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A guide to all the major territories of Gauthrel.

The Gauthrel Plains reach from the coasts of western Idalos to the very edge of Ne'haer before meeting the forests surrounding Hiladrith. The Fields of Gauthrel can be a dangerous place, one that is home to the most deadliest of creatures. It holds many secrets in the history of the land and may offer rewards to those who choose to journey out into the wild plains. It is best not to wander out alone in these fields. Even caravans have been known to go missing.

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Territory Information

Uthaldria's Surrounding Territories

Place Foot Caravan Boat Air
Uthaldria - Faeron 6 days 5 days 4 days 3 days
Uthaldria - Mac Adonnaigh 12 days 9 days 7 days 5 days
Uthaldria - Vignir 9 days 7 days N/A 4 days
Uthaldria - Uppsala 9 days 7 days N/A 4 days
Uthaldria - Fryjrland 11 days 9 days 7 days 5 days
Uthaldria - Argos 13 days 10 days 7 days 5 days
* Mounts reduce travel time by half for each category
* Uthaldria can only utilize boat travel to cities connected to it by river
* The massive river running through Alfweyr and Mac Teagan is known as the Rinlokk Elv
Clans Around Uthaldria

Please look here for more information about Stahlmark and its neighboring clans.
Faeron (Alfweyr)
Faeron, nearly rivaling Uthaldria in size, is the second largest city in the Lotharen Fields of Gauthrel. While Faeron's economy is not fully developed, and their trading and military empire is far diminished from that of Uthaldria's, Faeron is a quickly growing city. Built by clan Alfweyr as the second bastion against the creatures of Gauthrel, the city began merely as a fortress for the Lothar to secure extra farmlands alongside the great river running north. However, due to the potential for industry within the surrounding area, many Lothar from Uthaldria and other strips of Gauthrel migrated to Faeron and began expanding upon the fortress, turning it into a city. Since then, it has been a powerhouse within the region, with a bustling agricultural industry that has led to a growth in population throughout Eastern Gauthrel.
Mac Adonnaigh (Mac Teagan)
Mac Adonnaigh is the capital of art, cuisine and music in the Fields of Gauthrel, and thus is dubbed by outsiders as the "cultural hub of the Lothar". However, this is a misrepresentation, as the culture of Mac Adonnaigh, and Mac Teagan in general, is not remotely similar to that of all of the other Lotharen clans. While they are warriors, breeders and hunters still, their Defender branch is far more occupied with artists, musicians, chefs and architects than any of the other fields the Lothar generally flock to. The city is renowned for a lavish and wealthy lifestyle among its citizens, who are known to be far more gentle and romantic than the usually rowdy and wild brothers they'll find across the river.

Noting that, Mac Adonnaigh is in fact beyond the great river leading into Lotharen Gauthrel, which means it is much removed from the violence of the Fields. As a result, the Lothar have focused less on hunting in recent years and more on expanding the culture and wealth of their clan and city. However, distinctively from other clans, Mac Adonnaigh is far from central to the Clan's politics. It is an aristocratic capital with a medium sized population, whilst Shaelenberg hosts the King of Mac Teagan and the third largest city in Gauthrel.
Vignir (Valendale)
Vignir, the capital of Clan Valendale, is a beaten arrangement of shacks and broken down longhouses that have all - over time - endured dozens if not hundreds of sieges from monster-kind. Valendale is known for being the nomadic clan of Lothar, constantly having to move and clear out beasts and wildlife to survive and ensure their own existence. As a result, their capital is not very impressive whatsoever, and very few of the clan actually reside here. This is mostly the place of living for the greatest of warriors, who can withstand trial and tribulation day-by-day in order to protect the homeland of their clansmen. Even so, it is a losing battle.

Vignir has little industry, save for - on occasion - fishing and lumbering. There are many aquatic species in the rivers near the town, as well as a thick breed of tree that provides excellent durability to homes and other wooden vessels. Aside from this, the town is fairly unremarkable, though some have fought for years to see it expand, so that one day the Valendales may gain a foothold in the land of their birth.
Uppsala (Nordhoff)

Uppsala, the capital of Clan Nordhoff, is one of many medium-sized coastal cities owned by the clan. The significance of Uppsala comes from the fact that it is the hub of Clan Nordhoff's slave trade -- almost all slaves come through Uppsala first, and it is here where Lothar are trained and taught on how to subjugate others and efficiently pillage and plunder the other lands they arrive in. Despite being of similar size to the other cities in the clan's territory, Uppsala is by far the wealthiest, with a majority of the pillaged goods of other cities arriving in Uppsala's docks. As a result of the Nordhoff's nature of taking back things and people from other places, the city hosts a wild variety of different trades and crafts, and is by far the most racially, religiously, economically and culturally diverse city in the Fields of Gauthrel . . . and perhaps even all of West Idalos, for that matter, save for the city of Ne'haer.

Architecture-wise, the city of Uppsala is far different than that of the other Lotharen clan capitals. Complimenting the tropical and coastal appearance, the city's colors are light and welcoming, and the buildings are primarily made of stone rather than wood. The Jarl of Clan Nordhoff lives in a large, pale spire on the edge of the city, with palm trees and crops of taro, sugar cane and rare flowers growing outside of the walls.
Fryjrland (Free Tribes)
Not much is known of Fryjrland, other than that it is the only recognizable city of the Free Tribes, and that it is placed - amazingly - atop the many hills on Abanaxus (the great dragon of Gauthrel)'s back. The city's heart appears to be within a large mountain, behind a massive cave entrance, though many of the people live outside of this mountain along the edges of the hills. The Freelanders who live here have mastered the art of terrace farming, and so the hills and mountains surrounding Fryjrland appear to be covered in precariously placed farms. In addition to their skill in farming, nearly all Freelanders of this city have a thing in common: a mastery for animal taming, as they command Sohr Khal to assist them in farming, traveling and many other things in the span of their daily lives.

Yet, in truth, what occurs within this city and what sort of lifestyle they really live . . . these things are unknown. No Freelander will tell an outsider of the pride of their people, for fear that the other Uthaldrian clans may utilize this knowledge for their own purposes.
Argos, a trading city along the coast, is a neighboring city that is not primarily populated with Lothar. Thus, it is an anomaly to the people of Gauthrel, and many of the clans have convened in unity with the idea that the city and its fertile lands should be added to the Lotharen horde.

More information will be added later, when Argos is more developed. Regardless, it should be known that the surrounding area of Argos is in fact within the Fields of Gauthrel, and so the townships and communities around Argos can be interacted with, just not quite the central city.

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