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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Masked Ball: Slavery

Tristan just rolled his eyes as Andráska talked about investing in infrastructure and merchants and nobles using their wealth to help solve the housing crisis. Was he honestly that naïve? Most nobles wouldn’t be willing to part with their precious nels in order to ensure that a bunch of former slaves had a roof over their heads. They would probably rebel if their king demanded that, and another rebellion was the last thing that Rynmere needed after Veljorn and Zvezdana!

But then he suddenly mentioned rent, and Tristan’s eyes lit up, and he smiled. Everybody liked receiving rent. “That”, he said. “Could actually work. If we don’t give the houses away for free – if the former slaves have to pay rent as soon as they are able to – there’ll be few complaints from the merchants and nobles. And investing in infrastructure is always a good idea. We need better infrastructure!”

“Of course”,
he conceded. “Investing in our infrastructure and making our cities look better won’t automatically increase tourism. We also need to assure the foreigners that it is safe to come to Rynmere again, that whatever troubles we had are a thing of the past now. But that is a matter that is best discussed another trial.”

Had they come to a decision? He looked at Andráska and Rey’na who had been suspiciously quiet for the past couple of bits, and then he realized that the decision would be up to him because he was currently playing the part of the king. He still thought that keeping slavery would be best option, but there were plenty of people that wanted to see it abolished or at least changed, and a king had to make compromises sometimes.

“We’ll do it your way”, he decided. “We’ll keep the slaves that were captured in battle and free the rest. But if any slaves would rather remain slaves and stay with their owners, we won’t force them to leave. And we won’t punish foreigners that visit our kingdom with their slaves, no matter what kind of slaves they are. We want more tourists and not fewer tourists.”

With that he fell silent again and glanced at the host, wondering who was behind the mask and what they thought of his performance. Had he played the part of the king well? Of course he had!
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Masked Ball: Slavery

Thread Finished!
Congratulations ~ Have Some Rewards!


Story: 10/10
Collaboration: 5/5
Structure: 5/5

Acting: Maintaining a regal demeanor
Acting: Acknowledging compliments from your subjects
Business Management: The economic impact of freeing slaves
Business Management: The potential for a housing crisis
Deception: Disguising your voice
Detection: Spotting familial traits?
Detection: Spotting familiarity
Etiquette: Punching people at parties is bad manners.
Etiquette: It's good to be the king.
Leadership: Stating your position
Leadership: Maintaining democracy in discussion
Leadership: Ensuring that your subjects know what you said. AND what you meant
Politics: When someone opposes you, challenge their standpoint
Politics: The status quo is hard to break
Politics: Nobility is unlikely to break the status quo
Psychology: It's good to be king.
Rhetoric: Laying the foundation.
Socialization: Holding the attention of a group

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Story: 8/10
Collaboration: 3/5 (2 posts)
Structure: 5/5

Acting: Being someone you are not
Acting: Head of the Anti-Slavery Alliance
Business Management: The economic impact of abolishing slavery
Discipline: Ignoring long term pain in order to focus
Endurance: Long term pain
Etiquette: Don't tell the king that his idea is the worst one ever.
Etiquette: Don't tell people you think slaves should be experimented on
Persuasion: Appeal to their emotions
Rhetoric: Stating your viewpoint
Socialization: Putting your viewpoint forward in a group
Tactics: Give an illusion of freedom to shut up those who don't like slavery

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Story: 10/10
Collaboration: 5/5
Structure: 5/5

Acting: Being the head of a group you really don't believe in
Business Management: The economic impact of slavery
Business Management: A living wage
Detection: Spotting patterns in numbers and figures
Discipline: Keep focused, even when overwhelmed.
Etiquette: Knowing when to refer on in debate
Leadership: Give a little, but remain firm.
Leadership: Offer compromise
Leadership: Repeat and expand your point.
Persuasion: Use personal examples to gain emotional impact
Persuasion: Emotion can be a powerful tool
Politics: Delivering an insult with a smile
Politics: Compliment your opponent
Politics: The reality of hard decisions.
Politics: There has to be a better way?

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All Of You!

Thanks so much for being such good sports ~ I hope you enjoyed the thread! I was really impressed with all three of you and how you played your pcs. Great stuff!

As always, drop me a pm if you've got questions or comments. Thanks again!
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