Alexa Montaigne

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Alexa Montaigne

Alexa Montaigne
Name: Alexa Montaigne

Age: 20

Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Sev'ryn)

Date of Birth: Ashan, 1st, 696

Marks: Velduris

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent), Rakahi (Broken)

Partners: N/A

Alexa is a surprisingly tall woman standing just a few inches short of 6 feet. Her slender frame remains a testament to a life that was not particularly wealthy, though her muscular arms and toned physique have been yielded through years of swinging an axe and bow-hunting in the thick forests of Burhan. Her dark brown hair has a subtle wave to it and is never usually permitted to grow much farther than her shoulders. Alexa's sharp features are essentuated by her high cheek bones, pointed chin, and jaw-line. Her eyes seem to quite literally reflect the wilderness she greatly enjoys in their warm, hazel color. The woman is rarely one to be seen wearing anything beyond her simple garb, and while she's wont to dutifully gush over a friend's new piece of jewelry, Alexa never seems to acquire one herself. A leather jacket, good pair of pants, and fresh hunting boots would be the height of her fashion ambitions.
If one word had to be chosen to describe who Alexa is, it would be free-spirited. There is no denying her natural tendency to be an introvert either. While some girls would be content to huddle in groups to gossip or weave sails for Burhan's ships, Alexa is happiest alone in the forest. To her the wilderness is like magic. No song is more peaceful than that of the birds, no activity more meditative than wandering untraveled terrain or patiently stalking quarry with a bow, and no catharsis greater than the satisfyingly dull thud of an axe into lumber. The forest is both her harbor and serenity. The woman finds happiness in her friendships and the close relationships she shares with her brother Bjorn and her mother Gwen. It's from them she developed her instinct to protect those she holds dear. When someone she loves is in danger, the mixed-blood can prove herself to be surprisingly fierce. Still, when given the choice, Alexa would much rather prefer to make peace than war. Violence is a destructive force she knows only too well. Dealing pain onto others has never been something she's actively sought.

Alexa's docile nature may very well be her downfall one day. Despite the evil she's seen in the world, she desperately wants to believe in its goodness. Too often she may give an undeserving party the benefit of the doubt or try to appeal to a better nature that truly isn't there. Her desire to avoid bloodshed leaves her predisposed to making the smart decision too slow. Yet Alexa isn't stupid. A broken second chance will not merit a third. A traitor will not earn her trust back with ease. The mixed-blood is still wrestling with who she is in the world despite her self-assured attitude. Her freshly altered self-image may lead her to second-guess herself, make uncharacteristic mistakes, and perhaps lose herself along the way. However, to her core, Alexa's courage is steadfast and persona headstrong. Her will to persevere and survive in the face of great adversity alone shall continue to fuel her resolve wherever she might go.

Alexa's story began in her family's small cabin home in a village in Burhan. Her childhood was filled with common mischief and miscellaneous woodland adventures, learning to embrace the liberties and hardships a rugged country life afforded. Like many Burhan-natives, her family had a long history of logging to contribute to the local trade of ship-building the region was so notorious for. By the age of twelve she was nearly as comfortable helping fell a tree with a hand axe as she was playing hide-and-seek in the thick forests with her older brother Bjorn. Her life consistently carried overtones that promoted independence and self-efficacy, which encouraged Alexa to take interest later on in hunting the woods she had come to love. After a time she even dared to pick up a shield in the event her neighbors called upon all to defend their homes. Yet while it wasn't completely uncommon for the spit-fire to tussle with other children or her brother up until the present, Alexa was wired as a survivor more so than any sort of warrior. She'd be happy to spent an entire day in the wilderness rather than find herself confronted with conflict. Sometimes that was exactly what she had to do.
From the outside there was nothing special about the Montaigne family. Overall they were a quiet type of people that stuck to themselves. Bjorn was an obedient boy with promise and a sense of adventure that could only be rivaled by his younger sister's. He was the sort that did his back-breaking work in silence without complaint or protest. His deep tone, polite and good-natured demeanor, and handsome appearance commonly made the girls in the village swoon from afar while he never seemed to truly notice his effect. Somehow the occasional shiner he sported only seemed to add to his charm while he swung his axe. Gwen Montaigne was a soft-spoken woman with a warm smile, quick to offer whatever few accommodations she could provide a guest the moment they stepped inside her home. She did her damnedest to keep out that pesky saw-dust that always seemed to keep reappearing within the cabin and food always on the table. No matter the time of year, Mrs. Montaigne always wore long sleeves and coincidentally modest clothing. They were always best at hiding most of the bruises.

