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A well known local filled with intrigue!

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn

The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn

The Location --- The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn is located along the more seedy district of the city, while also being relatively along the edges of decent society. Though despite this, the more roguish elements are more common than that of an aristocrat or some one considered a High Roller in life. The building itself is nestled on the street corner, standing proudly with two sets of stairs leading up and into the Inn itself. Standing at three stories high, with a basement hidden away as the fourth, the Inn stands rather prominently at its fine corner. A sign with a picture of a Sapphire can be seen hanging as a means of identifying the Inn's presence.

The Interior --- The first thing to greet all newcomers is the scent of lavender, melded in with the scent of roasting meat. The air is filled with an assortment of different smells beyond the initial step. Musical instruments, vocals, the sound of merriment are all that one would find within the current area. The Inn looked more like a smaller scale tavern than an actual Inn, with a second room to the right, leading further inside. The Barkeep can be seen to the far rear of the room, with a door way leading into the kitchen. The room to the right, however, leads to where the Innkeeper awaits them.

Lobby room --- The lobby room is far smaller than the hall, where the patrons gather. A desk greets newcomers on their left, the owner of the establishment primarily seen behind said desk ready to accomodate patrons looking for respite. If Jerris is not here, an employee is typically seen in his stead. Down the hallway to the left, a door can be seen, with a flight of stairs around the corner leading down into the basement. A guard is always standing present to disbar any and all patrons from going further. However, it has been said that the Twenty Pirate Lords were allowed down below, as well a mysterious figure. Now? Every now and then someone claims to have seen someone going down there, being let through by the guard, but who really knows? Just to the right of the desk, a flight of stairs leading up to the Inn rooms can be seen.


Name: Jerris Reyes
Race: Mixed Race (Human/Biqaj)
Arc of birth: ARC 672
Title: Innkeeper
Marks: N/A
Skills: Business Management: 77, Swimming: 60, Seafaring: 88, Politics: 40, Socialization: 77, Tactics: 65, Unarmed Combat (Brawling): 82, Gambling: 50, Art: 42, Etiquette: 25
Other Information:
Jerris Reyes was born a native of Scalvoris, running the odd jobs with the Pirate Lord known as The Pirate King before eventually, Jerris wished for something to do with his desires to settle down. His request was eventually granted, with a small loan given so that Jerris could find whatever pursuit that would make him happy. Jerris decided to open up a tavern in Scalvoris proper, naming it after encounter with his then-girlfriend, whose eyes of blue inspired the name of tavern currently. And thus the Scalvoris Sapphire was born, with Jerris running the show as the owner and Innkeeper.
Name: Ceressa Reyes
Race: Mixed Race (Human/Biqaj)
Arc of Birth : ARC 698
Title: 'Sapphire Seahorse'
Marks: N/A
Skills: Athletics: 88, Cosmetology: 79, Acting: 70, Musical Instrument: 50, Stealth: 68, Blades (Daggers): 52, Intelligence: 45, Deception: 39, Investigation: 25
Other Information:
Jerris always did want to settle down and eventually, he did just that. After opening up the Scalvoris Sapphire Inn with his wife, they had a child. Unfortunately, said child wanted to embrace the old life Jerris left behind. No matter how much Jerris bribed, begged, and intimidated her out of the lifestyle, she fell back into it. Eventually, Jerris reluctantly aided her along with it. Soon, Ceressa started putting her developing talents to good use. With her undercover title of Sapphire Seahorse, Ceressa acts as an Informant for the latest info on Scalvoris politics. Occasionally, Ceressa requires a task or two that needs taken care of. However, Ceressa does have a nasty habit of requiring pranks done instead of tasks.
Name: Sieri Reyes
Race: Biqaj
Age: ARC 680
Title: 'Scalvoris' Sapphire'
Marks: ???
Skills: ???
Other Information:
The wife of Jerris and the mother of Ceressa. Sieri met Jerris on one night, a wedding was thrown for Sieri's sister. Jerris had been one of the attending visitors, smitten by her and the beauty of her eyes. They were engaged and it was not long that they would be married. It is thanks to her very eyes that the Scalvoris Sapphire Inn was created. During the early days of the Inn's start up, Sieri was the one usually attending as the Innkeeper while Jerris worked as the bartender. Their love for one another burned as bright as the sun. But one day, On the ARC of 701, Saun 10th, Sieri had vanished, leaving her husband and possessions behind. No one knows for certain where the woman has gone, or if she is even alive. Though Jerris hasn't remarried, he hasn't exactly gone searching for her either. Rumors speculate that they secretly divorced, or that she's ran off with a lover. Or worse yet, an Immortal has fancied her, going as far as to whisk her away to show Sieri just how much the Immortal loves her. Not much effort has been taken into finding her, save for the efforts of an Informant by the name of Sapphie Seahorse.

