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Worldwide Whispers

Hey, Idalosians! This is a thread where PC plots will be featured in rumors and whispers on a global scale, written from an IC perspective - from a variety of NPCs made up on the spot or pre-established - in a way similar to how one would hear about these rumors in a tavern, or on the street, in passing. All rumors will have a category (their gravity) assigned, meaning they may be talked about quite a lot or barely spoken of. The gravity effects the likeliness of a PC running into these rumors and whispers, though if a player does wish to encounter these rumors in-thread, they are free to do so!

There are a few rules about these rumors, just so we're clear on how this knowledge can be obtained ICly.

1. While you can say that your player heard of these rumors on the street, or in a tavern, for example - they must have actually encountered these rumors. This means you cannot simply say your character knew - they had to have actually heard this, even if it didn't happen in-thread.
2. Rumors of a moderate scale will not be spoken of very much outside of their respective city or region, if at all. The PC will have to actually gain this knowledge in-thread in a specific case where it would make sense for individuals to be discussing this.
3. On the point of #2, major or world-altering events are likely to be common knowledge to basically every civilized individual in the region, and many individuals throughout Idalos. This means you do not have to thread learning about the rumor to assume your character knows about this. World-altering knowledges are things everyone would be speaking about, regardless of who or where they are, as long as they have some method of gaining knowledge of the outside world. Examples of this would be something like an entire metropolitan city being destroyed, or an Immortal dying.
4. If you wish to get involved in these plots, please inform the PCs involved! I'm sure they'd appreciate your interest in their stories!

More rules will be added if necessary. For now though, we'll be updating this thread whenever there are enough juicy rumors. Thanks, everyone!
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