Ethas Droc(Remake of Ethas Reaper)

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Ethas Reaper
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Ethas Droc(Remake of Ethas Reaper)

Race: Human
Age: 16 arcs
Profession: Mage, wanderer
Birthplace: Desnind
Family Members: 1

Personality: Split. Eye color mirrors current emotion. e.g. Dark Blue-Passion, Light Blue-Sorrow, Purple-Calm, Bright Purple-Happiness
Average Personality: Calm
Mentality: Insane, in a calm fashion
History: Ethas was born and raised in Desnind. He led a happy life climbing the trees with friends. All changed when he returned home one, and found his father on the floor, dead by a head stab. He cried. His mother had run off years ago, so now Ethas was orphaned at the age of 12. He was taken in by a kindly mage, who taught him how to use the magic that was in him. For the next 4 years Ethas trained, perfecting his powers and swordsmanship. Ethas said bye to his teacher, took a pack with 30 gold and clothing, his father's old sword, and went on his way. He spent some time in Sirothelle, practicing in solitude. He managed to stay hidden from the Aukrai there. After a close encounter with one group, he went back to find a less hostile civilization. He has now made it to Etzos, but has no idea what to do.
Magic: Rupturing, Mirage
Backpack: 30 gold, 1 set of warm weather clothing, one set of cold weather clothing, slightly rusted sword
Eyes: See 'personality'
Hair color: Blonde
Hair type: Spiky
Height: 6'0"(sorry no conversion)
Wears black cloak with a series of purple patterns on it, with a purple cape and hood. Purple eye on chest
Fun Fact: Favorite color, if it hasn't been guessed yet, is purple
word count: 274

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