called "Handor"
Psychology: The Terror of Feeling Your Identity Fade
Psychology: Keeping Secrets from Family is Stressful
Psychology: Experiencing a Mindless, Killing Rage
Psychology: Fear for Molly's Safety
Psychology: Seeing a Dear Friend Brutally Murdered

Ranged - 3
Ranged (Longbow): How to hold a bow (RM)
Ranged (Longbow): How to nock an arrow (RM)
Thrown Weapons: Aiming in a brawl.

Research - 1
Research: Looking Over Your Own File

Rhetoric - 2
Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren
Rhethoric: Living with Zipper never works out

Running - 13
Running: Sprinting for Your Life Through the Underground
Running: Maintaining Inertia is Vital in Mud
Running: Rushing Toward The Second Story Inn
Running: Keeping your balance while sprinting
Running: Quick Bolt For The Door
Running: Fleeing from a skirmish.
Running: Chasing a horse.
Running: Jogging back uphill.
Running: Bolting toward the stables
Running: Hasting to make a timely delivery.
Running: Bolting past Juvie
Running: Dodging Through Pirates to Try to Reach Graeslin
Running: Dashing forward as stealthily as possible
Running: Running During A Game Of Tag.

Rupturing - 3
Rupturing: A Portal Can Cut Inanimate Matter
Rupturing: The Feeling of Going Through a Portal
Rupturing: What a Portal Looks Like

Seafaring - 1
Seafaring: You Get Your 'Sea Legs' on a Ship With Any Duty

Socialization - 7
Socialization: Talking To A Stranger.
Socialization: Concering Oneself With The Problems Of Others.
Socialization: recognizing the tell-tale signs of a disturbed recluse.
Socialization: admitting your mistakes
Socialization: giving Zipper a compliment
Socialization: being amiable to Zipper
Socialization: Making amends with someone you were cruel to

Stealth - 28
Stealth: Tip-Toe (SP).
Stealth: using crowded locations to your advantage
Stealth: the art of blending in
Stealth: measured (distance) pursuit to avoid detection
Stealth: using distractions to your advantage
Stealth: listening to others without appearing to
Stealth: Hiding Behind Another Child
Stealth: Slipping In and Out of the Orphanage Unnoticed
Stealth: Leaving Noth's Cave Unnoticed
Stealth: Move when the guard is distracted
Stealth: Checking If Zipper Is Still Asleep
Stealth: Treading Lightly Over Creaking Floorboards
Stealth: Holding Your Breath
Stealth: Staying Put
Stealth: Eavesdropping Through A Door
Stealth: Hiding Under The Table
Stealth: sneaking out of a camp at night
Stealth: Stealing buns unseen
Stealth: Entering the stables unseen
Stealth: Stealing pasties unseen
Stealth: Listening in on private conversation.
Stealth: Entering Zipper's House Undetected.
Stealth: Leaving Zipper's house without waking her
Stealth: Preparing a surprise breakfast undetected
Stealth: Clinging to the shadows of trees
Stealth: Controlling your breathing to stay silent
Stealth: sneaking into the hull of a ship.
Stealth: Leaving The Orphanage Unseen.

Storytelling - 2
Storytelling: A Funny Story About Paplo Ynush
Storytelling: Sharing stories of your family

Strength - 15
Strength: Pushing Heavy Chairs and Secret Doors Open
Strength: Pushing against Zipper with all your might.
Strength: Trying to push Zipper off of you
Strength: Carrying crates until your arms are sore.
Strength: Carrying buckets full of dirt.
Strength: Holding the reigns of a mare
Strength: Hauling Ropes and Sails on a Ship
Strength: shouldering a door open
Strength: freeing self from being buried under Mr. Wattle.
Strength: serving as a crutch
Strength: Setting an ancient pulley into motion.
Strength: Yanking Zipper's blanket from her clutches
Strength: beating Zipper at arm-wrestling
Strength: Dragging a drunk Zipper up a flight of stairs
Strength: Shoving a wooden tub

Swimming - 3
Swimming: More Than Flailing Your Arms.
Swimming: diving overboard.
Swimming: swimming a long distance to shore.

