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Vudas Will

93rd of Zidah 716

So this is what Adam had been reduced too, a spy for Vuda to unearth the seekers secrets. Alas how he would have adored a position as some kind of bdsm dungeon master but all good things come to those that wait. However duty calls and he found himself thrust crotch first into the danger zone, so without further ado he collected himself and proceeded with the task at hand. Most of the since the great fracturing of the original seekers guild the Cultists and Seekers fought covertly in cloak and dagger games of cat and mouse.

Some days you were the cat, others the mouse. You had to be quick on your feet and wit to survive, those inadequate of there tasks were often purged in one way or the other. And it would not be in the manner of having a heart attack under a pile of high class prostitutes, no no the usual method of losing the game was death by cultist or jealous seeker.

You see information was a valuable commodity and Adam had to require details from someone other then his former retainer that still resided in Ne'haer. He'd attempted to murder a cultist, but then calamity struck the city before he had a chance to enact his dubious little game plan. Although if he had been half as good looking and charming as he was now then looking back on it he could have probably been able to seduce his victim then poison her maybe after a good frolicking or two maybe even a full evening beneath the sheets you know like a proper send off of sorts to famula before being snuffed out by some chemical cocktail of murderous intent.

He was a nice guy like that.
Selfless really he deserved a medal or comendation for such virtue.

What really starts to get the water boiling is getting into this new group of seekers within the city, by fishing around and throwing his name out there that he was looking for seekers as simple inquiries had a way of traveling by word of mouth and rumour. If a higher ranked magi knew his name they might send someone out.

It was like asking for reassignment. It wouldn't be hard, word would soon circulate that this Adam fellow who was devilishly handsome and the sex symbol of a generation etc etc regardless you know he might toss in a name like it was his friend. He'd keep sending out the line in places he was most likely to find mages, alas there were far to few like himself that would be rolling around in the brothels although maybe that brunette courtesan he saw entering the building was a curvy sorceress that had been naughty and needed a good spanking.

Sometimes you has to dispense justice with a firm hand.

After the better part of an afternoon, he was hanging out in a bar. He was waiting, because he'd been fishing for info to get his reassignment and knew he'd be approached in public. He'd rather be in public then being visited on the chamber pot by a loan stranger on the other end of a crossbow. Sometimes it was better to give then receive, especially when it came to the ladies. But regardless he waited there until he was finally approached.

Here's the money I owe you, thanks for the loan, I really appreciated the help.

A quick pat on the back and the stranger had vanished into the evening, no exchange of names no nothing. He didn't even get a good look at his face. but the parcel felt strangely off. Like something cylindrical was wrapped up inside of it, it was most likely names and coordinates of cultists. Now it didn't strike one as the obvious choice to disclosing the information of the seekers directly as they were a group of splinter cells however the cultists played the same game. If lord Vuda secretly swept up one of those cultists off the street they could start gathering names of the alleged Seekers and begin from there. It was a two way street, agents were constantly jeopardized every time one was found out. A good torture session could make even the most unwilling see reason, although Adam presumed he could make them talk just by beaming them his seducers smile you know make them beg for it.

He kept himself nonchalant to stay incognito, you know keeping himself fairly scarce and just acting like part of the crowd taking an interest in a cute little number that was seated across from him that couldn't take her eyes off him but then a lot of women in the bar couldn't take there attention off him his charm as a seducer emenated like some sort of sex beacon . But he remained focused, well as good as he could he knew better then to play around with girls he knew nothing about at least when he was on business after all. Besides Adam could probably hit up the housing authority lady if he needed a quick dip. He was certain a seducer of his skill and caliber could bring that women to her knees. How the courtesan life style seemed a little greener on the other side of the fence, he could have probably been taking a ride down felatio river while eating free food and drink; well free for him as someone had to pay for it. He grumbled to himself but took a moment to realize he was still thinking to small he could be mounting some princess in his chateau manor home pumping out heirs for Vudas world order.

So he withdrew twenty five golden nels and slid them on the lacquered oak bar top nodding over the buxom blond smiling and waving while also telling the bartender on the low to bring her a bottle of what shes drinking and to cover her tab before heading out the door. It was tough to leave easy game behind but it was easier when he realized it could be trap but as a Seducer he had left the seeds to blossom into something else on a later date, because now the woman was left with drinks from a stunning man that suddenly left and it was hard to ignore what you couldn't have in the moment and it would leave her potentially thinking about that for a while.

Adam with coin purse in hand headed home. The alleys the people it seemed unnerving, he knew he was going to back stab the seekers and cultists wanted him dead so it had better be worth it.

When he was in his room he spilled the contents of the purse on the floor and plucked up the Cypher he opened it up and rolled out the tinny parchment and as expected names of suspected cultists kept popping up but most of them were just small frys and a small fry was just as clueless as him, he kept reeling through it with his thumbs until he was hit was something valuable a name of a cultist that fit the bill, one of the few that looked like she might have information about the seekers.

He kept the names of the other cultists, but when he was to meet with lord Vuda it would have to be via second party. And he would disclose his findings as he would be a step away from betraying the organization. But Adam would go above and beyond his duty, by revealing the list of targets of interest lord Vuda would now know the names of potential Cultists.

If they were successful in procuring the Cultist of interest identified as a priority it could be the beginning of a beautiful thing as they would the not only have access to names of seekers, but the more they would dig the deeper it would go. New information could be gleaned from old names held prisoner and so the cycle would continue until the whole system was uprooted from both ends.

If hands were played shrewdly, Vuda would be bending many mages to his cause.
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Vudas Will



Story: 4/5 (under 1,500 words)
Collaboration: NA(solo thread)
Structure: 5/ 5

Intelligence: Gathering information isn't straightforward in a dangerous place.
Intelligence: Knowing where to drop the right name is as important as knowing who to ask for information.
Intelligence: Which names are important from a list.
Intelligence: Identifying the best target.
Discipline: It's important to stay focused on the job.
Discipline: When faced with a difficult choice, look at the big picture.
Seduction: Eye contact, across the room.
Seduction: Pay the tab now, collect later
Seduction: Keep her thinking about you
Seduction: Doesn't need to be words

Please deduct 25gn from your ledger.
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General comments.
Story A brief thread where Adam gets some names. You got 4 out of 5 for story as the word count was short. Other than that, though, it was interesting getting some more flashes of Adam's internal thoughts. I enjoyed reading and reviewing it and I'm really pleased to have seen a part of this story arc of yours!

Structure Mostly fine. There were some errors in there. However, they didn't detract from the story, so all fine. However, there are a few, just small things that a proof read / edit would sort out. Examples include:
Most of the since the great fracturing of the original seekers guild the Cultists and Seekers fought covertly in cloak and dagger games of cat and mouse. ~ I think you're missing a word in there somewhere?
Sometimes you has to dispense justice with a firm hand. ~ have to
Here's the money I owe you, thanks for the loan, I really appreciated the help. ~ is, I believe, meant to be speech? But there are no speech marks or indication that it is.

Might be worth to look at in future threads as too many more would have been distracting from the story. However, all good and, as always please do PM me if you've got any questions. Thanks very much!
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