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Name: Vex
Age: 17
Race: Aukari
DoB: 17th Trial of Zi'da, 699th Arc
Marks: N/A
Factions Joined: Faction VII [Crook]
Languages: Common [Fluent] | Vauni [Broken]
Partners: N/A


There is little striking about Vex save for his fiery-orange hair that he wears shoulder-length and hanging loose year-round. He is short for an Aukari male, standing at 5'9'', and weighs between 135 and 145 pounds at any given time. Lithe is an apt description to the man, along with cat-like. He had the posture and gait of an acrobatic, rarely walking with a heavy step, often looking as if he's about to pounce or leap around regardless of where he was. He had a odd grace about him when he moved about--and he was often moving, never one for just standing around--though this grace hadn't yet transferred into his fighting quite yet.

Vex had pale skin that, like his people, was warm to the touch. His features were angular and sharp, with a beak-like nose, thin lips that were often pursed, and a pointed chin. His cheeks often looked gaunt, though this was natural and not the consequence of frequent illness. Even his eyebrows were thin, piercing even, sitting atop wide brown eyes that were prone to fixated stares. There was a feralness to Vex, especially when he smiled, but also there was a hint of unhinged joviality behind those eyes. Like he knew something that others didn't, perhaps.

Vex had the build of a dancer moreso than a warrior, with a thin physique. That wasn't to say that he was unfit, only that he wouldn't win any body-building competitions. His stomach was flat, but not chiseled, his arms and legs muscular without being toned. He was rather flexible, though, which allowed himself to perform the tumbles and flips that have helped define himself in life.

Vex lacked a sense for fashion, often adopting at this stage in life the attire of the common folk; it helped off-set his hair when he was trying to move about without drawing too much attention to himself. With that said, Vex has often longed for outfits that would define him. Prior to coming to Andaris, he'd often adorn himself in stolen clothing befit for men in higher stations than his own, and even developed a distinct love for black and red clothing; they were, as could be well imagined, the color of shadows and fire.


Vex is, for lack of a better word, unhinged. He was struck from a young age with an unpredictability that has made his short life difficult at times, despite his parents frequent urgings otherwise. He wasn't, at least at this point, completely insane; more like a mirror cracked down the center, which created two reflections that looked like one. He was not lacking in emotion or the ability to process the world around him, though there were times where his reality appeared fractured and fragile. There are moments where Vex comes off as any other human being; then there are times that he hears voices, speaks to himself, and acts accordingly.

When Vex is stable, he comes off as submissive, even docile to a degree. He's always made a better follower than a leader, and very rarely takes control of a situation when there is a superior around him. He sees himself, in a way, as a tool in the hands of others, just like daggers and hammers are tools to him. He is man who seeks to fulfill a purpose in life, and he has obtained that up to this point through his services to the leaders around him. This outlook on life has made him out to be someone who looks to the long-term, though as of right now he has little personal goals for himself beyond bettering himself for the good of Faction VII.

When unstable, Vex loses sight of the long-term. He lives and operates in the moment, and his actions are often dicated by complusion more so than an adherance to his perceived purpose. He is also often more cruel and malicious when his sanity is warring with itself, though that's not to say he's not both when he is stable; one can not be a torturer with a certain enjoyment in another man's pain. Furthermore, Vex's unstabled moments aren't always apparent to the untrained eye. It is, more often than not, internal and thus subtle. This is partially due to nature and partially to Vex's own attempts to veil himself, lest those around him use his insanity as an excuse to "rid the world of one more Aukari."

Vex, unsuprisingly enough, lacks sympathy for the pain and emotions of others. Again, it is not as if he's unaware them, or cannot feel them himself; he chooses to not allow those around him to affect him, whenever he can. This extends to both friend and foe. Vex would still defend a comrade should the situation require it, though he would not feel remorse or empathy if they are injured or die. Pain, as Aukari are well-aware of, is a sign of weakness and lack of control in one's life and Vex tries his best to distance himself from it. He also takes a certain pleasure in inflicting pain on another human being, especially when in the context of torture, because it allows himself a certain bit of control over life and fate itself.

Vex is by no means someone who shuns social interaction completely. Growing up among bandits, he developed a devious and somewhat dark sense of humor. He's not a center-of-attention kind of guy and will usually be found lingering on the outskirts of any large gathering. For those who attempt to converse with him will find someone who, while blunt, can still carry a halfway decent conversation. He'll laugh and smile with the best of them, even if at times it feels forced.

Like other Aukari, Vex has been trained in meditation in an attempt to maintain his control over his own fire. Even with his mental instability, he has proven himself capable to resist the urge to erupt as he's grown older. It helps that Vex is not one who is quick to anger--it would not be proper for a follower, a tool, to succumb to such an emotion. Truth be told, many of his emotions are dull; Vex is a man of few passions, and the few passions he has he takes special care to ward himself accordingly when they were to arise. Spontaneity is Vex's greatest foe when it comes to his self-control, and it is something he tries to avoid when possible. When stable, it is not so difficult; he can calculate and plan and caution himself. It is in his unstable moments in which he faces the greatest danger of Erupting, but somehow he has maintained himself so far in life.

