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Olivia stages a prison break

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[Memory] The Judge of What One Deserves

Ashan 3rd, Arc 711
A noble lady had to act a certain way, associate with certain people. Well… At least, that was what people constantly told Olivia Warrick. She hated that- “But why? Aren’t nobles the ones with the most power? Top of the food chain? If that were the case- as everyone always tells me it is- you would think a noble lady could act any which way she pleased!” She liked to argue this point, often while giggling. Her family did not find her antics so amusing- except maybe her Biqaj father, who liked her spirit, and her sister Vivian, who had quite similar views.

Servants were not to speak to nobles- only serve them. Knights were expected to lay their lives down for royals- not be their friends. Olivia honestly couldn’t grasp the concept of why other truly noble women would gasp at her when she complimented a serving girl on a cheap necklace she wore, or offered to help clean up a table along with the busboys whose job it was. They sounded so scandalized! What, in all of Idalos, was so scandalous about that? They weren’t rats, they were people!

Some of Olivia’s best friends were servants, though her family tried very hard not to have her say so where other people could hear. Some of them, however, were less than servants…

Olivia made a habit of visiting the jail cells of Warrick- a dungeon underneath her family home. It wasn’t terribly often they had prisoners there, but when they did, Olivia would bring them food and occasionally sneak in a book for the literate ones. It was to her great surprise that one day, as she skirted past the guards with a delightful smile and a tray of food in her hands, that she saw one of the Moseke knights was in the cell. She recognized him, having seen him around Warrick for the last season or so.

He was a man with short, choppy, dark hair and even darker eyes. A Sev’ryn, as she would learn. Handsome, he must have been twice her age, yet his eyes showed a lively youth. Kneeling outside the cell, she slid his food through a small opening, her eyes wide as she gazed at him, more than a little baffled what he would have done to get there.

“Your dinner, ser knight.” She called out, her voice unusually timid. Some of the prisoners scared her, much as she hated that. They were criminals, but she also felt bad for them, in a way. Some she had met were imprisoned for such sad reasons, such as being down on their luck and having tried to steal food for their family. Others were murderers but Olivia liked to think that they must have had a very good reason. A sixteen year old such as she was still held onto some naivety.

A chuckle sounded from the man, “I am no knight anymore, darling.” He spoke fluent Common, but he had the telltale accent of someone with Xanthea as a first language. “I am nothing but a gutter rat.”

His words surprised her, and Olivia found herself hesitating to leave. Finding her voice, she responded, “I am sure that is not true. Once a knight, always a knight.”

“You have an idealized mind, I am sure….” He murmured, studying her with those dark eyes of his. This man had no one to talk to, and from the way Olivia was looking at him, it was clear she was curious. “Would you like to hear my story?”

Olivia glanced back to where the guards were, busily playing a game of dice, laughing as one of them won. Surely a few minutes won’t hurt. With a nod, she moved herself, tucking her legs underneath her slender body so she could sit on her knees, running her hands over the fabric of her skirt to smooth it down.

The knight told her his name was Isẹv, and so began his story. He explained that his partner, one of his closest friends, had betrayed him. He had raped and murdered a beautiful girl, not unlike Olivia herself for she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and Isev had caught him trying to get rid of the body. They had argued, but Isev had been unwilling to move against his friend, even though the crime was so horrific. However, the next day the guards apprehended him instead, because his friend had framed him for the crime.

By the time his story ended, Olivia had eyes filled with sympathetic tears, her hand reaching through the bars to clasp his. She believed him, fully, and her emotions were splayed all across her face. “Ser Isev, what a terrible man your friend must be! Oh please tell me that you’ll be free from here soon.”

“Unfortunately not. I am scheduled for execution by the end of this season. I did not ask for a trial. If this is my fate, then who am I to change it?” He responded, so calmly.

Olivia couldn’t- wouldn’t- understand. She didn’t see how he could accept a death he did not deserve.

It was from this day on that she became Isev’s friend. Every day, for whatever meal she could, she came to the jail cell. She spoke to him, sometimes wept for him, sometimes laughed with him.

As the days passed, they grew closer. He told her about his home- Desnind- and the people there. He told her about Ashan and Moseke and Ymiden. He even began to teach her Draketh- a unique language that he said only knights like himself used. He had said that, because he was to die, it would be a shame to let such a learned language die with him, so he wanted to pass it on to her. Should she ever become a knight- she had joked- it would be a great thing to know. Olivia loved learning, regardless.

