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Apothecary and herbal remedies

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[Scalvoris Town] Peytr's Pots & Potions

Peytr's Pots & Potions

Peytr's Pots & Potions is the premier apothecary in Scalvoris. Upon opening the shop door and hearing the gentle tinkle of the bell which announces the entry of the newest customer, Callie has almost inevitably stood up and is waiting behind the counter, ready to greet the newest customer with a smile and professional manner.

The first impression of Peytr's Pots & Potions is one of order. Tiny drawers are each carefully labelled, everything is neatly organised and laid out for maximum customer convenience. A whole raft of aromas greet the senses as one walks in, the mingled scent both exotic and very pleasant. Sprigs of dried herbs hang from the walls, there are baskets containing flower petals and other strange items.

Peytr's Pots and Potions sell herbs, oils, salves and creams, beauty treatments, cosmetics, remedies and all manner of things herbal, common and obscure. In the back room Peytr's wife, Callie, is available to give private consultations on things medical or cosmetic, but she does so only by appointment. Since Petyr disappeared, she is running the shop alone. She gets asked a lot about what happened to her husband - but she does not respond.


Petyr disappeared in Arc721. : details here - he may not be used as an NPC by players after 38th Ymiden 721.
Name: Peytr Lovan
Race: Human
Age: Arc 683
Title: Owner & Proprieter: Peytr's Pots & Potions
Marks: N/A
Skills: Business Management: 65, Alchemy: 50, Science 50, Medicine: 45, Socialization: 40

Other Information:
Peytr is determined that he is going to make this business work. This is, in fact, his fifth business and the other four have all failed. He and Callie have made their way through a number of hardships to get here, but he is optimistic that, with a bit of luck, this is going to be the place for them. He is an optimistic man who enjoys the push and pull of negotiations. He never wanted to become an apothecary, but he didn't have the constitution for the military.

He is pleased, though, that he and Callie have settled here and he hopes that this will be their home for some arcs to come. He is a very private individual and unlikely to share any personal details with anyone.

Petyr disappeared in Arc721. : details here - he may not be used as an NPC by players after 38th Ymiden 721.


Name: Callie Lovan
Race: Human
Age: Arc 686
Title: Co-owner of Peytr's Pots & Potions and Consultant
Marks: N/A
Skills: Medicine: 60, Cosmetology: 60, Psychology: 55, Business Management: 50, Logistics: 40. Extensive knowledge of herbs / herbalism

Other Information:
Callie is a quiet woman who has a gift ~ she is able to make people feel better about themselves. Whether that is by helping them to choose just the right make up to accentuate their skin colour or a perfume which suits them or it might be by helping them to deal with a skin condition or ease anxiety. Whatever it is, Callie is usually able to see to the heart of the situation and help. She has an uncanny knack for getting it right first time, it seems, when identifying what the real problem is and she has a calm and easy to get along with attitude.

She got along with her husband well enough, although there was obviously no love lost between the two of them. They seemed to be business partners more than anything else, which they both seemed quite content with as a relationship. Since his disappearance, Callie has been quiet and reserved.


Please refer to the Shoppe, the Encyclopedia Herbalicum Idalosica and the specific Flora and Fauna posts in Scalvoris for items available. If you don't know or can't see it - ask a mod!

Consultations with Callie are accessible to Tier 5 and above.


Callie is looking for an assistant in the shop.

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