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Here are all threads from before the Fall of Emea in 719 and all threads pertaining to the Fall. As of Ymiden 719 (1st June 2019), this forum is locked for new threads and is a repository for old content.

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Figure Me This

Rorschach Sny

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Heh, I've heard the joke before but I still grinned a little bit when I realised where it was going, very good. Liked the way you came about this, thought it was clever.

Despite enjoying it, however, it was not... compelling enough in a way that I felt it deserved 5/5, despite being much shorter than the recommended word count to max out the score (this sits at just over 1,200), which is why I have awarded 4/5. Whilst it's not a massive issue, I just wanted to make you aware that we have a couple of things we expect from our writers - who are all so talented - and longer threads reap more benefits. If you haven't had the chance to read it, the Peer Reviewer Guide will give you more of an insight into what w're looking for.

Also in future, please list which Immortal you want devotion from.. took me a while to work it out, even though it should have been obvious!

If you have any questions, comments or criticism about your review, feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss it.
Thank ye.
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