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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Trial by Trial

Zi'da 55 716

The man walked through low-town, with a frown on his face. His intended destination was The Rusty Anchor, because he overheard the U'frek sailors saying that it was a good pub, but he wasn't entirely certain of where it was. He assumed that he could find it in low-town, but the more he walked the less likely it seemed that he would find it. Come to think of it, he had never seen a pub with that name in low-town before. His walk came to a halt amongst a large crowd in the Water Street Marketplace.

He looked around and saw the multitude of humans walking about, and completing their shopping. He wished desperately that he could speak their language, so that he could ask about the pub. He was forced to rely on eavesdropping on random U'frek sailors, but he couldn't actively participate in conversations with them due to his embarrassment at failing the entry exam. Life would be so much easier, if Rakahi were the most popular language in Idalos. But, it was more likely that he would have to eventually fully learn the tongue of the humans. Urikyar was so caught up within his own musings, that he failed to notice that the public was swarming around him, as his awkward placement was an obstacle in the current of motion. He stood out like a sore thumb, with his lack of movement. He was suddenly brought back to reality when someone had inadvertently bumped into him.

After being lightly bumped, he was swept up in the crowd, and found himself staring at a merchant's cart of herbs. The price list was written in common, so all of the words looked like nothing more than scribblings of a child to him. His frown worsened, and his brows were ruffled with a sense of shame and frustration. After a few moments, he walked away from the cart and continued in the sea of people that was heading towards the gate. He could see Warrick's Watch in the distance. He needed to take a moment and re-gather his thoughts before initiating his search for the pub around all of Andaris. Everyone parted in every direction except for the straightforward path to the tree.

Since it was the only location that he would be alone, Urikyar sat himself down near the base of the tree. His eyelids briefly shut, and he fell into a Rakahi prayer to U'frek. He felt like he was the only one he could speak to, that would be able to understand him. Even if he didn't respond, it made him feel a bit more comfortable knowing that he was not completely forsaken.
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