Brock Montaigne was a special sort of enigma to his only daughter. He gave the very best hugs with his big, muscular arms. The tickle of his beard when he kissed her cheek used to make her giggle as a child. He taught her how to swing an axe, hunt, and cheered when she fell her first sapling all by herself. Most of the village thought of him fondly. After all, he did his work dutifully with only the rarest of absences. Now and then he was the docile man that could drop a surprise punch-line to leave his friends in stitches, the first to volunteer to help, and the general type of fun-loving guy no one forgot to invite to the after-work boozing. He hit the hardest, Alexa always thought, when he'd been drinking. The reason for punishment was always different and unavoidable: He didn't like the way Bjorn looked at him, Alexa couldn't do anything right, Gwen wasn't home waiting for him when he got back so it could only be concluded she was cheating on him, and the list went on. Usually they could weather it, Gwen, Bjorn, and Alexa. Usually.
One night it seemed no tactic seemed to work, or perhaps there was just so much one could take. Brock came home again reeking of his poison of choice and damn well near kicked down the door. Eyes adverted submissively toward the floor were met with a prompt smack. Retreating into oneself to weather the storm only pissed him off more. Gwen had never left the home that day but she was still nonetheless accused of recent infidelity by a new level of hostility emitted from Brock. It was at some point just before the violence occurred that the source of his fearsome storm was finally revealed during Mr. Montaigne's shouting: Alexa wasn't his. A strange nomad passing through the region had led Gwen astray. For the sake of pride the scandal had been concealed and Brock had paraded the young girl as his own with a marriage intact. Soon after Brock focused his rage with ruthless beatings directed toward his unfaithful spouse. Bjorn attempted to defend his mother but succeeded only in sparing her by redirecting the attacks upon himself. Alexa, freshly marked by Karem with Velduris, set upon her father with a bestial savagery that surprised everyone.

Horrified by her capabilities and the harm she inflicted upon her father (whom is believed to have survived the mauling), Alexa fled with fresh blood on her lips without so much as a goodbye to her brother and mother left to deal with the aftermath. The few personal belongings she possessed were hastily packed upon a small wagon and saddled to her body. She hardly even felt the cold she braved in her escape toward the woods, hoping the forest would harbor her now as it had always before. Of course so quick and thoughtless a departure meant that Alexa was completely unprepared. Emotionally jarred, without direction, and without a plan, it could've only been expected that she should stumble into something more monstrous than she felt herself to be at present. Or rather, someone.

Alexa is currently being held captive by Sky in his cave in Krome.

A gift from Karem when the Immortal marked her with Venduris, Alexa has had Tala as her constant wolf companion.

"The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris."
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Axes/Bludgeons (Hand Axe)25(RB)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Unarmed (Brawling)10(SP)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Shields (Hurstwick)5(SP)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Hunting10(SP),+4(RM)..26/100 NA: FTCompetent
Endurance5(SP)..26/100 (27/251)Competent
Stealth10(SP)..10/100 (10/251)Novice
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) 10(SP)+3(VS1)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Field Craft 10(WP)+4(RM)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Strength 3(RM)..26/100 (27/251) Competent
Leadership 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Tactics 26/100 (27/251) Competent
Animal Husbandry 26/100 (26/251) Competent
Trapmaking 15/100 (15/251) Novice


Trap Making: Building Simple Snares (WP)
Hunting: Identifying Animal Tracks (WP)
Axes/Bludgeons: Basic Axe Swings (SP)
Stealth: Avoiding Noisy Steps (SP)
Fieldcraft: Forest Terrain (SP)
Unarmed Combat: How to Throw a Proper Punch (SP)
Ranged Weapon: Basics of Shooting an Arrow (SP)
Field Craft: How to build a tepee fire (RM)
Field Craft: A good shelter must be small enough to contain your body heat (RM)
Field Craft: A fire needs air, heat, and fuel (RM)
Burhan: City Layout (RM)
Burhan: Known for its ship-building (RM)
Ranged Weapon (Short Bow): How to hold a bow (RM)
Hunting: How to identify rabbit tracks (RM)

