The Dress That Broke the Internet

What do you see?

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What do you see?

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The Dress That Broke the Internet

The Dress

So I know it's really old news now. But Nymph and I were doing something and I made a joke about it (which she didnt laugh at D: my ego is wounded) and... now I want to ask you folks! Officially, the one on the left has been superimposed/edited to look white/gold, and the one on the right has had the same done to look blue/black. It gives people an idea of what the other half are seeing. But the middle image... what do you see?

P.S. Jade.. if you see this and you can make polls.. can you edit this into a poll pls? Fank ye <3
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Re: The Dress That Broke the Internet

I know, this is old news now, but still.
I see... I see...
I'm a horrible human being, but we all have to make fun of ourselves from time to time.
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Credit for this goes to Faith, who found it after hearing aboutJed on chat
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