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Zi'da 11th, 716

The best thing about Zi'da was how quiet it became, peaceful and undisturbed. For those who were better at dealing with the cold than the average person it was the perfect season to just sit and relax. Cylus was far more vicious and the world seemed dead, but Zi'da was a gentle kind of cold that made the world sleepy. Trees went dormant and lots of fuzzy animals went into hibernation until the warmer seasons came back around. That would be a problem for Night, it raised the question of how she would feed herself during Cylus. That question came back each and every arc to haunt her just when she didn't want to deal with it the most. 30 days weren't too hard to survive if you knew how. She would figure something out, there would be nights she went without dinner but that was something she already did living out in the wild. There was also the idea that she could drop by a tavern or something and grab a bite. She was starting to get a cozy little stock of nels. She didn't really have much reason to spend it for the time being, and it seemed like such a waste to get rid of the fruits of her hard work. So she hoarded it a bit like a dragon might.

Speaking of hard work she'd been putting in the extra practice for her work as a Cartographer. Drawing and writing were two skills she'd never really bothered with a child. It had taken her a week or two to read maps when she first started, the atrocities that were both of the skills mentioned prior had kept her from ever going out on her own in the first seasons of working for the Smarter Charts. That simply wouldn't do so she decided that she was going to have to put in the time and effort to practice. Zi'da was a season with a lot of free time for someone like her, so she'd nestled herself under a tree with some paper snagged from work and decided to start. No one seemed to really mind her "borrowing" of paper and ink as long as she continually got better. A bit of an investment one could call it. Night certainly didn't mind not having to pay for all the ink and paper she ended up wasting trying to get things right. A couple of her practice maps had even been dubbed usable furthering the reasoning for people to look the other way when she was leaving with a sheet or two.

Her hand glided across the paper as she drew whatever she could see around her. Light strokes produced the ground around her, while long and pronounced ones created the long and spindly trees. It was peaceful until she noticed and oddness in the undergrowth. "Oh?" She muttered to herself quietly as she approached. The underbrush seemed torn apart. Large claw marks marred the trees, claw marks that looked awfully familiar.

Night continued deeper into the undergrowth looking around cautiously. The marks seemed desperate, as if whatever made them had been trying to ward off something. The sharp metallic scent of blood was the first thing to hit her nose before she actually saw the creature. Perhaps a scuffle had taken place and whatever got hurt had retreated to the first safe place it could find? Either way if it was hurt and needed help then certainly Night should try to help it. Eventually her eyes caught sight of the creature. The pelt was of a deep and pure gray that could almost be compared to silver. It looked to be strong and powerful with a large build. On top of its powerful head was a rack like one might see on a deer or elk, two sharp fangs protruded from its muzzle. Its beautiful pelt was stained crimson.

"A Zelroux," Night whispered in a hushed tone as the carefully walked towards the creature. It seemed to be out cold, possibly from the blood loss of its injury. She walked over placing a hand in front of its muzzle. "I can feel it breathing so it isn't dead yet," she muttered to herself. She looked at the injury trying to see how bad the damage was. "Bad but survivable," she said looking at it.

There was a river near by, she quickly dipped a cloth in it and started to try and clean the Zelroux's wound. She was careful not to make it worse or restart to bleeding that had seemingly stalled. "Alright little guy, this is going to hurt when you wake up," she said pulling out a needle. After her lessons with Alex she'd bought a set of needles and some medical thread. After the problems in Vhalar with Noth and the raiding party she'd decided it would be safer to always carry it around on her. Now she could only thank her luck and experiences for being able to save this animal. Of course she still had to see if it was in her skill set.

She also had Chiren to thank for the fact the creature was out cold. It was hard to stick a needle in something that was alive and crying over the pain. Hopefully she wouldn't have to do that until she was much better with medicine and surgery. She could only guess how Alex was able to do it, but that steely demeanor of hers had to help. When it came to medicine it was even harder when that thing was large and powerful. Harder yet was when it could most likely kill you while you're distracted trying to help it. It was no wonder most people didn't help random strangers, for all they knew they were like animals that could attack you while you're trying to help. "It's going to be okay little guy," she muttered moving to stitch up the wound.

