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Just a writer trying to make his way in the world

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Arwel Kyric
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Arwel Meilir Kyric

Bearer of Flames

Arwel Meilir Kyric
❝Oh, the king
Gone mad within his suffering
Called out for relief
Someone cure
him of his grief. ❞
A P P E A R A N C E ▪
Arwel is a sensation, an erogenous male covered in tattoos that resonate in a hedonistic tale. His body may seem like a flawless work of art, but that is only because the detailed, intricate tattoo's hide a myriad of scars. He’s an attractive Aukari whose clothes everyone wants to rip from his body. Every inch of his body defines real perfection. He has sensational green eyes and the typical fiery red hair to match his superstar model body. This hunky male is the best form of human artwork. He’s best recognized by his sexy full-body tattoo artwork that stretches down his legs and arms, and even up his neck onto his head. The erotic ink art that decorates his skin is phenomenal. The immaculate artwork that decorates his chest and stomach is a masterpiece. This sexy male rocks his larger-than-life tattoos with dignity. His body-of-art is the favorite feature, although he has well-toned skin and a chiseled jawline that attracts a throng of fans too. His sexy torso displays an impressively inked art of a face of some nature that takes up the majority of his chest, and a skull that covers most of his back. Arwel has a touch of darkness in his image which makes this artwork an exemplary fit for his taste.

Arwel’s outfit is pretty consistent. He sticks to clothes that won’t draw much attention to himself, dark clothes that let him blend in well with his surroundings. He has a pair of simple black pants and a matching black cloak, and under that, he wears a blue shirt and ties up the look with a pair of boots. More often than not, however, he ends up wearing his leather armor, it’s certainly more convenient than carrying around all that armor anyway. When he is wearing his regular clothes and not his armor, he usually has a blue bandanna tied around his head to hide his red hair.
❝Like the stars chase the sun
Over the glowing hill, I will conquer
Blood is running deep
Some things never sleep. ❞
B A S I C S ▪

Age: 23 arcs

Race: Aukari, actually half human

Date of Birth: Arc 693, of the Vhalar season on the 120th trial

Languages: common fluent vauni broken

Occupation: Arwel has always struggled on finding a job that suits him, one that fits the skills he has, as well as one that sits right with him, even if it does not follow his passion. He has been doing odd jobs and the occasional bounty to make ends meet for the time being, hoping that a job he does will reveal what he wants to do for a living.

Face Claim: Stephen James
F A C T O I D S ▪

Likes Poetry, Writing, Singing(very shy about it and won't sing around people), humming, painting, shades of blue(ironic since blue is the water that could burn out his red flame), meditating, meditative stretching(as he calls it; it's basically yoga)

Dislikes Himself or rather his race but only directed at himself (He hates being Aukari and hated because some people can't control themselves), his short lifespan (and the fact that if he gets too upset he can snuff out his own life via spontaneous combustion), Fauldrun(for making a species doomed to die so soon after being brought into the world, barely grasping the concept or idea of what to do with their life before being stamped out like an errant ember)

Strengths His composure, his poetry(well, it will be a strength with practice anyway), his positive thinking(not always successful, but he tries), Attention to detail(comes in handy when writing)

Weaknesses Depression, represses and ignores negative memories(he says it's so the emotions don't literally kill him but there's a lot more to it than that, it's just an excuse), shies away from physical touch due to the scars he hides beneath his tattoos.
P E R S O N A L I T Y ▪

Arwel has been to a great many places. He’s never really seemed inclined to settle down in any particular area, and seems a rather restless spirit because of this. In truth, it's more his fear that others will learn of his race and attack him or call for his death that he keep on the move. He’s heard what people say about Aukari, how hated his race is. But he’s also been trying to find one of the few family members he has that he trusts and loves, his cousin Avrae. He has many tales he could tell of the places he’s been, but when it comes to love….he is lacking. He has the love of family with his cousin, but that’s it. He shies away from the touch of others, not because the heat of his skin might give him away, but because of the scars that mar him from his father’s...methods to ‘fix’ him. He despises the scars on his skin, they are evidence of a man gone mad over something he considers so small. Who cares who you love if it's not hurting anyone?