Ankila: Your Tribe?
Axe (Handaxe): Swinging and aiming
Axe (Handaxe): Hitting the same place more than once
Axe (Handaxe): The Quick Kill Shot to the Neck
Axe (Handaxe): Swinging in Tight Spaces
Axes/Bludgeons: Switching from Ranged Combat to Close Combat
Axes/Bludgeons: Breaking the Opponent's Spear
Axes/Bludgeons: Using the Flat Side for a Knockout
Axes/Bludgeons: A White Knuckle Gri
Axes/Bludgeons (Hand-Axe): Downward Slash
Axes/Bludgeons: Cuttinf Down a Tree
Axes/Bludgeons: Swinging with Confidence
Axes/Bludgeons: Using a hand-axe to disarm a foe
Axes/Bludgeons: Knocking a foe unconscious
Acting: keeping your voice steady to sound brave
Animal Husbandry: Calming a Mandrill
Animal Husbandry: Wolf Pups Needs to be Kept Warm
Animal Husbandry: Noting Depression in an Animal
Animal Husbandry: Treating a Flesh Wound
Animal Husbandry: Comforting a Frightened Monkey
Animal Husbandry: Tala's Unique Cry of Distress
Animal Husbandry: Soothing a Frightened Animal
Animal Training: Giving Comfort to a Sad Animal
Animal Training: They Respond Well to Rewards
Aomaru: A Violent Nuisance to Tala
Aomaru: Wandered off and Got Injured
Aomaru: You Saved Him
Aomaru: Sky's Pet
Aomaru: Keeps an Eye on You
Appraisal: Ensuring Quality of Arrows
Baboon: violent creature with a red and blue face.
Blade (Hunting Knife): Whittling Points on Spikes
Bounty Hunters: The definition of “criminal” is a sketchy one
Bounty Hunters: Use bounty boards and word of mouth to find their next job
Cooking: Faun
Cooking: Bone Marrow Makes Good Broth
Cooking: Salt adds flavour and helps food last longer
Cooking: A basic broth
Climbing: Purchases in the Rock Face
Climbing: Scrambling to Maintain a Hold
Climbing: Suffering a Short Fall
Condemned to the wilderness
Cylus: Endless Darkness
Deception: Calling Your Owner Your Friend
Detection: Tracking By Scent
Detection: Blessing Powers Utilized to Augment Natural Senses
Detection: Noting local animal life in your surroundings
Detection: Changes in Posture Denote Changes in Mood
Detection: Patterns in Tracks
Detection: The Distressed Hooting of a Monkey
Detection: looking for the source of Tala’s concern.
Detection: sounds all around you but nothing to see.
Detection: Sky’s canine teeth
Detection: someone is in trouble.
Detection: Spotting Small Prey
Detection: How to detect unusual or unfamiliar sounds
Discipline: The importance of being patient
Discipline: Re-focusing on a fight
Discipline: Not running when afraid
Discipline: Safest to Stay Put When You Desperately Want to Leave
Discipline: Leaving the Warmth to Brave the Cold
Discipline: Not Abandoning the Mission
Discipline: Putting Your Wounded First
Discipline: Pushing Past Adveristy and Exhaustion
Discipline: Maintaining resolve for the sake of others
Endurance: Spending all Day Chopping and Digging
Endurance: Travel in Extreme Cold and Wind
Endurance: Getting Grazed by an Arrow
Endurance: Pain from slave branding
Endurance: Continued physical labor
Endurance: Repetitive tasks in the cold
Endurance: Adrenaline helps
Endurance: Becoming accustomed to hunger pains.
Endurance: The harsh wind that chills the skin
Endurance: blunt force trama to the head.
Endurance: Emotional trama at seeing what could have been a friends corpse.
Endurance: Kept awake by fear.
Endurance: keeping your stomach calm while watching brutal savagery.
Endurance: Sky’s initiation.
Endurance: Soaking Wet and Freezing Cold
Etiquette: Thanking Your Prey for its Sacrifice
Fieldcraft: Gutting and skinning an animal
Fieldcraft: Using every part of a kill and avoiding waste
Fieldcraft: An animal's organs can be eaten as well as the meat
Field Craft: Storing and Preserving Leftovers
Field Craft: Using Every Part of a Kill
Fieldcraft: Chopping trees
Fieldcraft: Splitting logs
Fieldcraft: Camp cooking
Field Craft: Camouflaging One's Belongings
Field Craft: Sweating in the Cold is Unhealthy
Field Craft: Clenching to Maintain Blood Flow
Field Craft: Wet Wood Doesn't Make Fires
Field Craft: Don't Leave Home Unprepared
Field Craft: Kill or Be Killed
Field Craft: Chopping Firewood
Field Craft: Always bring as much food as possible before heading into the wilderness.
Field Craft: Making kindling
Field Craft: Tree Sap Mixture
Fieldcraft: Preparing a deer
Fieldcraft: Stringing up deer.
Fieldcraft: Skinning a deer
Field Craft: How to create a teepee fire
Hidden possessions under the loose floor board.
Horrible painful ritual of friendship
Hunting: The scent of rabbit.
Hunting: Spotting prey
Hunting: Packs and solitary prey.
Hunting: Staying Downwind of Prey
Hunting: Using Predator's Scent to Drive Prey
Hunting: Prey is Scarce in Cylus
Hunting: Scare and Catch Method
Hunting: Deer Tracks
Hunting: Wounding Prey
Hunting: Use of Internal Organs
Hunting: Humanoid Tracks
Hunting: Tracking in Snow
Hunting: Monkey Tracks
Hunting: A Fixed Patterns in Tracks Usually Means Prey has a Destination in Mind
Hunting: A Trail of Blood While Tracking May Indicate Your Prey is Injured
Hunting: Following a Familiar on a Scent
Hunting: Don't Forget to Listen (For Prey)
Hunting: Felling Prey in a Single Shot
Hunting: Gutting a Rabbit
Hunting: Preparing a Rabbit
Immortal: Karem
Interrogation: Who are you, where is my wolf, and why are you keeping me here?
Interrogation: Where did you find this Animal Aomaru
Interrogation: Utilizing pointed questions in tense situations
Intimidation: Trophies of Killings All Around
Intimidation: Singling out a foe
Intimidation: The Threat of Bandits Against Escape
Intimidation: Letting Them Know There's a Bigger and Badder Behind You
Intimidation: I’ll jam this axe into your face
Intimidation: works better when your aren’t freezing to death.
Intimidation: Flashing your fangs at an angry baboon like a badass.
Intimidation: Bandits fear the fangs as well
Intimidation: Inflict Pain Before Giving Demands
Investigation: The Baboon had to have had an accomplice, But who?
Investigation: Blood on the Baboons mouth! He ate my wolf!
Investigation: Finding my Hand axe
Investigation: Too small to be Tala.
Jin: From Fort Krome
Karem’s Blessing: Velduris
Krome Wolf: Big!
Investigation: Finding out Sky’s motivation.
Leadership: Choosing to Fight the Scavenger For Your Kill
Leadership: Giving Short and Clear Commands to Those in Shock
Leadership: Giving Commands Clearly and Slowly
Leadership: Instructing Tala to scout ahead.
Location: The Great Meadow
Location: Sky's Cave
Location: South-west of Krome.
Logic: Combining disparate clues to ascertain enemy actions
Mary-Ann: Lives in Fort Krome
Mary-Ann: Xavier’s lover
Medicine: The Use of Honey
Medicine: Measuring temperature with the back of your hand
Medicine: Patients with fever need to be cooled down
Medicine: How to make an injured person more comfortable
Medicine: Suturing is Like Sowing
Medicine: Having the Proper Equipment
Medicine: The Importance of Cleaning an Open Wound
Medicine: Proper Suturing Requires Patience and Practice
Medicine: The Use of Honey to Prevent Infection
Medicine: Tending to Burns
Meditation: finding focus through adrenaline
Meditation: Calm breathing to increase pre-fight awareness
Melee Combat: Shadow Fighting
Navigation: Navigating the South west of Krome with a loyal Canine
Negotiation: Promises of food in exchange for safety.