Tactics - 17
Tactics: Sometimes It Better Not To Flee
Tactics: Surrendering To Rise Another Day
Tactics: Can't Walk ON it? Cut a Path Through it.
Tactics: Not Pressing Your Luck With The City Guard
Tactics: Explaining A Situation Before Questions Are Asked.
Tactics: Coming up with a plan to kill pirates
Tactics: Deactivating the Rupture Ward Array in The Tower
Tactics: Strike Sovereign Ward Wearers When They Strike
Tactics: Quickly changing subjects
Tactics: Making a mean comment preemptively so it can't be used against you
Tactics: Coming up with a plan to shake Gangui and Vuda
Tactics: Revealing Secrets At The Appropriate Time
Tactics: Asking leading questions
Tactics: Feeding Zipper drunk
Tactics: Fall Back to a Bottleneck When Outnumbered
Tactics: Tripping/Grappling Work Best Against 'Sovereign Ward'
Tactics: Giving in when you are beaten

Transmutation - 11
Transmutation: Initiation
Transmutation: Mutations vary between etherists
Transmutation: The Discipline of the World
Transmutation: Identity
Transmutation: Digging into the physical makeup of a pebble
Transmutation: Corrosion
Transmutation: Unintentional Corrosion
Transmutation: Anger Stirs The Inner Ether
Transmutation: Conjuring A Spark Of Ether
Transmutation: Ether Missile
Transmutation: Ether Missiles Are Easy To Overstep

Unarmed Combat - 24
Unarmed Combat: Low Kick (SP).
Unarmed Combat: Basic fighting stance (RM)
Unarmed: Spinning punch
Unarmed: Lazy fighting pose
Unarmed: Beating a child older than you
Unarmed: Twisting someone's arm
Unarmed: Wild tangle of limbs
Unarmed: Going for his nutcracker
Unarmed Combat: Shoving Fiona Into A Wall
Unarmed Combat: Throwing A Balled-Fist Punch
Unarmed Combat: Attempting To Break An Opponent's Grip On You
Unarmed Combat: Turning Your Head To Relieve Pressure On Your Throat
Unarmed Combat: Throwing an angry punch at Zipper
Unarmed Combat: Knee to the groin
Unarmed Combat: Breaking away from Zipper’s face-hold
Unarmed Combat: Pulling Zipper’s hair
Unarmed Combat: Elbow jabs
Unarmed Combat: Full body tackle.
Unarmed Combat: Wildly kicking and punching.
Unarmed Combat: Stomping on toes.
Unarmed combat: shrugging grabby hands off
Unarmed Combat: Defending against a chokehold
Unarmed combat: kicking Fiona’s shin
Unarmed Combat: Biting the Hand That Holds You

Writing - 1
Writing: Careful Phrasing Is Of Paramount Importance


Alistair Venora - 3

Alistair Venora: Kindal
Alistair: Is a healer
Alistair: Fridgar's Handsomely Rich Friend

Andras (NPC) - 1
Andras: Dogcatcher

Aqihlih - 1
Aqihlih: Looks to be a Biqaj

Bangun Vorund (NPC) - 3
Mr. Vorund (NPC): Kasoria's Boss
Mr. Vorund (NPC): A very angry man
Mr. Vorund (NPC): Hardened criminal

Bertha (NPC) - 1
Bertha (NPC): Horse

Bertha (NPC) - 1
Bertha the Thunder Priestess

Brigg (NPC) - 1
Brigg: Big Pirate Thug

Djevelli - 1
Djevelli: Father

Doran - 5
Doran: The Hero of Oscillus
Doran: Master Alchemist
Doran: Stoic
Doran: One of Parren's Game Contestants
Doran: Hero of Oscillus

Mr Barnelby (NPC) - 2
NPC: Mr. Barnelby: Director of the Etzos Orphanage
Mr. Barnelby: A Formal Man.