Arwel can be quite the charmer, when he wants to be. Being a rather eloquent type thanks to all of his writing, his flirting is on another level when he chooses. He can swap between speaking regularly, and speaking eloquently, as though he were noble born and bred. He loves to read, and could spend all day in a library, pouring over tomes and scrolls, learning from the best writers in a secret pursuit of his own passions. He adores writing, and will spend hours sitting somewhere, deciding upon the perfect words that fit how he feels. He’s a very loyal man, and should he ever find the person to spend forever(as short as that might be for him) with, he’ll never betray them. He is the same to family...or at least, family that hasn’t wronged him like his father, who tried to change him through torture, or his mother, who chose to abandon him entirely. Technically, this means the only person he’s loyal to at the moment would be his cousin, since he has no one else to love.

When it comes to the other races, he's fairly impartial. For the most part, he does not have any negative thoughts towards any race, despite the actions of a few, he would not condemn them all. Even though an Avriel held his cousins as slaves, that does not make him hate the entire race (though with how snobby they are, if he met one face to face, he might change his mind). The same is for any other race he has since encountered on his travels. If one person has wronged him, it does not make him hate the entire race, just the singular person.
H I S T O R Y ▪

Rayvar had never been a man who wanted to settle down and have a family. But he also wasn’t the most careful man either. And that’s how he ended up with Arwel. He met Lavan. She was fire, she was passion, and she was horny, just like him. They met in a bar, flirted, had a few drinks and had a fun night tangled in the sheets. Neither expected to walk away from the night as future parents. When she found out she was pregnant, she panicked. She wasn’t exactly living a stable life, she was a human traveling and seeing the sights. She didn’t need some mixed race child to tote around and bring a bunch of discrimination with her. It was by chance that she saw Rayvar again, but when she tried to talk to him, to tell him she might be carrying his child, he pretended she didn’t exist. Well, instead of that deterring her, she decided that, his child or not (which by some twist of luck it was his) he was going to end up with this kid for acting like an asshole and ignoring her. She wasn’t prepared to raise a child anyways, but he wouldn’t have a choice. She carried to term the child, then laid him in a basket and dumped him on Rayvar’s doorstep the first chance she got and left, never to look back or return. She didn’t bother telling Rayvar that she was human, figuring that if he continued to assume she was Aukari it’d be easier on them both. She wanted nothing to do with some one night stands baby. But neither did Rayvar. The only thing this did for him was give him an heir to take over his things when he died. Neither he nor his child could have known that the dame he slept with, was in fact a human who just had red hair, and ran a little warmer than other humans. For all intents and purposes, Rayvar and Arwel both believed she was Aukari, and considering the fact that Arwel seemed fully Aukari, Rayvar had no reason to doubt it.

