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Name: Dromus

Age: 20

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 37th of Ashan, 695.

Place of Birth: Hiladrith

Factions Joined: The Seekers.

Rank(s): Acolyte

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common. Basic: Rakahi.

The visage of Dromus is one of pride. The man carried himself straight and upright, chin slightly raised. Charcoal grey eyes cast intensely in whichever direction they point towards, betraying nothing but the confidence of a person who deems themselves in control of their destiny. Olive-toned skin wraps about a six foot frame, the man's build slim, as the lack of dedicated time for fitness brings his musculature to hide itself beneath his skin. Large, long-fingered hands are emphasized when he speaks, veins visible at the back, palms laden with small, crossed scars.

Dromus' tall, slim frame holds no intimidation, a rather charming persona fabricated through his wide, white smile. At first glance, Dromus seems to be nothing more than a serious young man, his countenance betraying nothing to dictate otherwise. Facial hair is kept trimmed and groomed when grown out, his hair styled and usually combed back. Clothing that he wears is unfailingly clean, though quality and type varies with location, the man doing his utmost to appear presentable in any given environment. However, his charming expression ends with his eyes. Ambition is clear within his gaze, a sense of destiny cast about his presence.

Dromus is quick to anger, though quicker still to mask his emotions, intent on appearing stoic and professional in the company of those he knows merely by superficial association. However, when one grows close to Dromus, they see different sides, a glint in his eyes, a note of rare mischief. Though predominantly, they see resolution in his gaze, the man's thoughts rarely with the present, and rather towards the future he wishes to secure.

Dromus is not one to speak of himself, though if others were asked of the young man's personality, they would most likely respond with two dominant adjectives.


Dromus is adamant in his convictions. When the young sorcerer finds himself of a certain opinion in regards to issues or sentiments (ie: where bias can be inflected), he is nearly impossible to dissuade from his course. Others have seen the sorcerer's cadence as he speaks, emotion pouring readily from his tone, fire welling in his tongue. However, it is a temporary fire, cooling immediately once he finishes speaking. Dromus takes care with his tone, constantly keeping an eye on his words. Secrecy fills the young sorcerer's nature, and though some believe to know the sorcerer, they would, if able to penetrate the recesses of his mind, find that the man before them is but a facade.


Those who have spoken to Dromus have found that he carries a particular sway with his words. Though the man seems to care little for argumentation, he finds himself constantly in the heat of debate. Taking care to keep an ear open for new knowledge, he prefers to speak and listen interchangeably. Commonly, Dromus finds himself in the company of those he can learn from rather than those at his same level, the young sorcerer eager to present himself with opportunities for growth.

Beyond the veil of Dromus' measured responses and keen eyes, there is a heaviness within him. Few have seen the cold look within his eyes, the stony nature of his features. Commonly, one would see it as Dromus casts and weaves Arcana, lost in his thoughts as he manipulates what he believes to be a birthright of his.


Words of fire cover a heart clouded with the mists of ice. The sorcerer keeps beneath the surface a fervent distaste for ignorance, believing that Arcana is the path to wisdom, and that it's power is a guiding light in which to cleanse the world of ignorance's darkness. Though Dromus has yet to enact upon his beliefs, he knows himself capable of the murder that he believes will one day be a necessary sacrifice towards his ambitions.


Dromus proves himself to have a self-preserving instinct beyond all else, caring little for the lives of even his closest friends if their existence would jeopardize his ambitions. Bonds and connections, for him, are tools to be used and eventually discarded, the sorcerer instead casting his gaze towards a future rather than in the present. Though he laments loss and the parting of association, he knows in his heart that every decision the sorcerer makes is one that will guide him towards a greater cause.

Before the Seekers, Dromus does not acknowledge a history. And this was because of war. War turned the hearts and minds of those involved with it cold. It froze empathy, it shattered resolution. The hearts of those that left and returned were just as gone as the hearts that never had the chance to return. For Dromus, this was seen in the hearts of his parents. Recruited, one by one, first his father left to fight. Movement ensued, Dromus and his mother moved south from Hiladrith to Etzos. When Dromus' father returned, the welcome was received with silence and followed by another farewell. Dromus' mother would go next, to serve as an aide on the battlefront. When she returned, there was no reception at all. Sullen, broken, lost in self, Dromus' parents fell first into depression, then into debt, and lastly into despair.

Dromus had enough.

Unbroken, unbound and with love lost, the boy found himself unwilling to suffer the company of his broken family. Bonds forged with time were broken with the deaths of self, sifting away with the sands of time and blown away by apathy. Dromus needed to leave. And his chance was given by a woman wearing a crimson hood. The robes of the Seekers were no longer worn, discarded over anonymity, but still, they recruited. When Able approached Dromus, he did not believe her. But, when she pushed him, the boy felt his heart swell once again. The poison that had begun to infect him began to dissipate, and though he was nearly fifteen and had not smiled since boyhood, Dromus' first teary grin emerged. It would also be his last. An apprenticeship was forged with hope but ended abruptly by circumstance, and Dromus was taken away from the family that he had forsaken, emigrating south, to the nearest Seekers hideaway. Able was transferred after seventeen days to a different Seekers hideaway, leaving Dromus in the care of Roslyn, who happily taught him.

Five years as an apprentice was bitter and difficult. Learning to work with the medium of raw arcana was arduous, though to perceive Arcana as breath given strength by will, he learned. Dromus turned Arcana into an ally with Roslyn's careful guidance, learning to channel Gravitation through a conduit. His work with Attunement has only begun, but Dromus knows that he is ready. The guise of a Neophyte no longer suited him. Dromus would wear the mantle of Acolyte, and work with his mentor rather than under her.

It is with the title of Acolyte that the journey of Dromus begins.

More to add with the passage of time.

Living in a Seekers hideaway, located near the city of Ne'haer.
Knowledge & Skills
Skill Points AcquiredTotal
Gravitation 20 (SP), 10 (RB), 5(DM) +2 37
Attunement 10 (SP), 5(DM) 15
Persuasion 10 (SP) 10
Interrogation 10 (SP) 10
Meditation +2 2
... ... ...

Basic Knowledge

Warlock Mentor: Roslyn
Knowledge: Arcana
Faction: The Seekers.
Location: Ne'haer Hideaway
Layout: Seekers Hideaway
Layout: Hiladrith

Specialized Knowledge

Arcana: Gravitation
Arcana: Attunement
Gravitation: Push (Here.)
Gravitation: Surroundings Matter (Here.)
Interrogation: Pain is a Powerful Ally.
Persuasion: Appearance as an Asset.
Arcana: Using a Conduit.
  • One gray coat
  • One black shirt
  • One gray pair of pants
  • One pair of undergarments
  • One pair of black shoes
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
One silver ring embedded with a round, embedded ezymite stone. (Gravitation conduit)
Transaction AmountNotes
Starting Pack 100 100gn
Forfeited Housing. 250 350gn
Total Currency: 350gn.
Thread List

Memories (In Chronological Order)

The Last Day - 18th of Cylus, 714

Ymiden, 715
word count: 1383

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