What Belongs In the Prophets' Notes?

A review on the information that should be included in this section.

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What Belongs In the Prophets' Notes?

The Prophet's Note Section
If you haven't figured it out by now, this topic details what should be included in the Prophets' Notes section. It can be very hard to manage every storyline, plot detail, quest information, rewards, experience, etc when it comes to a player. Since we are expecting a fairly large amount of people to roleplay at Standing Trials, we've created this section to help Prophets keep notes on characters. This also cuts down on questions being asked when it comes to a particular player. How much experience was rewarded? Who graded the thread? Who was their partner? Etc...

To make it simple for Prophets, we've already created templates for players to fill out when submitting their threads for grading and to ensure that we're all on the same page, I've created a step by step process for listing a character's information in this section.

Step 1: Character Approval
  • When a player is finished with their character sheet, they are required to submit it to the Approval thread in the CS section. Once the CS is checked over for mistakes, any Prophet is allowed to approve it. At the time of character approval, skill points and knowledge may be awarded based on the information provided on the CS. Keep in mind that approval rewards are small (some knowledge and maybe a few skill points).
Step 2: Create the Character's Notes Topic
  • Create a topic with the character's name as the title. In the first post, provide a link to their Character Sheet as well as any rewards that were given at the time of approval. You can either provide another link to your approval post, or you can simply copy/paste the information. Prophets should not create a notes page until the Character Sheet is ready for approval. That means that it's been checked over for mistakes and everything looks acceptable for the stamp of approval.
Step 3: Informing the Player
  • Once you've created the character's notes topic, make sure you provide the player with a link to it. When a Prophet approves a Character Sheet, they can either provide the link to the character's notes page in their approval post or they can PM the player with the link. The player will need to submit that link to User Control Panel > Profile > Prophets' Notes field. Please make sure the player understands where to place the link.
After the page is created, Prophets won't have to worry about doing anything else with it.

Any graders who are not Prophets should be instructed to leave graded information in the Support Forum, titled 'Graded Information'. They need to select the appropriate Narrator for the region as well.

All Prophet Approvals for character NPCs, quests, marks, anything NEEDING Prophet Approval should be listed on that character's notes page as soon as possible. When adding something new to a page, always reply to the topic. That way we know who handled/posted what to where and why.

Prophets are NEVER allowed to create their own characters' pages. They are not allowed to approve their Character Sheets and they are not allowed to grade the threads their characters were involved in. If there is ever any confusion of what should go in this section, don't be afraid to ask someone. We're here to help!
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