Philosophy: A prison can be mental, just as much as it can be physical
Psychology: The complexities of emotion
Psychology: Changing mindset
Psychology: Unexplained Absence, Even Beneficial, Causes Anxiety
Psychology: Overcoming Nerves and Uncertainty
Psychology: Offering Comfort and Reassurance
Psychology: should my captor die or be saved.
Psychology: crocodile tears
Psychology: Aversion to looting the dead
Psychology: Guilt and Justice are not Mutually Exclusive
Psychology: When faced with impossible choices, survive
Psychology: Competition improves performance
Psychology: Emphasizing with the Enemy
Psychology: Nature vs Nurture leads to different morals
Psychology: Using examples to understand the motives of an ally
Personal (Alexa): Not Like Sky
Running: Snow covered ground requires more effort
Ranged Weapon: Breathing Techniques to Steady Your Shot
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Reusing the Arrows
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Firing into Melee Requires Focus
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Picking Off Medium-sized Targets from a Distance
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): How to use your bow as a makeshift bludgeon
Ranged Combat(bow): Readying a shot
Ranged Combat(bow): hitting the right target.
Ranged Combat(bow): hitting a man in the shoulder
Ranged Combat (Bow): Close Range is so Much Easier but Very Rare
Ranged Combat (Bow): Firing multiple shots from behind light cover
Running: Sprinting
Running: Sprinting for help with a baboon back pack
Running: Uphill running requires endurance
Running: Techniques for running in snow.
Shield: Defend Against a Dagger
Shield: In Combination with the Hand Axe
Shield: Deflection
Shield: Throwing the Opponent
Shield: Bashing the Enemy
Shield: Use when Disarmed
Shields: Forward charge technique
Shields: Pinning down a writhing foe
Singing: A Lullaby to Soothe Even the Most Troubled Soul
Self: Others see you as honourable, stupid, and brave
Sky: Benevolent to Animals
Sky: Has a Pet Mandrill
Sky: The demon of Krome Woods
Sky: Prefers Open Attacks vs Subtle Ones
Sky: Savage that has killed many but spared you
Sky not very strong
Sky: do I want him to win or die?
Sky: he just wants a friend
Sky: You are his Queen
Sky: Does not care about law.
Sky: Will build you a home.
Sky: Believes he rules the forest
Sky: A brutal murderer
Sky: Pragmatic
Sky: Loves you
Sky: Willing to die to your axe
Sky: Promises Ankila will be more than bandits
Slavery: You Must Do as Commanded
Sociology: Barbarian initiation rituals
Stealth: Using Natural Cover
Stealth: Sound Alerts Potential Threats
Stealth: Hiding in the Bushes
Stealth: Foliage Provides Adequate Covering
Stealth: Move slow and low
Stealth: Walking slowly to avoid detection
Storytelling: reading between the lines of another story
Storytelling: How to tell a personal story
Strength: Battling Through Snow Drifts
Strength: Repetitive movements to build muscles
Strength: Using the Upper Body to Climb
Strength: Carrying a Heavy Load in the Snow
Strength: Repetition in Chores
Strength: Pulling a cart through thick snow fall
Strength: Lift with your legs.
Strength: carrying Sky to safety.
Strength: Dragging weights to build stamina and strength
Strength: Hanging a deer requires strength and leverage
Strength: Pull-ups in the Freezing Cold
Strength: Practice with 100% Strength
Strength: Developing the Non-Dominant Arm for Shield Use
Strength: Using body weight to augment attacks
Surgery: Removing a dagger from a wound.
Surgery: cauterizing the wound
Tactics: Using Abilities to Maximum Efficiency
Tactics: Leaving Belongings Behind to Suggest No Escape Attempt
Tactics: Setting Traps
Tactics: Traps Against Sky Will Work Against Bandits as Well
Tactics: Using Every Resource Available to Maximize Your Advantage
Tactics: Staying Quiet in Potentially Dangerous Territory
Tactics: Drawing an Animal's Aggression by Injuring It
Tactics: Sometimes it’s best to stay where you are.
Tactics: using strangers to escape
Tactics: killing Sky while he’s distracted.
Tactics: out numbered and out gunned
Tactics: using intimidation to your advantage.
Tactics: planning to use a hot stick to dispose of captors.
Tactics: How to Identify Weak Targets
Tactics: Assessing a Combat Situation
Tactics: Surrounding the enemy for an ambush
Tactics: Waiting for a signal to strike
Tala: Your Wolf
Tala: Cares About Your Feelings
Tala: Doesn't Like Aomaru
Tala: Bested by a Baboon
Tala: Still Alive Somewhere
Tala: Combat Coach
Tala: Merciless Coach
Tala: A Wolf with Tough Love
Tala: Cautious
Tala: Sassy
Tala: Believes you are more than you had become
Tala: Is pleased to see the real you.
Tala: Has been waiting for you to become Alpha once more.
Tanning: Pelts must be Dried
The Other Captive Girl
Torture: How to Brand the Face
Trap Making: Snow Will Cover Spike Pits
Trap Making: Spiked Pits
Trap Making: Spreading the Spike Pits All Around
Trap Making: Wolf Snares
Trap Making: Traps Can Catch Victims and Prey
Unarmed Combat: Pinning the Hands Behind the Back
Unarmed Combat: Don't Wait For Your Opponent to Recover
Unarmed Combat: (Brawling) Correct punching technique
Unarmed Combat: (Brawling) Stance
Unarmed Combat: Use after Disarmament
Wolves: Communication: Howls and calls
Wolves: Can identify individuals by scent
Wolves: The politics of unique packs
Wolves: Successfully avoiding an attack by wolves
Xavier: Born in Andaris
Xavier: Bounty Hunter
Xavier: His lover is named Mary-Ann
Xavier: Swordsman
Xavier: You saves his life
Xavier: Died during Cylus 717
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Axes/Bludgeons (Hand Axe) 25(RB) 2500
Starting Package 500050
Hunting ..10(SP)40
Unarmed (Brawling) ..10(SP)30
Ranged Weapons (Short bow) ..10(SP) 20
Shields (Hurstwick) ..5(SP)10
Stealth..10(SP) 00
Wilderness Package 10 00 10
Field Craft ..10(WS)00
Velduris Skills 1 3 00 3
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) .. 3 (VS1) 00
Monkey Business 10 0 10
Axes/Bludgeons (Hand-Axe) 0 2 8
Hunting 0 4 4
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) 0 4 00
Mind to the Task 10 0 10
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) .. 10 00
Run, Girl, Run 10 0 10
Hunting 0 8 2
Field Craft 0 2 00
Nose to the Trail 10 0 10
Field Craft 0 9 1
Unarmed Combat 0 1 00
Too Good to Hate 10 0 10
Field Craft 0 2 8
Unarmed Combat 0 8 00
Over the River and Six Feet Under the Woods 10 0 10
Unarmed Combat 0 6 4
Endurance 0 4 0
The Second Path 10 0 10
Endurance 0 10 0
Saving Aomaru 10 0 10
Endurance 0 6 4
Strength 0 4 0
Something Haunts These Woods 15 0 15
Strength 0 15 0
Healing Aomaru 10 0 10
Strength 0 5 5
Endurance 0 3 2
Shields 0 2 0
Cry Wolf 10 0 10
Leadership 0 10 0
Howling for Home 10 0 10
Leadership 0 10 0
The Weight of the Cloak 15 0 15
Bone Marrow Soup for the Captive's Soul 10 0 25
The Body in Motion 10 0 35
Shields 0 18 17
Leadership 0 5 12
Tactics 0 12 0
By Axe and Shield 10 0 10
Unarmed Combat 0 2 8
Shield 0 2 6
Tactics 0 6 0
You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger 9 0 9
Tactics 0 9 0
Learning the Skills 9 0 9
Animal Husbandry 0 9 0
Hush 14 0 14
Animal Husbandry 0 14 0
Little Joys 10 0 10
Now What 9 0 19
Animal Husbandry 0 4 15
Trapmaking 0 15 0
Marks Section