“The… motto of Chiv-” Olivia was attempting to say one dazzling afternoon, her voice shaky. As she began to mispronounce the word, Isev reached through the bars, putting his hand over hers.

Offering her an encouraging smile, he repeated the word,

Olivia’s heart fluttered, the young girl giving a nod.
“Chivalry. The motto of… Chivalry… is also… the m-motto… of w-wisdom. Which is…” She trailed off, wincing as she realized she’d forgotten how to say the rest. Lifting her gaze to her imprisoned friend, he chuckled.

“To serve all, but love only one.” Isev said the last words, giving her hand a squeeze. Olivia could feel a blush rise to her cheeks, meeting his dark gaze.

She knew she had feelings for the older man. The much older man, in fact. It startled her- he was so different. A criminal, a Sev’ryn, a knight, all in one. Yet… She had not felt these kinds of emotions since her dearest friend, Xander. She had once gotten the same heart flutters from him, until… until he no longer wanted her in his life. Olivia was determined not to keep her feelings a secret a second time, seeing how it had worked out so terribly the first.

As they talked, she found herself leaning in, close to the bars, their eyes studying each other as they drew closer. Their hands were tightly clutching, and Olivia’s lips were so close to her first kiss, head tilting just right as they got closer inch by inch.

“Isev-” She began, until she heard one of the guards yell. “Lady Warrick!” With a fright, the young lady jumped, hastily snatching her hand- and her lips- away from Isev’s. The guard who had spoken was approaching, with a stern gaze. “I suggest you back away from that scum. He’s beneath you.” As he reached her, he reached down to grab her arm with a tight grip, yanking her to her feet.

Olivia released a gasp, and the sixteen year old forcefully yanked her arm away, glaring at the guard. Her voice, filled with whatever commanding tone she could muster, was sharp as she said, “And I suggest you not put your hands on me!” She almost never raised her voice, but if there was anything Olivia didn’t appreciate, it was being manhandled. Smoothing her skirt- and her nerves, Olivia set her eyes- currently a pale sage green- onto Isev and managed to give him a smile. “I shall return, ser knight.” She said, her voice soft. She gave a proper little curtsy, sent a haughty glare to the guard, turned on her heel, and left.

Impressionable Olivia had no idea if what she felt could be true. But she knew one thing: She was not willing to let Isev be executed.

A few nights later, she went to her mother, the duchess. She would understand, wouldn’t she? She loved a man who valued freedom above all else. Surely she could listen to Olivia’s plea for Isev’s release. However, what was to be a calm and happy conversation, quickly turned a downfall.

“Mother, please~! He’s not guilty- he’s a good man. Isev is-” Olivia was begging by now, her eyes filled with tears. Yet her pleas were falling on deaf ears. Her words were cut off with a loud, sharp sound between a gasp and a cry- as well as the slapping sound as her mother’s open palm smacked into her cheek. Olivia had not expected it, as her mother had never hit her before. Her tears spilling over, Olivia’s shaking hand went to her cheek. When she withdrew it, she saw the blood on her fingertips- her mother’s ring had cut into her flesh.

“You foolish girl!” Her mother cried out, as Olivia looked at her with wide eyes. She had never seen her mother so angry before. “He’s playing you, Olivia! He’s a man twice your age, with a tongue of sin, who thinks he can sway you because you’re a Warrick. I thought you were clever- smart!- but you just don’t get it. Anyone who isn’t a Warrick, we can’t trust. They will always want something. You’re someone who can give them what they want. They will never want you for just you- they will always use you.”

Olivia had been told this before, but she didn’t want to believe it. She wanted to believe people were genuine. She desperately needed to believe she could find a friend- find love- in someone without it being a scam. Without someone using her.

“That’s not true! What about daddy? Daddy never used you, and he wasn’t a Warrick!” Olivia couldn’t help but retort.

“Your father was a bloody pirate before I met him. He was a nobody- he wanted to seduce me to prove he could. My love was a game to him- he used me. I fell in love with him, regardless, and he with me. But that doesn’t make me blind to what I was to him in the beginning.” Wren Warrick was not a liar- and she wasn’t mincing words.

