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Ti is finally united with his familiar following helping Finn find Telar.

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[Willow Woods] I know your face

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Translations for the Xanthea can be found at the bottom of the text.

Zi'da 10-11th, Arc 716

Ti'niva sprinted through the forest leaving his friend behind him. He hoped Finn and Telar would be alright, but he could not spare the time to help them back. He could not risk missing her, she ran faster than normal. The difference here was that she wasn't disappearing, it felt like a test as she ran from him and he made chase. He leaped over a large log and almost slipped, he felt his body almost fall completely over sideways. He would have been lying in the dirt if it hadn't been for his hand that pushed him back up right from the floor and righted his stumble. He was breathing heavy and deeply, trying to deal with the physical exertion. He was struggling to stop himself gasping and breathing quickly. His father had once told him that less and longer deep breaths were better than many short and shallow ones. His legs had already started to burn though, he had never tested himself with running. For him hunting involved mostly walking, maybe he should take up running when he got home.

He was still making chase, following the panther as it made it's way further into the woods. He did not take the time to recall his route, but he knew it would be easy to trace the tracks he left behind from running through the forest. His breathe began to grow labored, he was struggling to keep up with her speed and stamina. But some desire deep within him urged him on, a new found strength piercing through its confinements within him. This new influx of strength seemed to remove some of the burning from his legs and breathing became a little easier. The panther ahead of him veered off to the left and he followed cutting the corner and almost running into a thorn bush that awaited him by doing so. In a very panicked fashion he side stepped the tree, stumbling left and right his whole body swaying as he struggled to find his balance.

He struggled fighting he rocking and the stumbling, but to no avail. He felt his toe bang into a rock and his arms flailed as he flew through the air and out into a small clearing. The grass tickled his arms as he moved them to his head and rubbed his his now sore head. He groaned as he rolled himself from his front to his back, he ached now, everything, his muscles as his head. Whatever that extra energy and strength had been it had already gone, and now the belated aches and burns were hitting him. He looked up at the orange pink sky, the sun was close to setting and it hit him that he would have to spend the night it the woods. He decided a tree would probably be the best policy when the time came. The bigger issue for him, however, was where she had gone. She had definitely come this way, he had seen her and this place seemed familiar.

He pushed himself to his knees and examined the clearing, all around him were small purple flowers. Purple flowers, he thought to himself. Something was so familiar about them, like he had seen them every night since he had seen his familiar first in the portal Jesine had brought him from Desnind in. That struck him because it was true, he had seen them in his dreams for trials on end, every night, in a clearing identical to this one. He scratched his head as he looked towards the trees in a circle around him. He had no doubt, this was the place. This clearing was where he needed to be, the time had come and he was ready. He bit his bottom lip with concentration as he kept turning slowly searching for her.

A rustle came from behind him and he span on his heels, whirling like a dancer to see her leaving the thick underbrush in that direction. He stood facing her, he completely entranced by her and could not look away. Her eyes were not the bright blue they normally were. At this point her eyes were a dull and lifeless grey, they seemed empty as they examined him and looked up and down over his body. He felt himself examining the panthers body himself, it was so beautiful and every move it made was so graceful. He watched her come towards him and dropped to his knees. She stood before him, there eyes now at the same level as he felt tears sting his eyes and threaten to breach the borders of his eyelids. Something about the moment felt like ti would last forever. He felt like he was dreaming and it would all suddenly disappear before him. Maybe Moseke had heard his prayers, he had been given both of the things he asked her for and his belief in her grew stronger now, stronger than ever.

He felt the prayer leave his lips involuntarily as he began to raise his hand to the Familiar that existed because of the Earth Mother, his spiritual mother, Moseke. "Moseke, ọfïïsï ke’u, osise rẹwa ke’u jasi done, osise anou bayi, osise sending eo tọ tä ne'haer, ainev sọ èrè sngä’ï av àdánù ọsïsẹ sev waje takip jasi dreamed sọ, èrè olorijori jasi changed eo ar èrè sngä’ï ni ayo, daneth sev aji ca'vez osise èrè ar tare tọ sev mimọ bav'rit miu Ts'uwhuljos ar èrè ies äpäu osise eo tä ọfïïsï ke’u." He felt the last word leave his lips as his hand came within millimetres of her nose. His hand quivered in anticipation as he lowered it onto his familiars nose. She moved into his hand and then it hit him.

