• Location • [Scalvoris Town] The Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern

A high class establishment with good food and clean, warm accommodation.

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] The Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern

The Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern

Everything about the Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern tells you that it is owned by someone who really cares about the place. Every surface is clean and well cared for, polished wood and shining candlesticks are the norm and the entire ambience is one of warm welcome. There is an open general bar area, a restaurant and a number of rooms for rent. Stables out the back are as well cared for as the place inside and the attention to small details coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction has led to the Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern becoming one of the most sought after places to eat on Scalvoris. It's a far cry from Mad O'Rourke's, the meals are more extravagant and the clientele less likely to start a fight.

Entering the Knight's Rest, the large wooden doors open into a small reception area where cloaks and weapons are stored (no weapons allowed in the main hall is a hard rule). To the left then is the open bar, through which is the restaurant. Going right from the reception area leads to the stairs and up to the rooms available.


Name: Whit Freidston
Race: Aukari (1/4), Human (1/2), Biqaj (1/2)
Age: Arc 653
Title: Owner & Proprieter: The Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern
Marks: N/A
Skills: Blades: 70, Tactics: 65, Leadership: 50, Business Management: 65.

Other Information:
Whit was once the knight who is now resting, and so named his new business venture the Knight's Rest. He is a loud, friendly man whose mother was a Human/Aukari mixed breed and whose father was a Human/Biqaj mixed. His family have lived on Scalvoris for many an arc and he is a well known chap around most of the island. He is boisterous by nature and passionate about almost everything. He didn't like the Pirates or the Pirate Lords, very much of the opinion that you don't shake the Devil's hand and say you're just being nice. Since they've gone, he's opened up this place with his daughter and he's a happy man.

Whit doesn't talk about his wife, who died in childbirth, but he still wears his wedding ring, all these arcs later. He describes his daughter as his heart and soul; he is fiercely proud of her.

Name: Zana
Race: Mixed Race
Age: Arc 690
Title: Front of house / server / entertainer
Marks: N/A
Skills: Singing: 77, Musical Instrument: Harp: 60, Musical Instrument: Fiddle: 50, Business Management: 40, Psychology: 40, Logistics: 40

Other Information:
Whit's daughter is a quiet individual who often seems overshadowed by her much louder father. Her personality is sweet and she has a ready smile. She tends towards shyness and will often mumble when she speaks. She transforms, though, when she sings. If the bar is full and Zana is singing, there is inevitably silence; her voice is pure and deeply melodic. It is strange, she says, but she is never shy whilst singing. Zana is very loyal to her father who has raised her alone and she is delighted that he has stopped fighting and has started up a business ~ she is determined to do her bit to make it a success.

Name: Lenon
Race: Qi'ora
Age: Arc 679
Title: Chef
Marks: None
Skills: Cooking: 74, Brewing: 74, Gardening: 50.

Other Information:
Lenon is a quiet woman who gets on with her job and does not speak. At all. She has not yet spoken since she started working at the Knight's Rest, as far as anyone is aware she can not. However, her food is extraordinary and she has taken over the small garden to the side of the stables as a herb garden. She is always quite serious and smiles but rarely. However, her loyalty to Whit is not in question, nor is her work ethic. Anything else about her remains a mystery.

Name: Naomi Waelha
Created by: Freya Ducarinos
Location For Use At: The Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern
Race: Mixed Aukari (1/2), Human (1/2)
Birthday/Age: 35th Zi'da 694 / 24
Title: Server / Entertainer
Skills: Musical Instrument: Drum: 70, Singing: 50, Socialization: 50, Storytelling: 40, Dancing: 40, Business Management: 20
Noami Waelha is a bright girl who's suffered much tragedy at her young. Being the niece to Whit Freidston from an estranged half sister, Naomi's relation to the family hangs by threads. The Freidstons never seemed to mind her company, however, and quickly incorporated the girl into their home life shortly after her father erupted. Her mother was never in the picture by the stories she told, but Naomi considered that to be more of a fortune than a curse. Regardless, the half-aukari had a knack for storytelling and offered up any who'd listen a fine tale of adventures she's heard from the company she's kept.


Soft Drink, Ale, Spirits Etc
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White Wine:
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Red Wine:
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Cheeseboard (Simple) with home made bread: Tier 4
Cheeseboard (Executive) with a selection of home made breads: Tier 5
Cheeseboard (Elite) with a selection of home made breads: Tier 6
*the above are all served with home made pickles and chutneys.

Simple Meal (Without Meat): Tier 6
Simple Meal (With Meat): Tier 7
Stew: Tier 5
Executive Meal (Without Meat): Tier 7
Executive Meal (With Meat): Tier 7
*please inform your server of any specific dietary requirements. Menus change daily.

Tasting Menu: Tier 7
House Speciality: Chrythiam fish with cocolime glaze in a paprika crust, served with seasonal vegetables and triple-cooked potato. Tier 7
Elite Dining Experience (must be booked 1 trial in advance): Tier 8

Simple: Tier 5
Executive: Tier 6
Elite: Tier 7
House Speciality: Sunfruit Spheres: Three textures of sunburst fruit, balanced to perfection: Tier 7


Type of Room Facilities Wealth Tier Inclusive of Breakfast?
Simple Small room, bed, wash stand, communal bathing and toilet area Tier 5 No.
Executive Medium room, bed, wash stand, en suite, communal bathing Tier 6 Up to 2 people.
Elite Room Large room, luxury bed, all facilities Tier 7 2 adults and up to 3 children.
Please note: all rooms are clean and laundered. Standards are high


There are many jobs here ~ from cleaner to chef. Apply within!

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Knight's Rest Inn & Tavern
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs here!


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