  • Pack Bond
    • The Favored is granted an omega wolf familiar, a constant companion. The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris.
  • Sense of Prey
    • A skill that allows the blessed to tell where a prey animal may be found nearby, allowing the wielder to always be able to find food at need. They can also tell whether people around them have weak combat skills or are easily intimidated.
  • Velduris Skills I
    • The blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any one of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills. (Shortbow skill earned 3 points from this ability)
  • Predatorial Instincts
    • A skill that grants the favored the patience and calm needed to effectively hunt, as well as allowing one to tell when their prey, whether animal or human, has taken notice that they are being hunted.
  • Taste of Prey
    • When the marked has tasted blood or flesh of their intended target, this forms an immediate and lasting bond. While only one 'prey' can be designated at basic marked, each level thereafter increases the amount of prey a marked can have. Once a prey has been chosen, the marked will always be able to find them. Over sea, desert, forest, or even through the air the marked can track down their prey to any corner of Idalos. This manifests as a smell or taste on the air that inevitably leads the marked in the direction of their chosen prey. In return this ability can be shared with the wolves in ones pack.
  • Sense of Survival
    • The favored is able to tell what will help them survive in the wild, from what trees are safe to burn and what food is safe to eat and more. However, this effect does not work in more civilized land and it still falls upon the favored to be able to use what they find.
  • Regulate Temperature
    • Being too hot or too cold can both be fatal, and this skill allows the bearer a way to prevent that. By concentrating, they can restore their body temperature to it's natural level, whatever may be affecting it on the outside. This can allow the favored to survive anything from a wildfire to an arctic blizzard, at least as far as heat and cold are concerned. However, the hotter or colder the favored is, the more they have to concentrate.
  • Lupine Senses
    • This ability allows the bearer to share in their wolf companions senses for a time, no more than half a break. This lets them hear, see, and smell what their companion does in addition to what they themselves sense.
  • Alpha
    • Even the basic marked of Karem has authority over all canines in Idalos. They can sense the marked has been chosen by the master of the Hunt. A marked can issue simple commands to any canine that the canine will follow as though it had been issued by an alpha. Canines sent to track the mark will turn away from the scent fearfully and will not visit their wrath. A marked can pass safely among a wolf pack who even may be gracious enough to share their kill. They are not, however, so easily persuaded by the wolf companions that accompany the blessed.