The emotions overwhelmed him with more force than a tidal wave, hers and his. He felt a burning feeling on the back of his right hand and his body seemed to grow weak. Then he heard it a voice, her voice, like his mother it was soft and comforting, a voice he had longed to hear his whole life. 'I am Áine.' It was the last thing he heard before he passed out, the emotions, the completeness and wholeness that he had never felt before. He saw her bright blue eyes, how they should be, the last sight to go with the words as he fell unconscious on the clearing floor.


When he woke it was already morning, something warm and fury was lying on his right side. It was warming to his body and protecting him from the cold of the new trial. 'Sre, Ti'niva.' The voice of Áine echoed through his mind as he remembered the events of the evening before. "Ibiti sre, Áine." He spoke the words calmly and happily, everything felt so perfect at that moment. If you were to ask him then and there what else he would want, he would say nothing. He was finally complete, both parts of his soul reconnected and complete. He sighed as he raised his hand over his face and examined the mark, the face of a panther was there, clear as day burned into his flesh. He admired it, some may have been put off but it just made him feel more connected. "Áine, èrè ies syam tä kosi ariwo ke’u." He said as he ran his fingers through her soft fur and readied himself to get up.

He smiled as he started to walk, the panther walking beside him purring at his comment. He could feel the warmness of her emotions combined with his, her happiness at the statement made him feel happy. He quickly found his own tracks and began to follow them back, back to Treth. But now he was not alone, he had her and everything felt good, perfect and he let out one last sigh of relief and happiness as he concentrated on following the tracks back. He kept looking at his familiar, he was still struggling to believe they were finally together, it was like a dream come true. He wondered what it would be like for the unlucky few who never found their Familiars. Those who would be destined to live without ever finding the other half of their soul. Now he felt complete and whole he could not imagine going back to that incomplete self, the self that had been, deep down, in a constant state of longing.

They walked together through the dense forest following the tracks, they were silent, just happy with each others presence and company. They reached the clearing where Telar had been, but he and Finn were both gone now. Ti was going to have to walk back with Áine, there would be no ride from Finn today. He wondered if the old man was okay, if he had survived after he left. He truly did hope the man was okay and also Finn who he had abandoned to make his way back alone. He hoped he would soon find out, but for now the focus was getting back to the town. "Aladani's ohunkohun." He said as they began the long walk across the fields back to Treth.

"Moseke, ọfïïsï ke’u, osise rẹwa ke’u jasi done, osise anou bayi, osise sending eo tọ tä ne'haer, ainev sọ èrè sngä’ï av àdánù ọsïsẹ sev waje takip jasi dreamed sọ, èrè olorijori jasi changed eo ar èrè sngä’ï ni ayo, daneth sev aji ca'vez osise èrè ar tare tọ sev mimọ bav'rit miu Ts'uwhuljos ar èrè ies äpäu osise eo tä ọfïïsï ke’u."- Moseke, thank you, for everything you have done, for the guidance, for sending me here to Ne'haer, all of it was a gift that I could not have dreamed of, it may have changed me and it was hard, but I am better for it and now here I kneel before my Familiar and it is time for me to thank you.

'Sre, Ti'niva.'- Morning, Ti'niva.

"Ibiti sre, Áine."- Good morning, Áine.

"Áine, èrè ies syam tä kosi ariwo ke’u."- Áine it is nice to finally find you.

"Aladani's ohunkohun."- Let's go.
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[Willow Woods] I know your face



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General comments. What a lovely, heartfelt and hope filled thread! I really enjoyed reading it and I loved how the emotion got just too much for Ti. You play him very well, he's a very real character!
Story A lovely story, no worries at all.
Structure Great - your writing is lovely.

Please do PM me if you've got any questions
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