Fauna - 1
Fauna: Albion

Fridgar - 4
Fridgar: can only count to ten
Fridgar: Thinks you should fight with Tunawa
(Forfeited as Per Mixed Messengers)
Fridgar: was eaten by an Anaconda
Fridgar: Havendal
Fridgar: Eager To Get Into A Fight

Gangui - 17
Gangui: Agressive Bastard
Gangui: Barbarous
Gangui: Wielder of Liberty
Gangui: A competent fighter
Gangui: Has your back.
Gangui: One hand giveth, one hand taketh.
Gangui: Your liege lord
Gangui: Gave you a belt
Gangui: Hard to please
Gangui: Gives you more to eat
Gangui: Commander of the sons of justice
Gangui: Hot-headed
Gangui: Gives people only one chance, and you wasted yours
Gangui: Considered jailing you
Gangui: Guided you through making a plan
Gangui: Speaks highly of the glorious life of a Turkey Knight
Gangui: Your future liege lord

Graeslin (NPC) - 2
Greaslin: Has Some Kind of Teleport Artifact
Graeslin: Knows What You Don't Want Zipper to Know

Hadvar Lorien (NPC) - 1
Hadvar Lorien: Priest

Higan - 1
Higan: Kayleigh's Runaway Brother

Ilaren - 5
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ilaren: Does not like to be irritated
Immortal: Ilaren: You irritated her.
(Forfeited as Per Mixed Messengers)
Immortal: Ilaren: Did she curse you?
Ilaren: her domain is not Babysitting

Ivanthe - 7
Ivanthe: Younger than you
Ivanthe: Hunter
Ivanthe: Seems cold
Ivanthe: Doesn't like talking about his parents
Ivanthe: A decent thief
Ivanthe: Eager to learn
Ivanthe: Jumpy friend

Juvie (NPC) - 2
Juvie (NPC): A 'spotter'
Juvie (NPC): Smarmy know-it-all

Mr. Karamoore (NPC) - 4
NPC: Mr: Karamoore: Orphanage Care Giver
Karamoore: Flayed Molly's Family
Karamoore: Molly Got Her Voice Back When He Died
Karamoore: Was Killed to Hide His Secrets

Kayleight - 1
Kayleigh: Not Your Mother, Sadly.
Kayleigh: Willing To Help Write A Letter

Kasoria - 4
Kasoria: savage killer
Kasoria: partner in crime
Kasoria: Vorund's right-hand man
Kasoria: Raggedy-rat from the past

Lawrence (NPC) - 1
Lawrence: Thinks he’s the boss

Lewis Parren (NPC) - 1
Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)

Magge (NPC) - 2
NPC: Magge, Orphanage Care Giver
Magge: Middle-Aged, Sweet, but Stern
(Forfeited as Per Mixed Messengers)

Molly (NPC) - 6
NPC: Molly: New Girl at the Orphanage
Molly: Mute from Trauma, Magic, or Both
Molly: Thinks Defiance Is Weird
Molly: Acts Like Your Mother
Molly: Tried To Cover For You
Molly: Hit You

Morgan (NPC) - 3
NPC: Officer Morgan: Black Guard Officer
Morgan: Believes You Despite Disappearance of Evidence
Morgan: Knows Karamoore Was a Bad Man

Nance (NPC) - 1
Nance (NPC): Works for the Curly Hare

Narav - 1
Narav: Little Emean Brother?

Nauta F'mos Geey - 1
Nauta F'Mos Geey: Impersonating A Black Guard

Nightshade Eld - 1
Nightshade Eld: Fopdoodle

Nir'wei - 2
Nir'wei: Has a Strange Squirrel Companion
Nir'wei: Sev'ryn That Was Grouped With You by Thetros

Noth - 4
Noth: Monster Living In A Cave Outside Of Etzos
Noth: Cursed By The Immortals
Noth: Nicest Monster In Idalos
Noth: The Strangely Misshapen Contestant

Paplo Ynush - 1
Paplo Ynush: Teacher.

