Magic Circus (WIP)

A travelling circus of mages

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Magic Circus (WIP)

OOC Note: Sorry for the boxcode, if this gets approved will work on a better one - but for now this is all I had.

Name: Travelling Mage Circus

Purpose: Two objectives are in the mind of any who join the group. Primarily, they wish to spread fun and joy through Idalos by demonstrating their magic. However, they have a secondary objective. They wish to show the world that magic is beyond a weapon, that it is a tool that can bring more than just harm and war. Sovereign mages can make for incredible performers, and Defiers use Dancing to show the true beauty of the elements. Any magic can be seen as beautiful, in their eyes, so long as the person devotes their time to doing so. However, the circus can't and won't. So long as the magic shows the mages in a good light, any and all are welcome to join the magic circus - no matter the location.

Entry Requirements: If a PC has a magic they can show off, they have full access to the circus. The circus will go as far as to initiate mages just to have new members, so long as they have the available mage to teach them. Their goal is to build a community of mages that can show all of Idalos the true beauty behind magic.

When entering, a PC or NPC must have a specific skill (like that of a job skill) that assists them in their specific performance. That skill must be a magic of some description, and alongside it a performance type must be chosen. How you choose to perform is up to you, but bear in mind your skill level. A Competent becomer couldn't turn in to a Dragon for the people, so bear that in mind.

Ranks: No ranks, per say. Everyone has their own rank, arguably, as you are titled by your performance type. Everyone is an equal and has their job to do, so stick to your job and you'll be fine!



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Name: NPC


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