He’s always loved to write, but his father said the moment that he admitted it, that only ‘bum rammers’ had gay jobs like that, and no son of his was going to do a bum rammers job. Rayvar beat Arwel, focusing on his hands and wrists so that he couldn’t write for weeks without it causing him pain. This was when he was 4, and it was only the beginning. His father wanted an heir he could be proud of, someone he felt was worthy to inherit all he owned. This meant he often pushed his own morals and ideas onto his son rather than letting him form any of his own. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, Arwel was not so easily molded by his father. Perhaps it was because of his cousin that he retained some sense of self, though it was not without some work on his part. When Avrae’s parents died, Arwel was distraught, even though his father punished him for crying ‘like some sissy’. But then, his father did something unforgivable and rather than take in Avrae and his new sister into a home that could more than accommodate them, he gave them away to some Human Bard. What’s worse is when the Bard came back to Sirothelle an Arc later, he didn’t have his cousins! Arwel demanded to know where Avrae and Lecia were, only for the Bard to admit (after Arwel started to smolder his clothes) that he had sold to an Avriel slaver in a bet. He was so mad at this man for just getting rid of his cousins as if they were nothing that he punched him in his manhood as hard as he could and ran off. At the top of a hill he started to shadowbox, wanting to get out his anger without burning himself alive, throwing punches until he was covered in sweat, then raced back to the house to pry up a board and pull out all the nels he had saved, as little as there was, and went to find someone to bring back his cousins. He came across Kabkadu, an Aukari he had seen venture out of Sirothelle on more than one occasion. Mustering his courage, he went up to the man and asked if the next time he went out of town, he could look for his cousins Avrae and Lecia, and told him all he knew of the two. He offered him the few copper nel he had saved up as payment, but as Kabkadu listened, he decided to keep an eye out without taking the boys money and told him to save it. It took almost a year, with Arwel looking out every day for Kabkadu and more importantly, his cousins return. Finally, Kabkadu returned with Avrae….but not with Lecia. Arwel still doesn’t know what happened to her, and can only hope she is being treated well, or at least better than he was being treated by his father. Arwel was put into training when he was 5 to be used by the immortal Fauldrun, as with all Aukari children at that age. He seemed to be able to handle the rigors of training, and in fact seemed to be doing really well at mastering his inner flame, which Rayvar didn’t think twice about. He had heard that some Aukari were blessed with more control than other Aukari, though it’d always been assumed to be a tall tale. By around 10, it was clear that Arwel was meditating almost constantly, so clearly that was why he had more control than other Aukari, who didn’t spend as much time as he did meditating or doing his ‘meditative stretches’ as he called this weird flexibility thing he’d started doing.

Arwel always knew that he was different from the other boys though. While most entertained themselves messing with girls and running away from their ‘cooties’, he found himself getting blushy and tongue tied around the cute boys. Unfortunately, his father noticed this as well, and there was no way his kid was going to be gay. He immediately put him through his own form of conversion therapy that was borderline torture, for 6 years. Arwel hid all evidence of the scars and wounds his father inflicted in his attempt to convert him, lying about them or just keeping it under his clothing out of fear that his father would outright kill him if he told anyone. By 16, however, he couldn’t take much more of the abuse, physical and mental, that he was going through at the hands of his father. He decided it would be a much kinder fate for him to run away and hope for the best and perhaps die somewhere in the wild, then it would be to struggle onwards growing more and more depressed by the day as he had to hide his true self in so many ways. Before he left, he packed what few belongings he had (which wasn’t much), then raided his father’s safe, taking a fair amount of his gold nels before sneaking out in the dead of the night. He didn’t bother to leave a note saying he was gone, Avrae was already no longer in Sirothelle, so there was no one he could talk to about leaving, not anyone who would care anyway. He didn’t even write a note apologizing for taking the money, he figured that after all the abuse and torment he’d underwent at the hands of his father, he owed him the money needed to pay his way until he could work. He wasn’t concerned originally on where he was going, as long as he was out of the city, he didn’t care. He just hopped on the first boat out of the city and, 77 trials later, he ended up in Desnind. He didn’t know much about the city, aukari don’t normally go there because of well, how flammable everything is. He arrived in the city in the first half of Zi’da, on the 74th trial, and rented a room at the inn in Desnind until Ashan when it started to grow warm again, exploring the town and buying things needed to be able to spend the night outside of an inn and save money.