  • Pack Bond: Omega Wolf: Tala
  • Pack Bond: Silent Communication
  • Pack Bond: Tala Can Find No New Trail of Sky's
  • Pack Bond: Tala Finds No Better Location to Sit Out Cylus
  • Sense of Prey
  • Sense of Prey: The Guiding Force to Prey
  • Sense of Prey: The Thrill of Knowing Prey is Close
  • Velduris: The Telepathic Bond with the Wolf
  • Velduris: Becoming an Animal
  • Velduris: Using Sense of Prey to Survive
  • Velduris (Pack Bond): Allows for telepathic connection with your wolf
  • Velduris (Pack Bond): How to send thoughts to your wolf
  • Velduris: Regulate Temperature: Very useful, even in extreme cold.
  • Velduris: Regulate Temperature: Requires concentration.


After a day of axe-swinging, it was odd Alexa had so intense a desire to retreat into Burhan's thick woods for a hunt. It wasn't really for sport that she crept quietly through the forest with hand axe tucked in her belt and shortbow in hand. The serenity of the thick wilderness embracing her within its shadows was like that of a hot bath after a long day: relaxing and cleansing. The stresses of her everyday life were left behind and the sole focus of bringing something back to put on her family's table was meditative in process. A fresh layer of snow crunched beneath her feet, much to the huntress's disdain, and few animals had chosen to reveal themselves in the Zi'da cold. Breaks passed in which it seemed the world around her was dead it was so still and silent except for the rattle of branches in the world. That tranquility was quickly and sorely missed.

