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Re: [Scalvoris] Materials

Phoenix Wood
Developed by: Elisabeth Angelus
Short Description Taken from the Phoenix Tree, Phoenix Wood is fire resistant, as is its bark. As the tree grows, its outer bark delicately peels to reveal the wood, which starts out in pastel green and deepens into orange, red, pastel blue, and sunset pink hues.
Found Faldrass
Toxicity/Hazard N/A
Appearance Outer bark is a soft brown color. Mature Phoenix Wood trees can reach a height of 200ft. The inner bark starts out in pastel green and deepens into orange, red, pastel blue, and sunset pink hues.
Properties Fire-resistant wood and bark; foliage is not.
Rarity Rare
How To Use Wood can be used for any woodworking project, large or small.
Side Effects N/A
Status Legal
Price Not for Sale
Notes N/a
Fast Facts Skill Levels Required
Fast Facts
Knowing It
-- Scalvoris: Competent
-- Idalos: Expert
Wealth Tier
-- Scalvoris: 6
-- Idalos: 8
Sell/Buy It
-- Scalvoris: 6
-- Scalvoris: Uncommon
-- Idalos: Very Rare
Finding It
-- Scalvoris: Novice
-- Idalos: Expert
Collecting It
-- Scalvoris: Novice
-- Idalos: Expert
Using It
-- Any woodworking projects (colorful natural wood)
Killing It
-- It's a tree. Cut it down.
Capturing It
-- It can't run very fast.
-- Nope
Tending It
-- Will only grow in volcanic soil
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