[Approved] El'ganneth Rhovanion [Preservation Serum]

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El'ganneth Rhovanion [Preservation Serum]

Type: Flora - medical supplement
Sub-Type: Medical Serum, "Preservation Supplement"
Applicable to: All humanoid races, save for the Tunawa (due to unique physiology)

Purple Gambles
Dark Purple flowers grow from this plant, which can be processed into an oil. When applied to the skin it can smooth out wrinkles, strengthen weak hair or nails and soften rough skin. It is used primarily among women who work, but wish to have soft hands, or among those aging who dislike the signs of doing so.
Reaver Vines, Grounded
Reaver Vines produce a poison that numbs the nerves on introduction to the blood, causing temporary paralysis to the victim injected with the venom. The bulbs of the Vines produce a highly aromatic sap that is sweeter than honey, and said to make miracle and beauty salves when harvested. The roots of the vines prove to have invaluable healing properties, though prove difficult to harvest as they diminish quickly due to lack of moisture.
Supplement: Grounded Wells, Necromancy
This serum simply does not work - to any fair degree - without the application of grounded wells, always with a small degree of ether imbued into them. The wells capitalize on the anti-aging and disease control effects and make them far more pronounced. However, it appears the cannibalistic traits arrived after the usage of wells in the serum.
Rockmaze Moss Powder
Acting as a healing and development supplement (especially to bones and muscles), Rockmaze wishes to ensure the maintaining of physical development despite the preservation of cells in a restricted state. So far, Rockmaze has proven to be an excellent addition to the Rhovanion serum, and it is likely that application of Rockmaze before and after the injection may cause much more positive effects.

Optional/Situational Ingredients: Variation must be made for Yludih. Claytona Monticola instead of Reaver Vines help to produce the stilling effect in aging and disease development.

Whitemoss can be used in the equation if the target is faced with several short term illnesses, sicknesses or environmental issues that may complicate the effects of Rhovanion.

Developer: Alistair Venora
Developer's Skill: 100 Medicine
Supplementary Skills: 51 Necromancy - Fragmented wells are used in the serum to inflict a preservation effect on living cells
47 Strength - Knowledge of the physical structure and the development of muscle and physical growth. While this is all well known to Alistair as a legendary doctor, knowledge due to his experience in protein and physical health has assisted in his development of Rhovanion.

Status: Early development; multiple massive conflicts/failures.
Intended Effect: Preservation of cells in their current state to avoid growth of disease and loss of functions

Result: Intended effect, though twisted. El'ganneth Rhovanion, developed by Alistair Venora, has begun to display a particular mutation. Rather than prevailing in pausing cellular division and multiplication (and thus the ending of permanent aging as well as the development of harmful diseases), the effect has been highly contrary. Instead, Rhovanion, likely influenced by the grounded Necromantic wells, has produced in its patients an illness in cellular growth. This has resulted in, ultimately, a biological deformity in which cellular growth must be supplemented by the consuming of healthy cells from other life forms. Similar to flaying (the magical practice of devouring life essence), Rhovanion forces its inflicted patients to consume cellular and biological composition to maintain a diversity and consistency of cellular growth in their own bodies.

Ultimately, it has resulted in somewhat slowed aging and potentially even the decrease of disease growth in the body, but has led to cannibalism among other things; a desire for physical/organic materials, always of other humanoid beings - blood, skin, flesh, hair, even urine and fecal matter in some extreme cases.

In finality, a violent and mentally unstable humanoid is the result of the consumption of Rhovanion, usually injected into the body through the blood stream. Smaller dosages are being tested, but the result has generally been the same, with varying levels of extremity.

Subjects, limited in scope, have been supplied by the Coven of Ellasin.

Submission Purpose: Seeking approval to utilize and develop Rhovanion IRP. Eventually, this serum will be further developed and eventually, Alistair will seek to have it meet its intended purpose - though he will likely fail and develop a slightly less harmful version of the same cannibalistic serum.
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El'ganneth Rhovanion [Preservation Serum]

This is an utterly vile submission.
It reeks of moral profanity in all its aspects.
only a truly sick and degenerate mind would conceive of such a thing...

Approved by Maltruism
I love it! :D
word count: 34
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