Arwel knew only the barest of things when it came to magic when he first met the two Seekers, but he always found the idea of being able to do what was normally impossible to be fascinating. He could only imagine what it would be like to turn into an animal, or to travel effortlessly from one place to another. He had always found those two magics, Ruptering and Becoming, to be the most fascinating of all the others, even if he didn’t know much about it. He was actually in the library in Desnind doing research when he first met Mirek Viliam, an Ellune Rupterer who was part of the Seekers. They were in Desnind with Steinar Grimsrud, a Lotharro Becomer, and were currently looking for others to recruit but no one had caught their eye until Arwel. Sure, some people seemed likely, but not everyone had the potential for magic, or would be willing to talk about, much less be initiated, into magic. It was often considered a shady practice after all, although for them at least, they were welcomed easily into the city because of the magic they practiced. It was likely the reason that the pair had been chosen, because both of their magics are welcomed into Desnind, Steinar in particular had quite a following as the Sev’ryn in Desnind revered Becomers because of their ability to turn into animals and many wanted to learn how to do so themselves so they could Become their spirit animal and be complete, but since he had to be very careful choosing who to teach, most were turned away. It was sheer chance that Arwel met Mirek and Steinar at all, in fact they quite literally ran into one another, or rather Mirek was reading and walking and all but ran Arwel over, and as they were apologizing and helping him up they ended up striking up a conversation and, while Arwel was very shy, nervous and hesitant at first due to so recently having run away from an abusive situation, the pair were very nice and were able to put him at ease. They were the first people he’d really spoken to since he ran away, at length anyways. The only other person he’d ever really talked to having been his cousin, Avrae. During his stay in Desnind, he met up with them many times, and after a while when he realized they both had magic, spoke of his own interest and curiosity regarding it. When he was with or without them, he spent the time not learning of magic meditating and starting to feel at peace for the first time in his life. It was actually Mirek and Steinar who helped encourage him to start over, even if they did not know exactly what hardships he underwent, they could tell what he needed was to move past what happened in order to be happier. And a happier student meant one who would put more focus on their studies. He learned a lot from them, having only had a rudimentary knowledge of magic before, and when time came for him to leave Desnind an arc later, they had decided he was a good enough candidate for the Seekers and chose to join him on his journey to start to teach him what they knew. Before they left, he made one last decision, and that was to cover the scars hidden beneath long sleeves and pants and his shirt with tattoos, so that when he looked at himself, he wouldn’t see what had been done to him except for the beautiful tattoos that now adorned his body. Shortly after he got them, he left to travel to Viden with his two new companions, not wanting to upset the Desnindians with his presence if it were revealed that he were an Aukari after hearing whispers of a few in the inn he stayed at talking about how another Aukari had been escorted from the town as soon as it was discovered what he was.

After getting his tattoos in Desnind, he decided to head out and find somewhere else to be. He took a boat from Desnind to Viden, thankful that he wasn’t the type to get seasickness as he spent a good 90 trials on the boat before it finally reached it's destination. There he spent an arc with Doran as his teacher, starting out with just some instruction on swordplay before learning that he also taught Alchemy and Chemistry and dabbling a bit in that as well. While he was there, he bought some warmer attire, but before he left he sold it again, figuring he wouldn't need it much in the warmer regions where he intended to travel. After Viden, he went with Mirek and Steinar to Etzos, taking a boat for 64 trials to get there.

Determined to see the world, he ended up purchasing a horse in Etzos, as advised by his new friends who knew he’d need it to keep up with them, as they had their own horses stabled in Etzos from before they visited Desnind. After looking around, he ended up buying a horse he later named Shasta, a beautiful rocky mountain horse that was fully trained. He took his time exploring Etzos and learning more from Mirek and Steinar as they prepared to initiate him in their magics, though they knew he was not quite ready yet to do so, it was good to inform him on what would happen and what to expect, as well as gathering supplies for making his Becoming token for himself. After an arc the trio decided to move on to Ne’haer to perform the Becoming initiation, knowing it wasn’t quite safe to use magic in Etzos, not with Vuda around. If he got wind, then they’d all be asked to see him, and they didn’t want that for Arwel, not when he was showing such promise. So instead, they told him not to breathe a word about magic in Etzos, and they spent the year quiet, helping him gather supplies without drawing any attention to themselves. When they left for Ne’haer, they went on horseback and enjoyed telling stories and camping under the stars, growing close and Arwel would never admit it, but in a way they were almost like the family he’d always wanted to have. He was going to ignore his birthday like he always did, but they found out and while it was no grand celebration, they did toast him with a mild alcoholic drink and stayed up late, getting a late start the next day but it was worth it, it was by far the best birthday he’d ever had. It was on their journey to Ne’haer that he was initiated into his first magic, Becoming. They used one of his toes for his totem, seeing as he liked the use of both of his hands for writing. It was something Arwel had never felt before, feeling as though he were everything and nothing at the same time. It was a painful experience, but thanks to all the meditating he’d done he was able to stay centered and remain himself during the initiation. After he learned Becoming, he needed a fair amount of time before he felt up for learning the other, though he made sure to tell them that he just needed to recover from the experience, and that he was not changing his mind, nor being pressured to learn Ruptering as well. He wanted to learn the other magic, but wanted time to adjust to the first.

