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Larek Winsdower
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Larek Winsdotter

Name:Larek Winsdotter


Race: Human

Date of Birth: 689 11th Of Saun


Factions Joined: None

Location Etzos

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common


Might as well call him Larek king of the gainforest. He is a combination of both physical hard work, and body snatching. His body is swole with a sort of unnatural physique, it's hard to finger at first but no normal man should have cuts like that it just isn't natty there's just way to much beef on those bones. He's not just himself but rather a combination of buffness, one guy might have had genetics for boulder like calves while another for taradactal lats that flare like wings what's happened is he's become a hodge podge collection of anatomically superior parts that have in essence made him look like unproportional to what a physicaly strong male human should look like as if he were some kind of muscle bound freak beast. For those with knowledge on magic it might be enough to arouse suspicion that his physical form has been aided by magic. He's usually adorned in heavy plate armor to conceal this and a helm makes it difficult to view his face, he looks like a tall broad dominerring brute ready to go savage at a moments notice.

Testosterone driven freak beast in pursuit of personal glory, at the expense of everything and everyone around him. He wants to fight the most powerful warriors to ascertain there greatest physical attributes, good guys and villains it doesn't matter his true agenda is to become the greatest physical specimen to ever walk Idalos so that he may clash with the immortal of strength as he thinks that if he becomes strong enough to overpower him in combat he can carve out his heart and steal his domain by becoming him. He sizes up both friend and foe alike, if you got a body part that outshines what he has he will be compelled to take it from you as his purpose is clear build the best physical foundation possible to utilize amplification to its maximum potential. If it means killing friends, to do so then so be it nice guys finish last and he's all about the gains not the excuses and psychological baggage to weigh him down.

Glory be to the strongest amongst us, his obsession for physical might transcended the realm of physicality and transcended to magic. The warrior mage, discovered becoming early in life but some how on his quest for might lost track of the actual concept of the domains intention. His greed and lust for power blinded him as his hyper critical gaze fell upon the Warriors that hed slain in combat, only the most fitting specimens would do as his hammer felled them so that he could take not just there life but consume there essence so that he may endow himself with there gifts as well at first it was there forms but then the knowledge came to grasp the ability to take traits of totems and combine them. His view of limitless shapes and forms forever skewed by his insatiable thirst for raw unadulterated strength. He fought against plenty of adversaries earning his wages as a mercenary, good bad it didn't matter his sociopathic blood lust always left him envisioning himself against the strongest of warriors in the most savage and brutal of clashes as he desires nothing more then to devour there being and rebuild himself with only there greatest attributes to present himself a worthy adversary to the immortal of strength. Being a mercenary he has learned a great deal about combat, his weapon of choice a two handed sledgehammer his thoughts on the subject is its effectiveness against weakly turds wearing plate is unparalleled, plus somethings just magical about watching a skull explode like a melon when you slap em in the forehead. Or that real pretty snap crackle pop sound as bones buckle and shatter under its relentlessly unforgiving force. He's got a special place in his heart for taking, and managed to also become imparted with the domain of hone for a fair share of coin. Its funny what you can get when you got something someone else wants like a son or daughter. You never know what you will find when you flip some limp noodle sword scrub in a sardine can on there back and open the visor, it's better to rattle the chump change out there rich parents less they want there spoiled little cherub to be delivered piece by piece to there chataue door step but they usually understood the seriousness of the situation after the first finger. He finds that strength is key as well as skill and talent, but nothing makes an impact like the crushing blow of a hammer.


Various inns and taverns in Etzos.
Knowledge & Skills
SkillPoints AcquiredProficiency
Strength Fast TrackSp 20 :20/100 20/100 20/100 Novice
Blunt War Sledge Sp 25+ :2525/25125/100Novice
Amplification SP 5+ 5/2515/100 Novice
Becoming SP 25+ :2525/25125/100 Novice


Becoming The Three Sovereign Substances
Becoming Blending
Becoming Unleash
Becoming Assimilation
Becoming Echo
Skill Point Ledger

Starting Package:50
Racial +25

25 War Sledge racial
20 Strength Fast Track
25 Becoming
5 Amplification

Marks Section






  • Prized Possession; An old double edged dagger he uses to pry open the chest of his victims so he may remove there heart, and flay the face and scalp to work his totems.

    Remaining Balance 115gn
    Start Coin +100
    Cashed in housing +250

    War Sledge -40
    Dagger P.P.
    Leather Padding -5
    Chainmail -20 gn
    Chain Gauntlets -10gn
    Chain Fauld -10 gn
    Chain Coif -10 gn
    Plate Armor -40 gn
    Plate Gauntlets -20 gn
    Plate Greaves -20 gn
    Plate Fauld -20 gn
    Plate Pauldrons -20 gn
    Plate Helmet -20 gn

    Totem 1: A combination that follows the sovereign principles of Becoming, it is a heart that is wrapped in facial skin tied in hair. That belonged to a gladiator slave.

    Totem 2: A combination that follows the sovereign principles of Becoming, it is a heart that is wrapped in facial skin tied in hair. It belonged to a hardy barbarian

    Totem 3: A combination that follows the sovereign principles of Becoming, it is a heart that is wrapped in facial skin tied in hair. It belonged to a guard of Endor.

    Totem 4: A combination that follows the sovereign principles of Becoming, it is a heart that is wrapped in facial skin tied in hair. It belonged to a hearty lumberjack.

    Totem 5: A combination that follows the sovereign principles of Becoming, it is a heart that is wrapped in facial skin tied in hair. It belonged to a nameless mercenary.

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+250 cashed in housing
-235 total cost for starting gear
Remainder 115

Total Currency: 0 ON, 0GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
]Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame RB +10 :10 0
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