Alexa heard the beast a mere trill before she saw it. Black as night and fearsome to behold, the obsidian panther gave a whip of its tail and let out a snarl that twisted the young woman's body to hide behind the nearest tree trunk. Her heart raced. Her mind focused on naught but the arrow on her bowstring and the importance of her aim. A small chorus of growls erupted, and after peeking out from her cover, Alexa discovered it was not after her the great cat prowled. A trio of wolves cautiously paced before the predator with teeth bared. Between the warring factions rested the carcass of a deer. Heat from its blood still rose from its flesh, attesting to the recency of its death. The obsidian panther approached the meal despite the wolves defending it, and the first that dared to contend the feline was rewarded with a lightning-fast paw swipe across its maw. The sharp whine was enough to make the huntress's heart sink.

Turning back was not just the obvious choice, but the safe and smart one. Her hazel eyes look between the slender bodies of the wolves and the sleek, muscled one of the bright-tailed monster. Resources were scarce in cold cycle. Whether human, humanoid, or animal, it was everyone for themselves. Some would live. Some would perish. The obsidian panther drew blood from another one of the desperate wolves, coloring the pure white snow in gore. Another cry range out. The wounded creatures paced as the great cat approached the meal, finding resistance dying quickly with every attempt that was rewarded with pain. Alexa stepped out slowly from behind the tree and raised her bow. The first arrow missed pitifully, but as it whizzed past the panther, it certainly granted her unwanted attention. A series of foul curses reeled through her brain as she hastily ripped a fresh arrow from her quiver and settled it on the bowstring. Intimidating yellow eyes locked on hers, but this time the idiocy of her action was emboldening rather than discouraging. The arrow sunk into the large target provided by the creature's torso. A furious, agonized snarl ripped from its throat and it bared its teeth. Its body squared in her direction and a knot tied up tight in her middle

Both feline and Burhan-native seemed to break into a sprint at the same time. Seeming to have forgotten all about the kill it had set its eyes on scavenging, the obsidian panther locked its energy on pursuing the fool that struck it. Alexa clambered in panic up the steep rocky terrain, zig-zagging around tree trunks, heart hammering in her chest as she heard the animal gaining on her. Salvation came in the form of a deep crevice in a rock face that her slender body forced itself through just before the creature was upon her. With no room to bend her elbows, the huntress temporarily dropped the shortbow and retrieved her hand axe from her belt. Great black claws slipped through the opening, wreaking havoc upon the stone walls as it tried to reach her. Rather than wait for the animal to find an angle in which it could get a hold of her, Alexa hacked at the reaching paw with her weapon with panicked yelling. Several times she managed to strike it. More insulted snarls ripped from its throat. Yet eventually the mixed-blood proved herself to be too much of a haste when she struck the animal to draw its blood a fifth time.

Bloodied and hungry, the obsidian panther retreated to lick its wounds elsewhere in the Heart of the World. Alexa shivered for what felt like a half break before she forced herself back out of the crevice. Immediately she collapsed against the rock face, chest rising and falling like mad while she collected herself and her breath. The sound of feet crunching in the snow echoed in the young woman's ears before she realized the being before her. A woman wrapped in thick furs toting a myriad of tools and weapons gazed down at Alexa with cold, slate-grey eyes. The host of wolves approaching in the stranger's wake had Alexa sitting up with a start, hand axe raising from the ground while wide, bewildered eyes flickered between the stranger and the pack.