After an arc in Ne’haer, in which among other things he purchased a new journal and ink to write with, he went with Mirek and Steinar to Rharne by boat. They had people they needed to meet there regarding the faction they were in and tell them (in order to pass on the message) that they had found a new initiate and were inducting him as a Neophyte. He’d done well so far to heed them, and was progressing well enough that it made sense to inform that it would be official. They were both Sorcerers in the faction themselves, so it was time for them to take on students themselves, which is why they had chosen to go find themselves a student, or students. It was after they left Rharne that Arwel said he was ready to learn Ruptering, and Mirek initiated him. That feeling as he traveled through space and time (or at least it felt like that) was exhilarating. The bond he had with Mirek afterward was interesting as well, the woman felt almost like a mother figure to him because of the closeness they now shared from melding their ether together.

The rest of his travels, from Rharne to Scalvoris, was rather uneventful for the most part. He had never intended to return to Sirothelle, but when word reached him that his father had died, he felt it was only right for him to return home to attend the funeral alone, intending on meeting up with Mirek and Steinar later, only to learn his father had completely written him out of his will and basically wanted to treat him as though he’d never existed. He wrote to Mirek and Steinar and told them he needed some time to himself to deal with the revelation of his father making it as though he never existed, and they have since left him to his own devices, letting him spend the rest of his 22nd arc in Desnind without bothering him. When he was ready, he wrote to them again and they decided to meet up in Rynmere. He has no idea what to expect in the city, but he figures he’ll be able to figure something out while there, maybe save a few more nel up to travel or do other things. He’s hoping somewhere along the way he can find out what his life’s work should be, or even just a career.

  • City Dweller Pack
    • One set of clothing consisting of a cloak, shirt, pair of pants, undergarments, a bandanna, and a pair of boots
    • One set of cold weather clothing consisting of a Doublet, thick pants, gloves and a warm hat
    • One set of standard toiletries consisting of; soap, a comb, a razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • A tinderbox
    • A waterskin
  • One set of good quality leather armor consisting of
    • a chestpiece
    • gauntlets
    • greaves
    • faulds
    • helmet
  • One first aid kit consisting of:
    • Bandages for casts (3)
    • Tourniquet set
    • Wooden splint braces (6)
    • Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
    • Bandage Hooks (12)
    • Jar of sealing jelly
    • Folding Burner/brazier assembly
    • Boiling Pot
    • Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
    • Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
    • Needle set (curved and straight)
    • 50' Spool of thread
    • Precision Tweezers
    • Precision Scissors
    • Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
    • Sponges
    • Sling
  • A Pistol Crossbow
  • A set of 20 crossbow bolts
  • A Steel Arming Sword
  • A 3 yard x 3 yard tarp
  • A A tent
  • A heavy duty sleeping bag
  • A baldric
  • A large light canvas waterproof bag with shoulder straps
  • Two blank journals
  • A reservoir pen with 2 vials of black ink
  • A bedroll
  • Rocky Mountain Horse named Shasta
  • A torn journal page containing a poem by an unnamed author. (RM)
  • Samples of Mushrooms x 3 (One about 5 inches and completely transparent with a wide cap. The second type was tall and thin with a tiny cap ~ that one was mostly white with tiny brown speckles on it. The third and final kind was tiny; large enough that Niv could carry it without too much bother. It was bright red and shiny with white spots on it.)
  • Samples of Ice x 5 (red, yellow, green, blue, purple) ~ this remains ice, even after you have left the caves.
  • 4 x lightstones
  • 4 x darkstones
  • Ice wolf shards
  • 1 Domain Bag
  • 1 Crystalline Snowflake
  • 3x small (pocket sized) sacks of warm Faldrass sand
  • sound muting black ice: this ice (or water, when it melts) is black and seems to absorb sound in a 20 foot area around it. If it gets diluted, the range doesn't increase, but the effectiveness lessens
  • samples of ice tiger pieces: These remain frozen and are incredibly sharp. Could be used to add to a weapon etc. Can be ground up.
  • 1 map of Immortals Tongue
❝I live in my own flames
sometimes burning too bright and too wild
to make things last❞
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Arwel Kyric
Posts: 283
Joined: Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:14 pm
Race: Mixed Race
Renown: 48
Character Sheet
Wealth Tier: Tier 5