The slash wasn't the worst she'd seen in her life but it certainly wasn't the easiest thing to deal with. Over the seasons she'd had practice with all kinds of cuts, especially those she ended up getting herself. If she had the guts to stitch up her own arm then she could stitch this thing's side. Whatever had attacked the Zelroux seemed like it was intent on trying to kill it. It was curious why a Zelroux would be all on its own. Especially for so long. "I think I saw your claws marks on a sign post all the way back in Saun," she mused. If her memory served her well enough then those marks had been fairly similar. If the claws really had been Zelroux marks, specifically this one, then this little thing had been out on its own for a while. Perhaps it was even the same creature that left the claw marks outside the poachers cave. Perhaps it had been trying to hunt and kill the Monster? It would make sense if that was how it got such a wound.

Over the time she'd had to practice her hands had grown more deft with medical stitch work. So far beside the application of herbs it was the only thing she knew how to do, making it her go to. "I wish I had something else to give you. But medical herbs are expensive and go bad if you don't store them properly and use them quickly. Like I could even get you to take it," she muttered. There was something comforting about the Zelroux and before she knew it she was talking to herself as if the creature was awake. "I knew I was going insane but isn't this even a little much for me?" She huffed bitterly with a shake of her head.

"You'll be waking up soon, I doubt it would be safe to try and get some medicine before you woke up. Maybe I could take you home with me? Ah, but I don't have anywhere safe to keep you. You would end up hurting yourself trying to get out, wouldn't you? Or perhaps you would just destroy my home. Not a very friendly thing to do before Cylus, especially to your savoir. Do you have anywhere safe to go? It's going to get especially cold this arc, you don't want to be left out all alone. Do you have a pack? Of course you don't. They would have found you and taken care of you by now. Zelroux are never without their pack. That means you might just become the alpha of a new pack. Or at the least find a new alpha. Promise me you won't start tailing some no good crook. I've already got my hands full enough without one of them getting a Zelroux for a companion. Plus I don't want to have to hurt you," she continued to blather on to the unconscious creature as she worked. Talking kept her calm and made it easier not to miss the mark, especially when she was speaking nonsense and didn't have to focus on her words or the words of others. She doubted the Zelroux would be very happy if she messed up.

"There we go," she said with a gentle smile as the wound was completely closed. She snapped the end of the thread admiring her work. "That'll do you well little guy. Now you should be fine. Just be careful not to tear them out, it'll make the wound even worse than it already is. I suppose I'm going to have to find a way to remove them when the wound is healed, aren't I? I'll cross that bridge when you wake up. Who knows, you might even try to kill me," she said with a sigh. She'd love a Zelroux for a companion. As a little girl she'd always dreamed of having one, her father told such lovely stories about a Zelroux with beautiful silver fur that had been his companion in his younger days. After her father retired to live with her mother he'd set the beast free. Apparently it started it's own pack in the Etzos area. "Maybe you're one of the descendants of him..." she mused with a smile. It was funny to think that maybe one of the grandchildren of her father's Zelroux had ended up in her claws.

She stayed next to the sleeping beast a while longer almost like she was keeping watch. Her hand idly ran over the long and soft coat of the Zelroux. Her mind for the most part was absent. It was soft. "I'd love if you'd be mine. But I can't see that happening," she said with a trace of sadness in her voice. "I'll stay a little while longer and then be out of your fur before you wake."

A little while ended up passing rather quickly, Night hadn't estimated correctly how long the beast would stay asleep. So it started to stir while her fingers still idly tangled in the soft strands. She jumped as the Zelroux growled quietly, its consciousness slowly coming back. She tried to get away before it woke and attacked her in its daze, but it was faster to wake than she was to move. The creature gave a startled bark instantly sinking long teeth into her arm. Both she and the beast went completely still and locked eyes for a moment. With the slightest twitch of moment he could end her life, the poison in the Zelroux's fangs could enter her blood stream and her life would be over in a matter of minutes. The beast continued to growl quietly not breaking the eye contact. Funny, the blue of its eyes were nearly identical to that of Night's. It's lips twitched, but the muscles on the side of its head remained completely still like it was trying to judge the very nature of her soul through the mirror that was her eyes.

Apparently the animal saw something pleasing because it released the half breed from its grasp. The wound was bleeding, but he hadn't bit her deeply. It was almost like the bite itself had been a warning not to move while he judged her. The creature gave a slight pause before it turned tail and bounding off back into the woods. Night watched it go her lips parted slightly in a look of shock. The fear that fogged her mind was easily cut through by the marvel of watching the creature go with all the wild strength of the forest she called a home. "Please come back," she whimpered. The animal didn't stop.
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This was a cute little thread. Nice to see Night in a better place than she was in the other thread! :)

If you have any questions, comments or criticism about your review, feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss it.
Thank ye.
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