[Rynmere] Newbie Sorcerer looking for plots!

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[Rynmere] Newbie Sorcerer looking for plots!

Hey there everyone,

Welcome to my thread!

I am posting this because I am looking to launch Say officially next season and would like to get involved in plots in and around Rynmere. I am open to many different kinds of plots, meeting new friends/rivals/enemies, romances, adventures... Anything really to get this chara off the ground and interacting with other PCs.

A little about Say:

He is part of The Seekers
He is a refugee sent to Rynmere by his former (and now missing/dead -he doesnt know which) master.
He is under the tutelage of his Master's Master
He is looking for The Truth (the very vague concept his master was looking into)
He looks after Elliot (his masters adopted son)


He is disenchanted and looks to the past for answers. Arcs of searching for his master has turned out fruitless. Not one clue. Its like she vanished into thin air.
The Seekers, and indeed his Master's Master, avoid the subject completely. Disappearing wizards/sorcerers happen all too often.
He is trying to keep up with Elliot and make sure the boy has everything he needs.

Replies or PMs are welcome.

Thank you for your time!
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