Olivia’s heart ached as she fell silent. Tears dripped down her cheeks, her cut cheek stinging as her mother continued.

“That man… any man… is going to use you. You have a foolish crush on him- and I won’t allow it to let a murderer get free.”

And that was that. As frustration and fear for her friend reduced Olivia to sobs, her mother skirted past her, leaving her standing there with her face in her hands. But once she calmed, Olivia wasn’t swayed. An innocent man deserves freedom. He is not an animal, and he will not die like one.

That night, Olivia decided to commit a crime of her own… she just needed a few supplies, first.

Step one: Use her own body as bait. Olivia found herself walking to her mother’s room, not long after their fight. “Mommy?” She called innocently as she knocked on the door. “I’ve come to apologize. You were right… I… I should have taken my status into consideration.” She lied, trying her best to make her voice sound small and shaky.

No answer.

With a breath of relief, Olivia carefully opened the door, slipping into her mother’s room and locking the door behind her. She burst into a run as she rushed across the room, eagerly reaching the closet. Her mother was not a modest dresser- much less than Olivia was- and her lips turned into a smile as she looked for low cut dresses with short, tight skirts. Entirely un-ladylike.

Picking one out, she was pleased that, as she swapped it with her own clothes, it fit perfectly. It was short, and yellow, and made of lace. More importantly it fit to her body, revealing much of her chest and long legs that Olivia was sure it would fit her plan. It was what her mother would call a peasant dress- the kind one wore when they wished to be bent over and… well, the very thought made Olivia blush crimson, biting her lip as she tugged the skirt down.


She knew the guards were too smart to fall for a pretty girl- but it had to help, wouldn't it? Her mother always told her that if she used her good looks, she'd have an easier time in life.

Next: Gold. First, Olivia let herself into her father’s office, taking a piece of his favorite parchment from his desk, and grabbing an ink pen. Taking a nearby unsealed letter, she opened it up- though barely read it- and examined his handwriting. It was a little ragged, and she was beginning to wonder how she would copy it. She wasn't even that good at her own writing, having always skipped cursive lessons, so how could she pull off forging her father's hand?

At that moment, she heard the door opening. Jumping, she quickly stashed the letter away, trying to appear innocent as he father walked into the room, loosening his tie as he did so. He paused, however, upon seeing his daughter standing there.

"Olivia. What are you here for?" He asked, moving over to her and leaning to kiss her forehead.

"Hello, daddy." Sixteen and Olivia still called him daddy regularly. "I was um... Looking for you. Just about to write you a note, actually. I wanted to ask if I could have some money for a shopping trip." She lied, trying to stay calm as she gave him a smile. "Mother was angry when I stained my dress last week so I thought I'd buy her something. A gift, to make up for it." Now that wasn't a complete lie. There had been a dress she'd had last week, that she had stained when painting. Hoping that was enough truth, Olivia watched her father, her heart racing.

Garrett, her father, hesitated for a moment before giving a tired smile, placing his hand on her head. "Sure, pumpkin. We can spare a little. Just put in a good word for me with your mother- I'm in hot water at the moment. That woman is about as harrowing as a siren on the high seas." This was nothing new, and Olivia had no trouble laughing at his words- while also taking a relieved breath that he'd believed her. She rarely lied to her father, being very much a daddy's girl.

Garrett moved to sit at his desk, grabbing the parchment and ink already out. Olivia stood over his shoulder, watching the movements of his pen as he wrote down a note.

"I, Garrett Warrick of House Warrick, give my daughter, Olivia Warrick, express permission into the Warrick treasury, to take up to twenty gold nel."

After her father finished it, she tucked the note away and gave him a hug before making a quick escape. Hopefully, he wouldn't be changing his mind.

Olivia had none of her own gold at the moment, unfortunately. With a little makeup and her blonde hair all tousled and pretty, the young lady made her way to her family’s royal treasury. Yes, this was where the vast amounts of Warrick wealth were- just past the two male guards.

Trying her best to put on a show, Olivia let her singing ring down the hall as she approached, her hands tucked behind her back so her chest was a little leaned forward and her short skirt was swaying, the forged paper in her hand.

