Shield of Ethelynda (WIP)

A faction believing in the safety and equality of all

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Shield of Ethelynda (WIP)

OOC Note: Sorry for the boxcode, if this gets approved will work on a better one - but for now this is all I had.

Name: Shield of Ethelynda

Purpose: The Shield of Ethelynda is a faction based in all cities they can make an influence in, supporting the rights of every race and person that is victimized or targeted unfairly - be it by cities or by enemies. This includes charity work, as well as signing up for the military. The primarily worshiped immortal of this faction is Ethelynda, though this is no requirement for joining.

They believe in equality for all those who deserve it, but understand that there are people that abuse their rights and should lose them as such. Criminals should be punished fairly and victims given the right amount of compensation for whatever crime or abuse they have experienced. The group focuses highly on morals, meaning that they only volunteer for the military and not sign their lives away. After all, some conflicts are not just and should not be fought. Whatever side helps the masses is the side that the Shield will join.

Entry Requirements: None, per say. Any job that helps people is a job the shield will offer and allow to happen, be it through combat or medical causes or anything else. Even poisoners can be recruited for the sake of their knowledge and antidotes. The only exception to this is magic, specifically Necromancy and Abberation. Any mage that has a licence to use their magic is immediately accepted, but any strikes to this will mean removal from the group. Mages that have no licence, if known as mages, will not be considered.

A practitioner of a 'questionable' magic will always be judged and watched a lot closer than anyone else. This close watch also applies to people deemed to have questionable morals, worshipers or dark/evil immortals or potentially corrupt motives.

When entering, a PC or NPC must have a specific skill (like that of a job skill) that assists them in their line of work. As well as time spent helping the Shield, ability to use that skill is a key factor to ranking up. Your chosen skill should assist the job you do alongside the Shield, so a medic should take Medicine and a warrior take a weapon skill etc.

Ranks: To avoid a hierarchy based off of power alone, the ranks are made as simple as possible, split in to three. These ranks are also determined by work and devotion to the shield, not to ability - although being good with your skill assists with your job, so plays a part. One rank is the higher ups, better known as the Towers (Represented by an icon of a Tower Shield wielded by an Ithecal, supposedly Ethelynda). Underneath those are the Kites (Represented by an icon of a Kite Shield with a serpent coiled inside it). Finally, the base rank and the majority of members are Bucklers (Represented by a Buckler Shield witha snake coiling around it).

Requirements per rank:

Master or above in your chosen skill
Two seasons worth of time spent with the Shield, minimum
A modded thread/Invitation from the other Towers

Competent or above in your chosen skill
One season worth of time spent with the Shield, minimum.
A modded thread

One skill of choice to be your primary skill.



Name: Lyari
Rank: Tower
Race: Human

Medicine - 85/100 (Master)
Surgery - 80/100 (Master)
Logistics - 60/100 (Expert)
Leadership - 50/100 (Expert)



Name: Emerald
Rank: Tower
Race: Ithecal

Shield: Tower - 90/100 (Master)
Axes and Bludgeons: Mace - 75/100 (Master)
Strength - 70/100 (Expert)
Tactics - 50/100 (Expert)
Leadership - 50/100 (Expert)

Background: No one knows Emerald’s real name. What they do know is that she’s a brilliant fighter, and an even better leader. An Ithecal, Emerald was once a waitress at a romantic restaurant in Ne’haer- ironically, named Emerald. It was there that she happened upon a wealthy merchant slapping another waitress across the face for spilling his drink. He caused such a fuss about it that she got fired. It was then that Emerald realized the injustice in the world, the huge chasm between the rich and the poor. In the following seasons, she noticed it more and more, until finally she’d had enough. She began to train, and she joined a mercenary band. When she was good enough, she’d made a lot of contacts with like-minded people. It was then that she, with her best friend Lyari, founded the Shield of Ethelynda. She’s been fighting for equality ever since.

word count: 788

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