Arwel Meilir Kyric

Skill Tree and Knowledges
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics(FT) 5 5/100 Novice
Blades(Arming Sword) 10 10/250 Novice
Chemistry 5 5/250 Novice
Drawing 5 5/250 Novice
Ranged Combat (Pistol Crossbow) 15 15/250 Novice
Meditation(RB) 25 25/250 Novice
Painting 4 4/250 Novice
Singing 5 5/250 Novice
Writing 19 19/250 Novice
Unarmed Combat(Boxing) 4 4/250 Novice
Ruptering 5 5/250 Novice
Becoming 5 5/250 Novice
Writing - To write is to pour out one’s soul (sp)
Meditation - Slow, deep breaths, find your center (sp)
Blades - Treat the blade as an extension of your arm (sp)
Ranged Combat - It takes a steady hand and sharp eye (sp)
Ruptering - Learn to align yourself to the pockets of ether of the world (sp)
Location: Sirothelle (RM)
Location: Desnind (RM)
Faction: The Seekers (RM)
Becoming: Initiation (RM)
Rupturing: Initiation (RM)
Singing: Simple warm-up exercises (RM)
Writing: How to craft a metaphor (RM)
Unarmed Combat: How to throw a punch (RM)
Agriculture: Phenomena: Plants growing in the freezing cold
Amaris: A potential friend
Amaris: Spoke to you
Animal Husbandry: Phenomena: Ice Wolves shatter on impact
Cartography: Accurate maps
Chemistry: Phenomena: Ice which changes colour
Chemistry: Phenomena: Rocks which absorb light
Chemistry: Phenomena: Water retaining a liquid state sub-zero
Creature: Ice Wolf
Creature: Ice Wolf: Shatters
Drawing: Mapping out caverns
Endurance: Enduring extreme cold long term
Location: Ice Caves of Ishallr
Location: Ice Caves: Many corpses have been found
Location: Ice Caves: Many strange phenomena
Location: Ishallr
Location: Ishallr Main Camp
Logistics: How to pack a bag can be important.
Logistics: Planning how not to be identified as Aukari
Logistics: Required equipment for an expedition in the cold.
Medicine: Basic first aid
Medicine: Phenomena: Shattering of a frozen corpse
Medicine: Tending wounds in the cold
NPC: Jackson Eclipse
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Not a chatty fellow.
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Your guide
NPC: Zach: Enthusiastic and then some
NPC: Zach: Expedition Leader
Physics: Phenomena: Darkness becoming solid
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing ice
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing wall in response to prayers
Physics: Phenomena: Melodic pillars
Physics: Phenomena: Walls of blackness
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Close proximity is best
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Panic-fire
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Preparation is key
Scalvoris: A very odd place
Sculpture: Phenomena: Ice sculptures with no tool marks
Socialization: Speaking out in groups
Sociology: The camaraderie of groups in danger
Writing: Capturing emotions with words
Writing: Clear notes
Writing: Speed writing to get everything down