“Our lives are stories, waiting to be told
In search of silver lining, we discovered gold
And judgement told us, that our hearts were wrong
But they’re the ones that we look down upon…

The rules say our emotions don’t comply
But we’ll defy the rules until we die
So let’s be sinners to be saints…
And let’s be winners by mistake.

The world may disapprove
But my world is only you
And if we’re sinners,
Then it feels like Emea to me...”

Olivia’s voice was prolonged and solemn, her voice lifting in a bright, clear tone. By the time she stopped in front of the guards, she had a sweet smile, looking up at them with bright blue eyes. She could feel their eyes drift from her face to her body, to the skin she had revealed in the dress she wore, before returning to her face.

“Here you go!” She said with cheer, holding out the paper. She watched as the guard opened it, and fidgeting in front of him.

Olivia wanted to dance as the guard held the paper back to her, his cheeks ever so slightly red. “Go right in, Lady Warrick.”

Making sure to touch his hand with the slightest brush of her fingertips as she took the letter back, Olivia gave him her best smile, and softly whispered, “Thank you, ser knight.” Surely this man was not a knight, but a common guard. Yet, it certainly helped her case to see him turn bright red as she moved past him, his eyes following her. She knew he was watching her ass, and she knew he knew she was sixteen. This man must have been at least forty years older than her.

How… perverted. She thought, almost tutting in disapproval. Sometimes, guys were too predictable. The dress was for later use, but it was almost amusing to her to see if it affected how the guards treated her. Either way, she had gotten in, and hurriedly she scooped twenty golden nel into her coin purse. It was probably more than she needed, but she had no time to come back if she didn’t have enough.

Part three of her plan: Shopping. Having made a habit of coming to the jail cells with food before even meeting Isev, Olivia had made the acquaintance of a drug user- and seller- by the name of Pierce. He was a wormy little man, shorter than Olivia herself, but he was exactly what she needed. As his wife let her into their little home, Olivia steeled herself, still dressed provocatively and now holding a purse full of gold.

“Ah… if it isn’t the little lady Warrick. To what do I owe thy honor?” Pierce snickered as she walked into his office, his pale blue eyes leering at her body.

Swallowing away the fear she had at being in such a private area, in such an outfit, in front of a clearly morally questionable man, Olivia took a breath. “I need something that would make two full grown men fall asleep, and stay asleep at least… ten bits.”

His grin grew, “Well… I’ve got just what you need, darling. But it’s gonna cost you. How about you come sit on daddy’s lap-”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Olivia flung the bag of money at him. In her fury at the “price” he had been about to give her, she had flung it rather hard, the leather bag smacking into his chest in a way that made him let out an, “Oof!” sound, catching it against his shirt. He opened it, peering at the gold within, before looking back up at her with wide eyes.

Taking a breath to control her irritation at this low moraled man, Olivia crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him. “That’s the payment you’re given. Do you have what I need, or should I scream for a guard?” She knew two things to be true. The first, was that any guard would send him right back to jail when he’s found to be dealing out of his house. The second was that her word would be taken over his. Olivia hated this. She hated lying, she hated being this manipulative. But if it saved an innocent man’s life, it would be worth it… right?

Pierce gulped, before giving a shaky nod. “I’ve… got just the thing.” Standing, he gestured for her to wait, leaving the room. When he returned, he held two vials of an unknown liquid. At her questioning glance once she took them, he explained, “Night Scarf. Two doses is fourteen golden nells. Take this and you’re guaranteed to sleep like a babe.”

Olivia, biting into her bottom lip, slipped the drugs into her pocket. “Keep the change, Pierce.” She mumbled as she moved to open the door. Once she did, however, two guards she had brought along slipped into the room past her. With what was a surprisingly cold tone for her, Olivia called over her shoulder, “You’ll need it for the bail.”

While she believed in people’s goodness, she also had a strong sense of justice for the law- and Pierce had proven himself guilty. Olivia tried not to feel guilty herself as the guards grabbed him, the man yelling after her, “YOU BITCH!”

Finally, she had everything she needed. Now to just make sure it was worth it.

It was well past dark as Olivia made her way down to the jail cells. She was dressed in that same provocative dress, but now she had a tray with an ornate silver pitcher and three matching goblets.

