Wanderers of Xiur (WIP)

Xiur enthusiasts that believe in life beyond Idalos.

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Wanderers of Xiur (WIP)

OOC Note: Sorry for the boxcode, if this gets approved will work on a better one - but for now this is all I had.

Name: Wanderers of Xiur

Purpose: Research and study of potential life within and beyond the stars. They believe that worshiping Xiur and studying his domain of stars will allow them knowledge beyond imagination, power beyond that any other mortal being can come in to contact with. They watch the stars and look for patterns, as well as doing many weird and wonderful rituals to Xiur. These include, but are not limited to, shouting at the stars to try and make contact and singing while in a star formation. The Wanderers have no shame in these rituals, and will do them in open spaces where they can be seen. However, although their appearance is strange and perhaps even delusional, they may be on to something...

Mages are well accepted among this group, as are specific races. Avriel, especially, are wanted due to their ability to fly. Rupturing is also specifically sought after, for the idea of teleportation would allow for much more exploration. Any new and unique talent is welcomed, however, for anyone with a love of the stars and Xiur belongs with this group.

Entry Requirements: Like the stars or Xiur? Then you're welcome. Any skill of choice may be chosen as a job skill, so long as it can be justified to help the cause of discovering life beyond our own. Stories spread through the wanderers of a man who wielded throwing knives being taken aboard, as they could study how the knives were thrown and figure a way to replicate that with an Avriel. However, the stories don't tell of how the experiment failed and both the thrower and Avriel perished due to it.

When entering, a PC or NPC must have a specific skill (like that of a job skill) that assists them in their line of work. This will be the skill that you should focus on, though others can be used. Find interesting and unique ways to make the skill useful in the Wanderers and how it can assist the eventual goal of reaching the stars, or at least understanding them better.

Ranks: Only one rank, which is Wanderer. There is no Hierarchy, as the Wanderers are all one in the same with one objective in mind.



Name: NPC




Name: NPC


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