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Name: Chezar

Age: 45 Arcs

Race: Eidisi

Date of Birth: 9th of Cylus of arc 671

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent); Ancient Tongue (Fluent); TBC (Broken)

Partners: N/A

Chezar stands at just over 6 feet tall. His thin frame is only lightly accentuated by muscles similar to lean cords. Long fingered hands end in softly curving nails meticulously cared for much like his wardrobe which is kept free of any dirt or stain of any kind. As a past resident of Viden Chezar most often wears light or thinly layered clothing made of fur which drape loose and comfortably around his shoulders but are tailored to fit snugly at both ankles and wrist. As with most Eidisi Chezar's skin is a light shade of blue, crisscrossed with a myriad of thin lines over his chest, shoulders and forearms as a reminder of his peoples past. His shoulder length hair is only a few shades darker than his skin and more often than not tied back into a single tail by a plain, adorned leather strap.

Chezar wears his superiority complex like a robe about him at all times, keeping his head held high and his nose upturned to all but the most impressive of individuals he meats. First and foremost the Eidisi believes he is right in both his actions, judgments and decisions, and gives little to no thought of what others may think or feel. Beyond his confidence and ego there is a cold meticulousness to his mind and way of thinking. Everything does what it does for a reason, and it follows a logical pattern that just takes time to understand. This goes for not just natural processes, but for people and even magics and Immortals as well. Seeing the patterns, and understanding them, is a driving force in many of Chezar's decisions.

Friendship is not something the Eidisi understands easily, and the same goes for the idea of familial ties as well. Bond, contracts and relationships can all be broken given enough time and energy, a fact that Alchemy has proven true time and again. The tedium of social etiquette are of little interest to the man, though he does try to follow them as much as possible. If given the option of talking with a person or simply reading a book Chezar would almost certainly choose the latter. Books were separated into paragraphs, chapters and volumes and so had ample opportunities to put them down when they become dull. People, however, were not quite so easy to disengage from.

Gifted with high intelligence and a long lifespan Chezar has developed a strong sense of self worth, if not much in the way of humility to temper the bravado. Every situation is looked at like he were standing on the other side of a window, even his day to day interactions with other people. Because of this Chezar is rather detached from reality, and his ability to be empathetic towards others is close to nonexistent. This makes it difficult for him to distinguish between words said in gest and those said in a literal sense. He is slow when it comes to picking up on the social ques which are directed toward him, though oddly he has little trouble recognizing them when they are directed toward someone else.

Marzel and Felice Fahe had not planned on having a son. Both mother and father were passionate about their work, some would say obsessed by it, and neither one was quite ready to settle down and put aside their work to help raise a child of their own. So it was with some irony that Chezar was conceived upon Mrs Fahe's desk as they celebrated a rather astounding new discovery that they were sure would change their lives forever, and change their lives it did. A little over a year later Chezar was brought into the world during one of the coldest nights of the year, much to Felice's distaste as it kept her from reviewing her previously collected data from the previous day.

As far as childhoods go Chezar's was a good one. As a Fahe he and his family were well off within Viden. Money was little concern, and Chezar wanted for nothing especially when it came to learning and tutelage. With his parents gone from dawn till dusk the Eidisi child was left to be raised by his teachers, tutors and nursemaids. This meant that most of his time was spent in the library, reading and studying in a vain attempt to impress his distant sires and earn their approval and respect. As a man Chezar does not consider himself mistreated as a child. His parents simply did what was expected of them. To put their work, and the honor of the family name, first and foremost. In that at least they succeeded with flying colors.

While most children took a break during their studies to procrastinate and daydream Chezar used any idle time to peruse topics that were not on the listed coursework. Given his parents professions both the maths and sciences came easily to Chezar, especially the science of chemistry. He was always fascinated by how the littlest of imbalances in a formula could completely alter the final product of whatever one was working with. For fun he would often try and put every day things into some type of pattern or formula and then try to shift and change the variables, then attempt to predict the new outcome. His caretakers often misunderstood his 'experiments' as acting out or mischief making, but that was never the boy's true intent. He just wanted to know how things worked.