“Hello, boys~!” She chirped as she entered, setting her eyes on the two regular night guards, who were sitting at their usual table. Her eyes briefly glanced to the cell keys, which were on a hook on the wall, but her smile and the revealing dress she wore was more than enough to cover herself.

“L-Lady Warrick. Come to visit the prisoner’s again?” One of them gruffly said, clearing his throat and sitting a little straighter.

“No, silly.” Olivia responded cutely, giving a laugh, she sat the tray on the table, and hopped up to sit beside it, crossing her legs as she looked down at the guards. “I’m always bringing them treats. I came to treat the men who so valiantly watch them. A little… reward, for all your hard work.”

Lifting the pitcher, her eyes were a bright, beautiful blue as she sat it in her lap gently, “Wine?”

The guards exchanged a glance, one absently licking his lips. “We shouldn’t, milady. Drinking during duty is-” One began to say.

Before he could finish, Olivia’s fingers curled around his chin, and he lost his words as she tilted his head up, giving her best mischievous smile. “Shhhh… I’m the lady here, and I say you can. Come on. It’ll be our. Little. Secret.” With each of the last few words she said, her finger tapped his lips, and she gave another sweet smile, “Surely we can all have a little fun together… right?”

It didn’t take much to convince them. Though Olivia was certain she had little to do with it, as the wine was just as desirable. As they nodded, giving nervous laughter, Olivia moved to pour them all a glass of wine. Holding her own up- which was only half full- she hummed out, “To… justice for those who deserve it.”

Clink! Their glasses went, and Olivia lifted her glass to her lips. It was easy with the large goblet to hide her mouth- and the fact she wasn’t drinking Keeping her lips firmly closed on the goblet, she swallowed, mimicking the action of drinking but taking care not to let a single drop hit her tongue. For in the wine, was the Night Scarf. As she lowered her glass, she placed a hand casually over the top, hiding the liquid from view.

For the next thirty bits she laughed with them, letting them stare at her and shamelessly attempt to flirt. She even managed not to cringe when one of the guards put a calloused hand on her knee, a little too close to the edge of her skirt for comfort.

Yet finally, she saw their eyes droop. “How about I sing you boys a song?” She offered, knowing a lullaby would be exactly what would tip them over the edge. As they murmured their agreement, she opened her mouth to sing.

“I’m searching… for something… that I can’t reach…
My Wisp
Where'd you go?
I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me
My Wisp
Where'd you go?
What happened to the soul that you used to be?”

She had left out the faster paced parts of the song, focusing on that which she could sing sweetly. Reaching out, she stroked her fingers through one of the guard’s hair, giving him a smile as she saw his eyes close.

Clank! She watched as their heads hit the table. They were out. Finally! I thought they’d never fall asleep. I bet Pierce didn’t give me the strong stuff. Probably made it weak so he could sell more.

Pulling the guard’s hand off her knee with a grimace, Olivia hopped off the table, hurrying for the keys on the wall. Snatching them off the wall, she let herself into the area with the cells. She could spot Pierce in one, fast asleep, as she moved towards Isev’s.

Unlike Pierce, her Sev’ryn friend lay awake, and as she approached with the clinking keys, he sat up, dark eyes widening when he say her.

“Lady Olivia… What are you doing here?” He asked in alarm, watching her shaking hands begin to test each key in the lock of his cell door. She was trying to make as little sound as possible, and go as fast as possible.

“I’m getting you out of here before they execute you. You don’t deserve to die for another man’s crimes, Isev.” Olivia whispered to him as he moved to the door. Within a few minutes of trying, she finally managed to swing the door open, and the first thing she did was throw her arms around Isev, enveloping him in a hug.

However, it was also around time she could hear the guards beginning to stir, her eyes going wide as she pulled out of the older Sev’ryn male’s embrace.

“You have to go, Isev. You have to run!” Olivia whispered, her tone clearly panicked as she clutched his hands in hers. Hesitating, she added, “Hit me. Just… they need to believe I was overwhelmed.”

Isev’s alarm was all over his face, but it quickly melted into acceptance. “I will never be able to repay your kindness.” His words were supposed to be kind, but Olivia felt a chill run down her skin. He didn’t… sound right. There was an edge to his words, a lack of emotion he had never given to her before.

“...Isev?” She found herself asking, looking up into his eyes. The warmth they’d had previously was gone, and all she could see was the darkness.

