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Kyr Kazim
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Kyr Kazim

Kyr Kazim
Name: Kyr Kazim

Age: 17 Arcs

Race: Mer

Date of Birth: 3 Cylus 700


Factions Joined:

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common


Glittering scales, myriad in colour, are the first recognizable thing about the Mer. His torso, humanoid but still covered in shiny marine scales, blends seamlessly into his tail, one that resembles the fish of the lake. Gill flaps adorn his neck and go from the base of his collarbone to just behind his ear.

His eyes, seafoam green, have a thin layer of transparent skin over them so as to allow him to see while swimming. His hair, vaguely reminiscent of kelp, hangs in a bluish green tangle to his shoulders. Sometimes, he ties it back with a bit of twine, particularly with his head above water.

Young and brash, Kyr is quick to anger and slow to forget. With an innate disdain for non-Mer races, he dislikes dealing with them, but will should he have to. In most cases, he will treat the non-Mer as second class, sometimes not even making eye contact with them.

Aside from that, though, Kyr is calm. When swimming or fishing, he tends to enjoy his solitude, but will not drive others away. Some of his favorite past-times is drifting in the lake, lazy under the warming sun.

The Swarm was particularly large that arc. The Freshwater Loval tribe ventured downriver to the Orm del Sea, completing their annual mating ritual. During the particularly violent Swarm, the series of eggs that were fertilized came into existence in blood and pheromones. Among those hatched was Kyr, born to two fisher Mer. They helped the tad back to the lake, where they introduced him to the way of the water quickly.

Kyr excelled at swimming, even at an early age. While many thought him rambunctious and overly-ambitious, the young Mer found solace in his constant motion. He swam constantly in his early arcs, circling and dipping as he went. But as he grew older, he grew more ambitious, wanting to join his tribe in the fishing of Lake Lovalus.

The other boys of his tribe excelled at trapping fish, creating elaborate scent-based cages to store the massive amounts of fish they caught. For Kyr, though, he preferred to hunt his fish with his spear. The spear, thin and tipped with a scrimshawed crescent head, was excellent for quick jabs to end the fish's life. Though he found success with the trapping cages, he loved to fish.

As he reached maturity, he began to travel further into the lake, straying closer to Rharne. His first contact with the human fishermen of Rharne resulted in him being chased off, and the second wasn't much better. However, he found a way to communicate with them, learning to use his voice quickly. He then began stealing fish from their lines and traps, setting them free and hurting the humans' bounty.

Because the Loval tribe have a semi-submerged village on the far side of Lake Lovalus, Kyr has a small dwelling that is mainly submerged in the lake. Sparsely populated, but surrounded by two predator-repelling scent traps, the grotto affords him a quiet place to sleep, and in some cases, hide.

The only real possession he considers of value is his freshwater stingray, Grrglle. Grrglle is six feet across wing-tip to wing-tip, and is a bluish gray so as to blend into the bottom of the water when he is relaxing.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Hunting25/100 NA:FTNovice
Swimming25/100 (25/251)Novice
Weapon: Fish-spear20/100(10/251)Novice


Hunting: Fish evasion habits
Hunting: Using natural camouflage
Swimming: Using the current
Trapping: Scent traps are more efficient (MP)
Weapon: Fish-spear: Quick jabs kill efficiently
Weapon: Fish-spear: Thrust and twist disorients the enemy
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Swimming [RB] 25[RB] 2500
Trapping [MP] 10[MP] 1000
Starting Package 500050
Hunting ..2525
Negotiation ..520
Weapon: Fish-spear ..2000
Marks Section





  • Starting Package Items
    • Two underwater scent traps: These simple pouches, fashioned from fishskin and kelp thread, often house unappetizing predator pheromones that diffuse in the water around ones home. Although the material inside must be replaced every few Trials, it effectively wards off ocean predators from the general area where the scent trap is laid.

      1 x Fish-spear
      200 x Feet of kelp rope
      2 x Knives
      2 x Sea barrels- Especially well crafted and lightweight, these barrels seal objects and prey inside without leaving a scent trail for a predator to follow. Easily hidden under the sand, the water-proofing seal lasts for years.
      2 x Long Hooks
      1 x Compass
      1 x Mer Hook Net designed to capture prey underwater, the net ends cascade hooks which dig into the prey as they frenzy trying to escape, weakening them and aiding only in tangling them further.
      1 x Trapper's Kit
      1 x Crab Cage usually left on the ocean floor with carrion, these traps attract crabs and other creatures to be trapped within the cages. These can be left anywhere within a territory and checked on every trial or so.
      1 x Sea Crossbow
      60x Sea Crossbow Bolts
      1 x Airskin: Easily inflatable to allow a Mer to secure something hanging from a floating buoy. Some will fill them with air to release in case of attack for a momentary bubble screen or to use the force of the air to quickly propel them away from weapons or waiting jaws.
      2 x Strapped packs- worn around the front and back, these packs allow a mer to carry objects on long journeys while keeping their hands free.
Starting Package ... 40
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... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 40 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame +10 +10
Mer in Rharne -10 0
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