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If Altruism is defined as "the practice of doing beneficial acts with no thought of gain for oneself."
Then MALtruism must be "the practice of doing detrimental acts for no gain."

Evil for its own sake... :twisted:

Okay, yeah...that sounds about right.

It takes only a nudge for a "killer GM" to succumb to complete maltruism.
The only reward, the satisfaction of seeing would-be rules-lawyering players reduced to weeping children.
It does my heart good...or is it bad? 8-)

I used to have sad violin music poised to play when they started complaining about my rulings.
It was so gratifying to see their whining just add to the element of self-mockery.
The music, devastating in its anguished soundtrack of all-encompassing woe.
Their complaints, frivolous by comparison.
My laughter, manic in its derisive cruelty.

Aahh...the simple pleasures...

No, in all seriousness, it was all in a good time. They'd start pretending to cry and we'd all have a good laugh. :lol:

So, yes, I am Jeff. And actually, I'm a nice guy. Just don't tell anyone.
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