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Cause Everything is Awesome!

Beware the Spook that will haunt your dreams.

It will shadow your every waking moment.

Tormenting and testing your will to stand against its every whims.

Whatever you do, BEWARE!

Hello my name is Spook and yes I'm here to haunt all of you. Well, while the account name is Spook, my name to most, is Joanna, because I'm awesome. I don't know why it's Joanna ok? That's just what most people call me. Lol.

All jokes aside, I came to Standing trials mostly because a friend of mine wanted me to. However, I am loving the theme of the site and the developments that are coming along. So, I'm planning on making this a home for myself, so to speak.

Have you roleplayed before? If so, where? If you have, how long have you been roleplaying for? I have been roleplaying for six to seven years. It started off one day when I was really crappy about myself and needed an outlet, so I searched the net and found an online chat role-playing site where I stayed for a couple of years. However, the drama and trolling of it all made it very hard for me to enjoy and so I strayed for a while, typing up short stories and what not to pass the time. Then, last year, I joined a forum site and low and behold, I started role-playing again. Since then I haven't stopped.

Do you have any nicknames you go by? Is there a name you prefer people to call you? I have far too many nicknames really. Joanna, Zebra, Jo, Joey, JoJo, Josie, Redd. Although you guys can just simply call me Spook.

What are some of your most favourite characters you've made? They can be from MMORPGs, Video Games, etc. I would have to say Redd is my very favourite character. Mostly because she is a shapeshifter and is complex within her nature. Other than that, I don't really have any other favourites for the rest was kinda of like, 'meh.' I wasn't very satisfied with them, mostly because I can be very picky. We are our own worst critique after-all.

Do you consider yourself skilled in something (Art for example), if so, what is it? Do you have a favorite hobby besides RPing? Reading, I love to read books. Plus I also like to play games on my PS4 and watch TV series.[Is currently hoarding DVDs]

What is something unique about you? While I do critique my own work harshly, I tend to be a very relaxed and laid back kind of person. I will roll with other ideas and generally go with the flow. For you see, I try not to look too far into the future, because the journey is to be enjoyed and that's how I see roleplay as. A journey to be treasured. I also like tea and energy drinks... Just saying.

So... That's it for me. I'm not very good with introductions, because where is the fun in spilling all of your secrets when you can just keep some to yourself and surprise people as you go along? After-all, life is full of surprises.

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