Rjorn (NPC)
Rjorn (NPC): Stable Master

Silvester (NPC) - 1
Silvester (NPC): Boss of The Rues

Thetros - 1
Immortal: Thetros
Thetros: Has a Job For You
Thetros: Emean Candle: Allows Meeting in Emea

Tio - 2
Tio Silver: Has an Alias 'Captain Taboo'
Tio Silver: Needlessly Flamboyant

Toan - 1
Toan: Human Thief

Vern - 1
Vern: Noth's Guardian Goose

Oberan - 1
Oberan: Confrontational Human

Officer Stuart (NPC) - 2
Officer Stuart: Member Of Black Guard
Officer Stuart: Has Grown Impatient With You

Old Fred (NPC) - 1
Old Fred: When will he ever give up
(Forfeited as per Mixed Messengers)

Robert (NPC) - 1
Robert (NPC): Unscrupulous employer
(Forfeited as Per Mixed Messengers)

Robin Stark - 4
Robin Stark: May Have Earth Magic
Robin Stark: Claimed He Had his Magic Stolen by Midges
Robin: Master Of The Elements.
Robin: Friend And Teacher.

Wattle (NPC) - 3
Mr. Wattle (NPC): Overweight crook
Mr. Wattle (NPC): Tries to tempt you with reward
Mr. Wattle (NPC): Vorund's Enemy

Zaira - 1
Zaira: Mother

Zipper - 23
Zipper: Insists on Fi.
Zipper: Mean To Old Fred.
Zipper: More Bark Than Bite.
Zipper: In Love?
Zipper: Always There To Help.
Fiona: Found You
Fiona: Wants You To Leave
Zipper O'Connor: Not Disappointed, Just Very Fucking Angry.
Zipper O'Connor: Scaring You
Zipper O'Connor: Using Violence To Interrogate You
Zipper: Clueless about matters of love
Zipper: Thinks children are parasites
Zipper: Tired and vulnerable
Fiona: Little Emean Sister?
Fiona: Sharing her spark with you
Zipper: Interrogating you, again.
Zipper: Reminding you of Transmutation
Zipper: Considered letting you be jailed
Zipper: Warning you against Vuda's intentions
Zipper: Pleading you to stay with her
Zipper: Obsessed with Doran.
Zipper: Not happy to see you
Zipper: Like a volcano


Etzos: City Layout (SP).
Etzos: Hall of Rule and Judgment: A Familiar Location
Location: Secret Passage from the Orphanage to the Underground
Location: Etzos Underground
Location: Etzos Tower of Ministers
Location: The (Etzos) Orphanage’s Attic.
Location: The Misty Miasma
Location:The Meridian Main.
Location: Foster’s Landing Garrison Tower
Location: (Etzos) Second Story Inn
Location: The Temple Of Thetros
Location: (Etzos) Hall Of Rule And Reprimand Holding Cell
Location: Emea
Location: Emean Etzos
Location: Emean Home
Location: The Garden With The Roses
Location: (Foster's Landing) Sons of Justice Camp
Location: (Foster's Landing) Sons of Justice: Tower
Location: (Foster's Landing) Sons of Justice: Tower Basement
Location: (Foster's Landing) Sons of Justice: Gangui's Office
Location: (Foster's Landing) stables
Location: (Foster's Landing) bakery
Location: The Guardian of Orimar
Location: The Valley of Orimar
Location: The Lightning Cathedral
Location: Pilgrim's Ascent
Location (Etzos): Zipper’s home
Location (Etzos Underground): “The Temple”
Location: Etzos' Interrogation Chamber
Location: Etzos The Museum


Etzos: Common Attitudes of Etzori Guards (RM)
Misty Miasma Creature: Needle Midges
Needle Midges: Their Bite Gives or Takes a Person's Characteristics
Needle Midges: The Color of Their Bite Indicates What Was Changed
Tidebreaker Crew: Ule, Osse and Gwynen
Den: The Quiet Pirates are The Worst
Personal: The Trial of Orimar's Guardian
Naerikk: 'The Gift' Takes a Toll on Them as Well
word count: 3802
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