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A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Faldrass] Forbick's Forge

Forbick's Forge
 ! Message from: Pegasus
Please note that this location was destroyed in the Faldrass Eruption of Ashan 120th, Arc 720. It may not be used after that date. Forbick is believed to have died in the eruption. This location may ONLY be used in memory threads / threads originally dated before this time
Forbick's Forge is stationed at Faldrass, nearer to the volcano than most would find comfortable, as such - the atmosphere is uncomfortably hot for most. It's only worker doesn't seem to mind however, he will even claim that the burning air helps him focus. Apprentices are always coming and going, this is because Forbick's Forge is undoubtedly the best place in Scalvoris for aspiring smiths to start their careers - with a reputable forge and Blacksmith. Those who make the effort to climb to this Forge will be treated with weapons and wares of outstanding quality, friendly conversation and an awful lot of purchase.


Name: Forbick Irongrip

Race: Human

Age: 4th Vhalar, 674

Title: Blacksmith

Skills: Smithing: 85, Business Management: 65, Teaching: 70, Strength: 66

Other Information: Forbick is a rather short human male, standing at 5'5". He makes up for his vertical mass with his muscle mass however and weighs in at nearly 200 pounds. A massive brown beard covers the majority of his face and reaches down to his hips when braided. The rest of his head is coated by a thick mane of brown hair. He's particularly thickset and often wears a stern glare, giving most people the impression that he's just another brute. But for those who have the courage to approach and talk to him, he's very open and friendly. Those who take the time to converse with him while at work or even on his time off (as rare as it is) will find that he's very passionate about working metal.

Price List / Goods Available

Refer to pricelist, Capable of producing up to masterwork level gear.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Credits to: Fridgar
Submitted for Development: Jan 2017
Accepted / Approved and posted: Jan 2017
Anyone is more than welcome to visit Forbick's Forge
There are jobs available here!


Developed by: Fridgar: January 2017
Posted: January 2017
Updated for Fire Forged events
Checked for Skills Scale Down by Elisabeth. Amended skill for NPCs August 2021
Developed by: Fridgar
word count: 404
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