Animal Husbandry: Experimented on animal
Animal Husbandry: Frozen specimens
Arwel: Aukari
Blades: Sword: Attacking to defend others.
Blunt Weapons: Basic swing technique.
Caregiving: Ensuring that people don’t descend into shock
Caregiving: Quiet and calm
Detection: Determining status via clothing
Endurance: A night of extreme discomfort
Etiquette: Ask before taking, even when the person is dead.
Etiquette: Respect for the dead
Fauna: Monster: Ice Tiger: Vulnerable to warm metal bars
Fieldcraft: Leaving behind the dead
Investigation: When imprisoned, check all surroundings
Ishallr: Now has four portals
Medicine: Warm up shock patients.
Medicine: Warming up someone frozen.
NPC: Carla: Ghost child from the Ice Caves.
Physics: Phenomena: Ice which mutes sound
Physics: Phenomena: Material making souls visible to all?
Physics: Phenomena: Teleportation stones
Physics: Phenomena: Warm metal
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Breathing techniques.
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Firing to distract and annoy
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Using a crossbow to attach to something out of reach.
Tactics: Combat happens in split-trill time.
Tactics: Considering how to move things without touching them.
Tactics: Determining when there’s time to talk.
Tactics: Talking through options before doing them

Caregiving: Asking about what the person wants
Caregiving: First aid
Caregiving: Non-threatening posture
Caregiving: Reassuring words
Cartography: Map drawing
Cartography: Map reading
Cartography: Symbols on maps
Discipline: Gloves on first, no matter how compassionate you feel.
Disease: Moss Zombie Disease
Disease: Moss Zombie Disease: A real thing
Disease: Moss Zombie Disease: Only affects boys?
Lisirra’s Plague: Moss Zombies?
Location: Immortals Tongue
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: The Immortals walk here?
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: Unique flora, fauna and monsters
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: Very odd weather
Logistics: Organization of camps
Medicine: Basic first aid
Meditation: Early morning has a special significance
Monsters: Moss Zombies
Monsters: Moss Zombies only male?
NPC: Jo’ne: Mayor of Scalvoris Town
NPC: Kris: He appears to be very anti-slavery
NPC: Reza: Overseer of the Shrines on Immortals’ Tongue
Tactics: Don’t go underground if you don’t know what’s behind you
Writing: Write what you see
Writing: You can miss new details while writing
Skill Point Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starting Package 505000
CS Approval+12(RM)1200
Mapping the Ice Caves: Trial 1+200020
Mapping the Ice Caves: Trial 3+200020
Digging in the Ruins: Team Fauna+20...40
Forfeit housing ... +250gn
Starting package? ... +100gn
Pistol Crossbow -15gn ...
Bolts(20) -2gn ...
Steel Arming Sword -20gn ...
Large waterproof light duty canvas bag with shoulder straps -1gn 2sn ...
3ydx3yd tarp -2gn1sn
First Aid Kit -22gn ...
Bedroll -5gn ...
(2)Blank Journal -10gn ...
Reservoir Pen -5sn ...
(2)Vial of black ink -10sn ...
Leather Armor (good) -20gn ...
Leather Gauntlets (good) -10gn ...
Leather Greaves (good) -10gn ...
Leather Fauld (good) -10gn ...
Leather Helmet (good) -10gn ...
Baldric -2gn ...
Bandana -12sn ...
Trained horse -100gn ...
Ice Caves Payment ... +200gn
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 308 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Race Fame -10 -10
City Fame(Rynmere) -10 -20
Killed a wulf +3 -17
Event Participation +10 -7
Event Participation +10 +3
Helping Amaris +5 +8
Endangering yourself to help +5 +13
Defending Carla +5 +18
Helping Padraig +5 +23
Giving Padraig your stuff +5 +28
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
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