Instructors needed in Athart

Brutal or compassionate, we'll take you all

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Instructors needed in Athart

Recently added to Athart lore:
...For the most part, however, jobs are available for nearly every skill imaginable, as slaves of every kind of training are going to be desired by someone somewhere. So if you have a decent level of "Teaching", are looking for a place to provide gainful employment, like the thought of defying a tyrannical authority and aren't cowed by the possibility of occasional violence outside your door; come to Athart and become an instructor...
As I said, your teaching techniques will not be judged by those that fail to recognize the occasional need for "tough love", or even "tougher love".
But it is not commercially viable for a slave instructor to go to the extreme of "deadly love".

...but accidents DO happen...

Of course, your pay will be severely docked to provide recompense for the loss of "product".
That'll teach you. 8-)
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