She had told him to hit her. To make it look like a struggle. But the backhanded, powerful slap she received left her reeling, a cry uttered from her lips as she lost her balance and crumpled to the floor. Bleeding from a split lip, her cheek- slapped for the second time in two days- ached as she watched the man she thought she liked so much run away.

The bells rang, the guards yelled, strong arms lifted her from the floor. But Olivia only saw a blur, lost in a realization that left her shaken.

They later caught Isev. His execution was moved up, and Olivia found herself in attendance. Dressed in a long, modest black gown, her eyes were a stormy gray, watery as she watched him stand on a pavilion, hearing his crimes listed. Her parents had… smoothed it all over. Left her involvement in his escape attempt a secret- left it as a lesson learned.

Isev didn’t have any nearby family or friends, except for the man who had once been his partner. The fellow knight who had revealed his crimes.

The last few days had been filled with turmoil, particularly because her parents were not too happy with her. Which was why Olivia was surprised when her father came to a stop beside her. As Olivia turned her head to peer at him, she felt a pang of regret hit her heart. She had let her father down, betrayed his trust, and she knew it.

“...You tried to save him.” Was all her father said when he finally spoke, his eyes locked ahead, on the Sev'ryn that was to be executed.

Tears dripped down Olivia’s cheeks, the young lady hastily raising a hand to wipe them away. She decided, after a moment, to answer with a question, “...Was I wrong to?”

“No.” He responded, before glancing down at her. “He is guilty, if that is what you are asking. He slaughtered a girl, just like you. But… freedom is not given to those who deserve it. It’s a right, for any living creature. Our laws are not wrong when deserved… but you did no wrong in trying to free him, either.”

Even though she had been told he was guilty before, hearing her father say it was worse. Olivia let out a sob, her hands covering her face.

I’m a fool… I trusted him… She internally wanted to scream at herself. She had never felt more foolish, and she knew her mother had been right. She was a Warrick- anyone else would always just wish to use her.

But that wasn’t why she was upset.

“...I don’t want him to die. Even if… Even if he’s guilty. He… was my friend. They’re slaughtering him like a pig. They’re… not even giving him a chance at absolution. Daddy... no one deserves this.” She said with shaky sobs.

Her father studied her for a moment, before almost awkwardly wrapping an arm around her slim form. Olivia turned in his grip, sobbing into his shirt.

There was nothing she could do.

Her tears still were streaming as she head the clang of the stool being kicked out from Isev’s body, the strain of the rope as it took his weight, the sound of his body swinging. Olivia pried her eyes open, looking past her father, and instead watching a flock of ravens scatter overhead, their small forms freely flying away.

She hadn’t been able to free him.

Yet as her father pulled away from her, her whispered a soft, “You'll understand one day, Liv. Life is not always fair, and those we love are not always good people.”

He was right... but Olivia would have given anything for him not to be.

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A valuable lesson learned


Some inner peace, I suppose.
It was your father's money after all ;)


A couple hard slaps in the face.
One giving a cut, the other a bruise. :o

Fame: -6

General bad deed x2 (-2) / Breaking city law x2 (-4)
umm....Yeah, it was swept under the rug, but it's still the sort of thing that gets out. Even if no one talks about it, they still know.

Devotion: +5

Gonna cut you some slack after the Fame thing. :lol: Olivia had just been told by Isev about three Immortals who all have some loosely-justifiable points for what you did. It could be said you may have had them in mind when you did it. And they themselves would realize you meant well, however misguided.


Nicely paced. I can understand that you don't want to start off a thread with too much introspection. But it felt just a bit hurried, at the start, to get into it as a result of this. But I really found Olivia's interaction with her father at the end very well done and quite touching. Admittedly, introspection is more natural there.
I did not give forgery, as that ever happened. She was about to, but was interrupted. And about that scene, I wonder if you overlooked the fact that Olivia's father had no comment on her wearing a sexy dress of her mother's. :shock:
But I'll let that go...lol
I gave you an intro to learning Draketh, but it takes a few knowledges to get a new language actually learned, even just to broken.
Linguistics is a more all-around skill, but it must be something that applies to learning languages in general, not just knowledge about a single language. I did give you one, though.
PM me with any comments or concerns :)
word count: 520
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