Alchemy was a subject Chezar stumbled on by accident when looking through some papers his father had left exposed on the nightstand. That first day, gazing at the formulas, it was like a light had gone off in the child's and a new world of possibilities opened up. Not only was it possible to understand and manipulate the formulas of chemicals, the same could be done with magic, people and life itself. It was an obsession from that day on, one that consumed his thoughts as much as it had his parents.

Other kids his age rarely understood his interests, and so Chezar avoided them. In fact most people did not understand how he could stare for hours at the same line of script without moving, and come away with 10 new things he had not known previously. Because of this Chezar avoided people, or rather avoided them mentally for interactions socially were something he could not escape given his lineage within the city. He could smile, say the right things and then bow out of a conversation politely, but he could not avoid all contact with the world completely. Such things were not allowed. Just like with chemistry and alchemy people followed a set formula, unique for each individual yes, but once it was understood it was easily predicted. Simply fill in the values here and there and suddenly everything they said and did was as obvious as if they were reading from a script.

When he grew older his childish ambitions of impressing his parents died and turned instead to setting himself apart. He knew he was smarter than either of his parents, and the problems which baffled them he was sure he could solve. The problem, however, was that within the city of Viden he was less than no one. His family was one of great people, the greatest of all perhaps, and living under those shadows quickly became more than the man could bear. He had to set himself apart, to stand out and show exactly how great he truly was. To do that he had to discover something that not even his parents had been able to discover, to figure out something that was beyond what anyone had seen so far. This, however, was nearly impossible so long as he remained within Viden.

On the day he left the city he was seen off by an old friend. Marzen and Felice Fahe were too deep into their research to rise and say good bye and good luck to their only son, that is if they even remembered he was leaving at all. It didn't bother the Eidisi man though. Just like everyone else his parents were just following their own life formulas. When he returned, he promised, he would show them something that made all that they had done in their lifetimes seem insignificant.

Chezar's home is a less than sturdy wooden house located in the Northeastern Civilian Housing area of Etzos. It is a single room structure with little more than a bed, table and chairs and a chest in which the Eidisi keeps all of his worldly belongings.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Alchemy25/100 (25/251)Novice
Chemistry15/100 (15/251)Novice
Linquistics0/100 N/A FTNovice
Poisons10/100 (10/251)Novice
Research (Racial Bonus)25/100 (25/251)Novice


Chemistry: Ratio Calculations [SP]
Chemistry: Dilution Calculations [SP]
Alchemy: Making alchemist powders [SP]
Etzos: Common plant species [SP]
Poisons: Common poisons plants[SP]
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Research [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 505000
Alchemy ..2525
Chemistry ..1515
Linguistics ..00 00
Marks Section




N/A [/list][/list]


  • Thin fur lined tunic
  • Thin fur lined pants
  • Set of undergarments
  • Thin furn lined coat
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox
Starting Package ... 250gn
Chemist's Kit 115gn 135gn
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 135 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame +20 +20
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
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Welcome to Standing Trials, Chezar! I had an absolute blast reading through your CS. This line in particular made me laugh out loud: “Chezar wears his superiority complex like a robe about him at all times.” Ha!

Before we can move you into the approved user group, I have a few quick fixes I'm hoping you can make.

1. Don’t forget to pick a Broken language and add it into your CS! Here’s a link to the language guide: http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3029

2. Don’t forget to include your character’s surname (Fahe) on your CS. Did you check in with Whisper for approval to be part of the Fahe family in Viden?

3. The starting nel for players who own a house is 100 gn. You've listed 250 gn on your CS. Please make this update and remove Chemist's Kit from your ledger.

4. Don't forget to add a special possession worth up to 30gn to your CS!

Once you've made these changes, shoot me a quick PM and I'll remove this intervention & send you your CS Rewards!

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