Vex views the Immortals in much the same way that he views his superiors: they are deserving of tools. With that said, Vex is not what one would consider the most devout. He infrequently offers prayers to Faldrun that his parents taught him growing up, but they often stem out of feelings of necessity more than genuine devotion. Vex was not born in Sirothelle and was not raised in a household with the same fervant fixation on the Immortal as his other brethren, though he does feel as if it is required of him. And then, there is another Immortal, one he has only heard whispers of, one that has peaked his interest in the years since he has come to Andaris. Kata. A woman who, if the rumors are true, understood what it felt like to lack a complete grip on sanity. Vex was not a follower, not yet, but he left his eyes and open to news of this Immortal and her role in the world. By extension, he listened for word of Mastes as well, who from what he understood played a major role in her life as well.


Vex is a second generation member of Faction VII, born to a set of Aukari parents who followed their urge to see the world outside Sirothelle in the 680s and fell into a life of banditry shortly after settling in Rynmere. His parents gave him at birth the name Xarau, but he would be call from an early age Vex in the style of the community they were living in. His father, known in Faction VII as Varrau, died on a raid when Vex was three; he barely recalls him. He would be raised largely by his mother, Vidar, who was a cook at Fort VII in the Burning Mountains, as well as the clansmen who called the Fort home. Though, it was clear at an early age that not all was right in Vex's little head, and for that he found a difficult place early on in life. An Aukari who looked as if he'd struggle controlling his flame was, simply put, a timebomb just waiting explode.

Yet, Vex did nothing but explode. In fact, he flourished in his early years here atop the mountain. He was given space and little responsibility save for some basic work in the kitchens--during which he displayed little ability for the food service industry. What he did possess, and was soon apparent as he grew, was a outlook on life befitting a bandit. He displayed an ability to work for the greater good of the faction and would be taken under the wings of a few older bandits in an attempt to mold him into a proper member of the clan.

Vex killed his first human, a boy no older than twelve, when he was but a child himself. It was the first raid he had been allowed to go on and he had been assigned the task of executing the victims whose wounds were too great for him. It was debatable whether the child's broken leg would've mended if given enough time, but time was not something Vex was willing to offer that day. He sought to prove himself at the expense of that poor child. And it was only the beginning, too. He would reveal a certain fascination with prolonging the pain of those who opposed him and the VII. He was by no means the best at what he did, but he did possess the work ethic and follower mentality that would serve him well as he grew older.

When he was sixteen, Vex was sent to work in Chief Vilhelm's crew in the big city of Andaris. His transition away from the secluded lifestyle to the urban jungle has not been the kindest for the young Aukari, who was often distrusted simply for the color of his hair. In the odd year he's been in Andaris, Vex has done little more than act as lookout for the smuggling operations in Lowtown, as well as the odd bodyguarding of lower-ranking members in the crew. He was growing, though, both physcially and mentally, and his ambition to become a better weapon has grown with it. He was looking to improve himself in the coming year, in the hopes that he could be a better service to himself, his clan, and to these Immortals he had just started to pay more attention to. Only time would tell, if it even chose to speak at all.


A single-room, windowless, apartment in Lowtown that measured 400 square feet; it was a second-storied apartment, with an abandoned shop beneath it . Furnishings include one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace. The apartment's single entrance opened to an exterior stairway that descended into an alley on the backside of the abandoned shop.


Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredPoints SpentProficiency
Acrobatics23/100 NA:FTNovice
Blades [Pugio]10/100 (10/251)Novice
Endurance5/100 (5/251)Novice
Meditation25/100 (25/251)Novice
Pick Pocketing2/100(2/251)Unskilled
Torture15/100 (15/251)Novice


Skill Knowledge

Acrobatics: How to do a Handstand (RM)
Acrobatics: How to do a forward roll (RM)
Meditation: "Coaxing the Fire" (SP)
Meditation: How to slow your breath (RM)
Torture: "One man's Woodworking Set, another's Torture Kit" (SP)
Torture: Pyschological torture can be just as effective as physical torture (RM)

Non-Skill Knowledge

Aukari: Eruption Resistence (RM)
Immortal: Faldrun (RM)
Immortal: Kata (RM)
Immortal: Mastes (RM)
Faction VII: Location of Fort VII
Faction VII: Vilhelm's Story
Vex: "I'm only a teensy bit crazy"
Skill Point Ledger

Thread/SkillPoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Meditation25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Blades [Pugio]..1020
Interrogation..5 10
CS Bonuses ... ... ...
Acrobatics ... 3 (RM) ...
Torture ... 5 (RM) ...
Pick Pocketing ... 2 (RM) ...
Interrogation ... 2 (RM) ...









Starting Package
One set of clothing (Cloak, Shirt, Pants, Undergarments, Pair of Boots)
One set of toiletries (Soap, Comb, Razor, Toothbrush, Toothpaste)
One Waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils
One Pugio, Normal Quality [6 GN]
One Bag, Large, Heavy-Duty Canvas [1 GM]
Special Possession: One Woodworker's Kit (Small Clamp, Medium Clamp, Large Clamp, Vice, Small Hatchet, Small Hammer, Large Hammer, Small Nails (100), Large Nails (40), Wooden Float, Small Chisel, Medium Chisel, Large Chisel, Sweep-tail Gouge, Hand Drill, Small Saw) [30 GM]
A black cotton cloak with red lining. Vex pilfered this cloak from the caravan of a merchant who had the misfortune of running into Faction VII on his way from Venora to Warrick. (RM)


Starting Package +100 GN 100 GN
Pugio, Normal Quality -6 GN 94 GN
Bag -1 GN 93 GN
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 93 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Fame Ledger

Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Race Fame -10 -10
Starting City Fame [Rynmere] -10 -20
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...

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