Price List

Menu Specials:
  1. Baked Veal and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Whiskey ~~ Tier 3 / 1 WP for anyone below
  2. Roasted Mutton and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Ale (9 Copper Nels) ~~ Tier 2 / 1 WP for anyone below
  3. Smoked Mutton and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Mead (9 Copper Nels) ~~ Tier 2 / 1 WP for anyone below
  4. Roasted Wyvern and Lime Pie, Glass of Whiskey (1 Silver Nels) ~~ Tier 2 / 1 WP for anyone below
  5. Braised Pheasant with Cardamom and Plum Pie, Glass of Whiskey ~~ Tier 2 / 1 WP for anyone below

Inn Rooms
  • Pirate Lord Suite One and Only --- The very height of luxury accommodation ~ this suite of rooms has everything one could wish and much more besides. The luxurious room is rented more nights than it isn't, which is bizarre in and of itself. Provided it isn't currently being rented, Jerris is willing to let it out, however, the stay is never more than a single night. ~~ Tier 8 / 2 WP for anyone below
  • Sapphire Suite Two Rooms --- The Sapphire Suite isn't as fancy nor coveted as much as the Pirate Lord Suite, it is still better than the average inn room. A King's size bed, soft blue velvet covers, ample space to put one's belonging, as well as a working toliet. There are only four Sapphire Suites within The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn. Thankfully, they're not always full, with only one room being rented out long-term. ~~ Tier 6 / 2 WP for anyone below
  • Navy Suite Four Rooms --- The Navy Suite is often considered, 'The ugly friend your mate flirts with while you go for the real looker'. But despite this idiom, the Navy Suite isn't all that bad. It is plain, yet not austere with little to no comfort or aesthetics. A Queen's size bed, wool covers, and just enough room for a single foot locker without bumping into anything. There's always a room open, despite it being second rate compared to the Sapphire Suite. ~~ Tier 85/ 1 WP for anyone below
  • Blue Suite Four Rooms --- The Blue Suite is for the average man that can't make any more than a couple of Silver Nels. It is plain, with barely any pleasing aesthetics for the fine eye. This room is mostly rented by the common man that prefers to take a night off away from the wife, or perhaps, to hide away with a secret affair. A Queen's size bed, a roughspun blanket is all that is offered. The room is relatively cramp, there isn't much room to put any foot lockers around nor any equipment. The Blue Suite is, compared to the others, an easily affordable space for those looking to save on their Nels. ~~ Tier 4 / 1 WP for anyone below
  • The Room One and Only --- There is no light in this room, not a single trace of any sign of care was taken to make this room pleasant. A single wooden bedframe, lacking any comfort, sits within the middle of the room. It is small, dark, with the occasional crack of light emerging from the door itself. The door is kept closed at nearly all times, to avoid detracting the attention of others. This room is kept open for those that either need a place to sleep off their drunken rampage, or just to keep a customer seeking to run out on the bill. The door cannot be opened once inside, as someone on the outside needs to open it. (Free, but why would you want to sleep here?)

Job Information

  • Chef -- Extra Chefs are always welcomed.
  • Bouncer -- Capable muscle that's required to keep out the rabble, as well as protect the Inn's assets.
  • Bar Maid -- A pretty face and a capable pair of hands to make sure the patrons get their orders.
  • Live Entertainment-- ( Someone's got to keep the people entertained with a good time.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Sapphire Inn
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs available here!
There is more to discover about the NPCs!


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