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A casino and tavern.

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] The Four In Hand

The Four in Hand

The Four in Hand is a casino, bar and inn on the outskirts of Scalvoris Town. It is considered a bit of a 'shady' establishment by many in the town, but equally it has grown in popularity over the time since the Pirate Lords left. The reason for that is different, depending on who you ask. Anida, the owner would say that it is because of her excellent management and forward thinking attitude. Others might suggest that the influx of academics and treasure hunters has brought two new type of person to the Four in Hand; those who are interested in mathematics and thrill seekers. Whichever it is, business is improving and that makes Anida a happy woman.

The Four in Hand has four areas which provide different services and opportunities to the patrons. The casino is small but well stocked with games; there is always a card game going in one corner, games of chance and luck are available. Betting is expected and there are usually both high and low stakes games available. The bar is generally pretty busy, either with people who are going to the casino later or who have just been there. Anida does not have a bar or serve drinks in the casino itself, thereby ensuring that her customers move between the two areas frequently.

There is a restaurant, but in fairness you have to be fairly desperate or roaring drunk to eat there. Phillipe, the chef, is a cantankerous and temperamental chap who can often be heard shouting about the conditions he's expected to work in, the lack of gratitude for his talents and how 'these people wouldn't know good food if it slapped their silly faces!'. Unfortunately, alongside being a drama-chef, he's also not a very good one. The restaurant is usually pretty quiet. Finally, then, there is the Inn area, a series of rooms upstairs, all of which are basic, but clean.

There are only a few house rules at the Four in Hand. No fighting, no irritating Anida and don't complain about the food. The first one is straightforward, what irritates Anida changes most trials and the only way to not complain about the food is to not talk about it.


Name: Anida Genrazy
Race: Eidisi/Biqaj
Age: 3 Zi'da, Arc 684
Title: Owner
Marks: None
Skills: 60 Cosmetology, 50 Dancing, 20 Deception, 30 Seduction
Other Information:Anida as well as being the owner of the Four in Hand is also the baby sister of the former Pirate Lord known as The Boar. She does not speak of her brother, nor answer questions about what happened or where he and his peers might be.

Anida is vain and proud, and very much enjoys being the centre of attention. Insults to her (real or perceived) are a quick and easy way to get blacklisted while compliments earn her favour. She's canny and sly in her own way, but not actually particularly smart. She own the Four in Hand only because her brother bought it for her.

Name: Phillipe LeCruet
Race: Human / Biqaj
Age: Born Arc 659
Title: Head Chef D'Extra-Ordinaire (self appointed)
Marks: If Applicable
Skills: Cooking: 18, Deception: 20, Musical Instrument: Flute, 50, Intimidation: 60
Other Information: Phillipe LeCruet is a malicious and self absorbed man who is defined by his failure. He wanted, more than anything, to play his flute professionally but his parents denied the opportunity and instead insisted that he go into the family and be a chef like his father, and his father's father. Phillipe decided that, if he had to do this, then he was going to be the absolute worst chef that Idalos had ever seen and, thusfar, he's doing well.
He is a bitter fellow who would happily spend his breaks wallowing in self pity. He gets no pleasure from anything he does, but somehow he keeps his job. There are whispers that, perhaps, this is because he knows something about Anida that she would rather no one did.

Name: Mixiebelle
Race: Biqaj
Age: Arc 697
Title: "Wench"
Marks: None
Skills: Writing: 30, Logistics: 30, Unarmed Combat: 20
Other Information: Mixiebelle has worked here since the Four in Hand opened a few arcs ago and she loves her job. She gets to balance lots of tankards on trays, to talk to people (or at least.. to talk at them) and she gets good tips too. Mixiebelle is a sweet girl who really shouldn't be allowed out on her own. She's gullible in the extreme but the regulars here have taken her under their wing and are very protective of her. Mixiebelle lives in her own unique little world and there is no doubt that it is a beautiful place.


Tier is the Tier you must be in order to not have to spend Wealth Points here.
Fish Stew Tier 2 Bits of fish floating in a dubious broth with vegetables.
Meat Stew Tier 2 Bits of meat (best not to ask what) floating in a dubious broth with vegetables.
Veg Stew Tier 2 Just dubious broth and vegetables.


DrinkPrice of Mug/Shot (Hard Alcohol) Price of Flagon Price of BottleDescription
Ale Tier 2 Tier 2 - A cheap drink brewed from barley or oats, or any number of different grains.
BeerTier 2 Tier 3 - Rich, hoppy flavours scented with allspice, juniper, resin, apples, bread-crumbs, sage, lavender, gentian, cinnamon, or laurel. These are usually high-flavoured beverages with a strong, natural taste.
Cider Tier 2Tier 3 - A bitter-sweet flavour achieved by pouring water onto apples and steeping them to perfection. Fresh, crisp, and strong-flavoured, cider can be served cold, at room temperature, or heated.
Rum Tier 3 - Tier 5Made from sugarcane juice and molasses and distilled into a clear liquid before it is aged in oak barrels, producing the dark, amber colour rum is famous for. It has a smoky, sweet taste and is very popular among sailors.
VodkaTier 4 - Tier 5Crisp and distilled for volume rather than flavour, vodka has no distinctive taste, and can best be described as cold and clean, going down smoothly. This spirit is clear having no colour and is typically drunk straight, with a subtle after taste and strong bite.
Whiskey Tier 4 - Tier 6Made from fermented grain-mash including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged over time in wooden crates generally made of charred white oak important from different regions across Idalos.


Basic Room: Tier 3
Basic Room + Breakfast: Tier 4
Extras: Feel free to ask.

Job Information

Anida would like to expand and so is actively seeking people to work here.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Four in Hand
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs here!


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