"That was probably a very stupid thing to do," the woman stated plainly, her brown braid and sewn cloak billowing in the cold wind behind her. "Stupid, but brave." Alexa blinked and used the rock face to held her come to a stand. She swallowed, nodding in agreement while she searched for her voice. "Why did you help them?" the woman continued to demand suspiciously, arms folding. The closest wolf to her body seemed to sniff in Alexa's direction, and it was all the Burnhan girl could do to stand in place in the face of the predator's advance. "Help who?"
"The wolves. You could have run--should have run. Instead you helped them defend their meal and took your chance with an obsidian panther. I'm surprised you're even alive." Alexa slipped her hand axe into her belt and ran her fingers through her dark brown hair. She gave a slow, confused shake of her head. "I don't know. It just seemed like the right thing to do." It sounded even more idiotic out loud. The stranger stepped closer with a perplexed expression. Her eyes searched Alexa's face for what seemed like a trial before she finally spoke again. "You have courage. You're a survivor deserving of an edge out here that reflects the qualities within." The stranger reached her hand out to cup Alexa's cheek. Oddly enough, the Burhan girl felt no inclination to move away. Then, agony.

A searing pain took over her mouth that nearly dropped the girl to her knees. She cried out, jaw dropped and eyes clenching for the duration of a process that felt much longer than it took. Then it was gone. Alexa's eyes opened again to reveal a fresh golden hue. Her tongue explored the inside of her mouth to find each of her canine had become sharpened like that of any other wild predator. The huntress's gaze settled on the stranger and her expression incredulous. "Who are you?" The fur-laiden stranger smiled at her handiwork and placed her hands on her hips. "I am Karem, Immortal of the hunt, survival...and wolves." Karem turned over her shoulder and gave a soft whistle in the general direction of her canine companions. A wolf as black in color as the obsidian panther that once pursued Alexa dutifully trotted forth to stand beside the Immortal. Karem smiled down at the animal and gave it a short series of pats. Then the midnight wolf moved to sit at Alexa's flank instead, its bright blue eyes looking up at her. "For the next time you think of doing another very stupid thing. Her name is Tala. Treat her with respect and she will serve you well just as she's served me." Karem gave Alexa's shoulder a pat before she started to back away. "Stay alive, Alexa. I'll be watching you." And with that the Immortal went on her way with her pack right at her heels. The newly marked Velduris woman hardly had the chance to shout her thanks against the wind before Karem was gone from sight.
  • Wilderness Package (Approved by Kingdom)
    • 6 torches
    • 2 Lanterns
    • 2 Tinderboxes
    • 200 ft of rope
    • 2 Barrels
    • Pull Wagon (2ft wide, 2ft deep, 3ft long)
    • 2 Knives
    • 1 Bedroll
    • 1 Compass
    • Fisherman's net, pole, and 30 hooks
    • Trapper's Kit
    • 1 Blanket
    • 1 Shortbow
    • 60 Arrows
    • 1 Set of Toiletries
    • 1 Set of Unkempt Fur Clothing
    • 3 Waterskins
    • 3 Rucksacks
    • Boar Spear
    • Leather Gauntlets
  • Purchased Items
    • Round Shield
  • Gifts
    • A worn leather jacket passed down from your older brother, Bjorn. (RM)
    • A pair of worn leather ankle boots. (RM)
Prized Possession: Hand Axe
  • Loot
    • Satchel (Poor Quality)
    • Dried Fruit Ration x2
    • Dried Meat Ration x1
    • Half Jar of Honey
    • Metal Flagon (Poor Quality)
    • Pen
    • Long Sword
    • Journal
    • Cougar (meat, hide, bones, etc.)
    • Sack of Cooking Utensils
    • 1 Korowai Cloak
Wilderness Package 0 +10gn
Round Shield -5gn 0
Too Good to Hate 0 +15sn
Living Expenses: Cylus 717 (Squalor) -0GN -0GN
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 5 GN, 15 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame +20 +20
Monkey Business +2 +22
Mind to the Task 0 +22
Too Good to Hate +2 +24
The Second Path +7 +31
Saving Aomaru +1 +32
Something Haunts This Wood +16 +48
Cry Wolf -1 +47
Bone Marrow Soup for the Captive's Soul +2 +49
You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger +12 +61
Learning the Skills +2 +63
Hush +10 +73
Little Joys +5 +78
Devotion Ledger
Item/ ThreadDevotionTotal
Monkey Business +15 +15
Mind to the Task +20 +35
Run, Girl, Run +3 +38
Nose to the Trail +5 +43
Too Good to Hate +5 +48
Saving Aomaru +15 +63
Something Haunts These Woods +15 +78
Healing Aomaru +15 +93
Cry Wolf +8 +101
Howling for Home +11 +112
You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger +5 +117
Little Joys +10 +127
word count: 7030

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