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Associated with the Viden Academy, a repository of knowledge!

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] Library

The Library

The Library in Scalvoris used to be a half-filled hall which was more or less ignored by most of the residents. Then, in Vhalar 716, the mist fell over Scalvoris and all sorts of very weird stuff started happening. Strange plants, odd creatures, unusual diseases and all kinds of nonsense which didn't sit well with Rose. Rose, who had been librarian here since anyone could remember and who most people agreed was born old, did not approve of such silly behaviour.

However, even Rose had to admit that the mist, once lifted, had some positive repercussions, also. One of which was the massive influx of academics, scholars, scientists, researchers and all round intellectuals on to the small island. She started wearing make up to work, things were looking up. Thinking that things could not get better, Rose was beyond delighted when the collaboration with Viden Academy happened and the number of books in her 'little library' increased exponentially. It took a whole season for things to get in order but, from Cylus 716, the Scalvoris Public Library was open and ready to impart knowledge to the folks of Scalvoris.


Name: Rose Lefluer
Race: Human
Age: She's not telling.
Title: Head Librarian
Marks: None
Skills: 70 Research, 65 Logistics, 60 Writing, 50 Cosmetology, 50 Etiquette.
Other Information: Rose is an overbearing woman who is desperate to please. She wants to help, most genuinely, but she goes about it in all the wrong ways. She has an unfortunately strident voice for a librarian and no ability to control the volume of her voice. However, in her core she is a kind woman who is very lonely. She has spent her life seeking a romantic partner with the kind of fervour usually reserved for fanatics or the dying, but thus far she has not found 'the one'. However, hope springs eternal in Rose and the influx of academics has led to her believing that this might be her Big Opportunity to catch Mr Right. Therefore Rose, who is always impeccably dressed, is taking extra efforts with her appearance and will often show up to work in outfits more appropriate to a high society wedding, complete with hat and the overwhelming wafting aroma of her very very floral perfume.

All of that aside, Rose is probably the finest librarian Scalvoris could hope for.

Name: Lissie
Race: Human / Biqaj
Age: Born Arc 689
Title: Junior Librarian
Marks: Nope
Skills: Writing 65, Research 50, Meditation, 20
Other Information: Lissie is a daydreamer of the worst order. If she put her mind to it she could, possibly, be good at her job but she has to be constantly watched as she sits, chin in hand, considering all the beautiful stories which fly around in her head. She writes them all down but her hands never move fast enough to capture them all and there is always another just waiting to be told. If you can get her to focus she is friendly and helpful.

Name: Rafe
Race: Biqaj
Age: Arc 687
Title: Linguistic Expert / Translator
Marks: None
Skills: Linguistics 80, Research 50, Writing 50
Other Information: Rafe is a pleasant man who has a fascination with languages and the spoken word. He can read many languages, no one knows exactly how many but he is always the first port of call for translations which need to be done. The written word fascinates him and he is usually to be found with his head in a book somewhere in the library. Usually as far away from Rose as it is possible to be.


Residents in Scalvoris can borrow up to three book at a time for up to five trials.
There is a one-time refundable deposit of 1WP when one joins the library.
There is no joining fee for those who work or study at the university.

Job Information

Librarians wanted.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Library!
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs here!


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